Superdry x – LE CONCOURS!

Vous vous rappelez du shooting Superdry dont je vous parlais il y a quelques jours ICI?
Eh bien le concours à commencé hier! Et vous avez une chance de gagner 500€ de shopping chez Superdry, en votant pour votre look préféré! Pour voter c’est ICI

Remember the Superdry shooting I told you about a few days ago HERE?
Well the contest started yesterday! There is a chance for you to win 500€ of shopping at Superdry, by voting for one of our look! Wanna vote, click HERE
Please vote for me, I might get a chance to win 500€ as well ;)

-New In-

I’ve been waiting for my Topshop order to arrive, just like kids wait for Santa Claus! And let me tell you, I wasn’t desapointed!

I had actually already tried on the shoes I ordered, while when I was at the Topshop in NYC but they didn’t have my size anymore… But here I am a few weeks later with those amazing shoes at my feet – and they’re SO comfy!

I can already tell you these are going to be my « go to shoes » in the morning during this winter!

Featured in the photos my new Zara jumper and new Seven for All Mankind Jeans.
I’m in love with that jumper I had spotted in the beginning of the season, and when I saw it last week hanging at Zara I couldn’t resist. And I haven’t stopped wearing it since!

And here are the Seven jeans I got in NYC, I have to say I think Seven for All Mankind is my favorite brand for jeans. They fit me perfectly, they have all kinds of shapes and fabrics (here I wear the Roxane). Of course they’re a little bit expensive, that’s why I always buy them in the USA ;)

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Current Wishlist

Bon je sais, il s’agit ici de beaucoup d’articles plutot « estivaux », mais c’est ceux qui m’inspirent actuellement…
J’ai encore les images de la dernière Fashion Week en tête, et ces deux dernières semaines j’ai été voir les futures collections lors des journées presses… Et de nouveau de l’été plein la tête!

Le but maintenant c’est d’adapter ces envies à l’hiver, ou alors d’attendre de loooonnnnggg mois….

 Tommy Hilfiger Summer 2012

AWESOME clutch from Asos Winter 2011-2012

Sacha Summer 2012

Nowhere Winter 2011-2012

Love the sheets! Seen @PRAVDA Showroom

Complètement flashé sur cette jupe Kid Vanilla! (Summer 2012)

Backpack @PRAVDA Showroom

Can’t remember the brand of these shoes seen @PRAVDA Showroom, but I really like the gold ones! (Summer 2012)

You can never go wrong with a good pair of Hunter Boots! Especially these with the pink!

River Island Summer 2012

Lovely shorts WOLF. by Sofie Claes Summer 2012

Zara Winter 2011-2012

WANTED! Gerard Darel Summer 2012

Nathan Summer 2012

Zara Winter 2011-2012

Bellerose socks Summer 2012

Monsieur Bul Summer 2012

Zara Winter 2011-2012

Princesse Tam-Tam Summer 2012

Louis Vuitton Summer 2012

Marc-Philippe Coudeyre Summer 2012 (Remember Marc-Philippe Coudeyre from Parcours Modo Brussels?)

Filles à Papa Summer 2012 <3

Can I leave with the Cap? Filles à Papa Summer 2012

Alors, que pensez-vous des collections pour l’été prochain?


Spotted on a few different blogs: Sartorialist, Caroline Mode, Face Hunter,…

I know they are really summery but I love them!


Superdry x

Last week I took part in the Superdry shooting organised by and later on that day, the diner and party at Jeux D’hiver.
The goal was to create a total look made of Superdry clothing representing our style, but I’ll talk to you about that collaboration later ;)

In the mean time, I can tell you it was such a fun day with a bunch of great people!
And I also advise you to take a look at the Sportsdhiver website, which offers great deals for students OR young workers who want to go ski/snowboard for an affordable price

Breakfast with Lilicup mini cupcakes and yummy fresh juices from Guapa

Beautiful Sophie from Alerte à Liège

The all team (missing both great organizators of this project Miguel&Arnaud) being shot by Nicolas Lefébure

And here is Miguel! Big thanks to him and Arnaud :)

Having fun in the Superdry store!

At night for the diner & the party!

The pictures following this one include way too much alcohol to be shown haha!

I have a bunch of pictures to show you of the past two weeks, I’ll put them online ASAP!

Italy VS. Sweden

At first the idea might sound wierd, you know, mixing the sobriety and beautiful basic shapes of the giant Swedish brand with the exuberance of Donatella Versace. To me, they had nothing in comon besides the very blond hair of the Swedishs and Donatella’s :)

Ok seriously now, the Italian vibe is cleary more present in design, and the swedish is in the price (we actually prefer that, that the other way around!).
I have to say I’m no big fan of the printed clothes… Even though I think they look really great on ads! On the other hand some of their leather stuff look really great.

Take a look at my favorite pieces:

Maybe a little bit too much? But I still really like the cut of it.

That jacket didn’t really speak to me right away, but worn it looks great! Thanks Dorothée ;)

Cute little rings

And here is my FAVORITE piece! YAY!! Even though it’s part of the men collection, I LOVE IT! (I have to say I think I liked the men’s collection even more – but I didn’t take pictures… lame I know!)
I know I told you I wasn’t a big fan of their print, but those I found amazing!!

I also REALLY like this hat with also the same print on it (one of the only item I could swing by an H&M for…)

So I know you don’t have a sneak peak of the entire collection, but to my eyes, these were the best items in the collections.
And if I had to advice you one item, I would say one of the leather jackets, because the leather is beautiful and good quality, and for a really reasonable price (count 200€ for the one Dorothée is wearing in the picture)

So, who will wake up with the chickens tomorrow morning?

Vintage Shooting for Lady Dandy

And there we go with the second part of the pictures

On vous donne rendez-vous ce samedi 19/11 et dimanche 20/11 pour cette vente de vêtements vintage.
Où ça? Chez LADY DANDY, 81 rue du Page à 1050 Ixelles.

Come and check this vintage sale out on saturday 19th and sunday 20th of november.
Where? At LADY DANDY,  81 rue du Page à 1050 Ixelles.

USA Diary : California Dreamin’

1. The road between San Francisco and Monterey

2. From Monterey to Santa Barbara, in Big Sur

3. Big Sur

4. Waterfall on the beach

5. Road #1

6. Santa Barbara

7. Santa Barbara

8. Lemon Tree Hotel, Santa Barbara

9. Venice Beach, LA

10. Rose Café in Venice Beach, LA

Vintage Shooting for Lady Dandy

Voici une partie des photos que j’ai faite pour la vente de vêtements vintage qui aura lieu chez Lady Dandy d’ici une dizaine de jour.

Il s’agit de vêtements vintage de luxe à prix abordable, d’une superbe qualité.

Un autre blogpost suivra avec des informations plus précises concernant la vente et la suite des photos.

Here is a few pictures I took to promote a vintage sale organized by Lady Dandy, that will take place in around 10 days.

It’s only luxury vintage clothing, and the quality is amazing!

Another blogpost will follow this one including more practical informations and the rest of the pictures.

Alors, que pensez-vous de ce style vintage?

So, what do you think about the vintage outfits?

La suite d’ici quelques jours!!

Photos: Me & Priscilla Cuevas (owner of Lady Dandy)

Models: Me & Priscilla Cuevas

Styling: Me & Priscilla Cuevas

Photos Editing: Me

Modo Brussels : A Fashion Night in the City!

Vous connaissez le Parcours Modo Brussels?

En quelques mots, c’est un Parcours reliant différents magasins du quartier Dansaert dans lesquels sont exposé de jeunes créateurs Belges. Il y a aussi pas mal de concert organisé etc, l’ambiance y est en général, toujours bonne.

J’ai adoré l’idée du magasin MAPP, qui accueillait le talentueux Marc-Philippe Coudeyre. Ici, chaque nouvel arrivant dans le magasin avait l’occasion de porter/essayer une des pièces de la collection de Marc-Philippe Coudeyre, et d’en suite se faire prendre en photo avec un Polaroid. Au fur et à mesure de la soirée, les photos ont été collées au mur du magasin, c’était top!

Voici le résultat pour Nadia et moi!

Et maintenant quelque photos de ma tenue et de la soirée…

& a few of the wild pictures…

Ces charmantes photos grâce à Monsieur de Vos!

Hat: Forever21

Dress: Tibi

Cardigan: Forever21

Tights: H&M

Shoes: Topshop

Bag: Aldo

Lipstick: MAC « Media »


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