Lulu wishes YOU a Happy New Year 2012!

2011 copy

And here we go, 2011 is already over!

In some points, it has been a difficult year, especially for my familly, but it has also been a wonderful one.
I met really great people, I’ve been to really great places, and have done great things. I also met some readers, and that’s always so fun.

I really spent a great year with you guys and I can’t wait to spend many more.

I wish you an amazing new year 2012, and to have a good new year’s eve with your loved ones!

I wanted to do a little recap of the looks of 2011, so here we go :)

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Sales’must have of Net à Porter – Part2

And here is the second part of my selection

3.1 Phillip Lim (680)

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Sales’must have of Net à Porter

Sales start next tusday (03/01) here in Belgium, but they have already started on Net à !

I made a « little » selection, the second part will be for tomorrow

Alexander Wang (330)

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**Merry Christmas**


So I promised you I was going to show you my chritmas outfit, and here it is

It was quite a simple outfit, but it was a perfect one and appropriate to celebrate with the family!

Wearing: Forever21 dress – Zara Blazer – Vintage Shoes

And I also wanted to share with you my family’s christmas spirit :)

My sisters and their new hats

My little sister Sophie, cap addicted and my brother

Flore, my 10 years old sister who’s already really into fashion… and wearing heels better than I do!

Pavlova – best dessert EVER!

I hope you guys spent a nice Christmas! Did you get all the presents you asked to Santa?


Timberland Boat Shoes by LFC

Hello guys,

A few weeks ago I took part in a contest, in which I had to create my own Timberland Boat shoes. It was pretty fun to choose my own colors, and where I wanted to put them.

And you know what, YOU are able to create your own boat shoes as well! You just have to click HERE

A few weeks later I heard I HAD WON the contest! It just took a few weeks to create them and they arrived this week.

I can’t wait to wear them, but in the mean time, I created an outfit I could wear with the Boat Shoes

Seven for All Mankind Jeans – Forever21 cardigan & tshirt – Timberland by LFC Boat Shoes

And here a closer look of what they look like.

Do you like it? What do you think of the color combination?

See you tomorrow for my Xmas outfit! :)

Rainy Days

Hello guys, what’s up??

OK, this post is going to be really random, because with those rainy days, my life is everything BUT exciting. I have TONS of work, and I have to say I’m not complaining, with that kind of weather, if I can stay my entire week in my pijama’s and my sweat pants at home, I totally would.

And even if I’m going out from my place to my office, alright I’m wearing no sweatpants, but my outfits stays a mystery, even to myself. It’s like a combinaison of confortable and warm clothes… At the end I look like I have about 10 more kilos, and a bunch of sheets wrapped around me!

There was just an exception last thursday, I actually had to see other human beings so I tried to dress up my best without being cold (WITH MY NEW FAVORITE PANTS!!)

Wearing: ZARA pants – VIRGINIE CASTAWAY cardigan – AMERICAN VINTAGE t-shirt – TOPSHOP boots – and DIOR nailpolish

DIOR nailpolish at the DIOR nailbar last wednesday at the Sofitel. This is a special Xmas color, I really like that kind of redish-sparkly-gold kind of look!

Ok so as I said, that was the highlight of the past two weeks, the others days were mainly about FOOD! The second love of my life, after fashion!

At Burger Republic, delicious Avocado/Bacon Burger with Nadia.

Afternoon snack: Tarte Tatin!

(Did I mention to you I’m trying to loose wait? Good job right!?)

This is the AMAZING/INCREDIBLE/WONDERFULL/… Brunch we had at the Conrad last sunday, thanks to Ariane Abramowicz for the Christmas Shopping Sunday.

No need to mention it was really amazing, even though I was prepared for a BRUNCH, and eating St Jacques and other kinds of raw fish as a breakfast (because of course I hadn’t eat anything before) wasn’t the easiest thing to do, especially after partying the night before…

So here was a little sneak peak of what my life looked like this past days, and what it will look like for a few more.

Then it’s CHRISTMAS, YAYY! I actually love that holliday, even though the feeling isn’t really shared with the rest of my family, that’s why I usually end up partying with friends!!

By the way, I’ll try to post tomorrow the outfit I will probably wear!

And you guys, what are your plans? Do you know what you’re wearing already? Have you made your wishlist for Santa?




Like Hotdogs, like healthy and organic food?

Well it seems that Hopdog is made for you, or at least for me!

It’s a tiny shop in rue des Fripiers, but it’s very cute.

The menu isn’t huge, but has a really good selection. I tried only two kind of hopdogs, but I have to admit I want to go for more.

And guess what? It’s not even expensive! I got a small and a big hopdog for only 5€! How cool it is to eat A TASTY healthy dish for a small price?

Crispy Bacon with BBQ sauce, yummy!

21, rue des Fripiers
1000 Bruxelles

**Christmas Wishlist**

Topshop shirt

Proenza Shouler bag

H&M Trend pants

Zara shoes

Zara shirt

Isabel Marant boots

Maje shirt

Zara skirt

Topshop boots

Babyliss Curling Iron

Bumble&Bumble Shampoo – special curls

Dior Nailpolish

Dear Santa, here is my christmas list!
I know you’re really busy lately, but I have a great news for you:

Stores will be open sunday for the Louise Christmas Sunday

There will be food, animation, surprises and much more!

See you there? ;)

SMETS Bruxelles

The huge multi brand from Luxembourd SMETS has finally arrived in Brussels – BIG YAYYY!!!

We finally get the chance to have some amazing luxury brand in the country that were IMPOSSIBLE to find before. I’m talking about: Manolo Blahnik, Pierre Balmain, Pierre Hardy, Alice&Olivia, Opening Ceremony, Rag&Bone, Proenza Shouler…

They also have a restaurant, two bars, a Cosmeticary corner (with a OPI NailBar! – 5€ to apply any color you want from OPI, AND the famous Bumble&Bumble shampoos), but also furnitures and much more…

I will leave you with some pictures so you get a little idea…. ;)

SMETS – Chaussée de Louvain, 650-652 – 1030 Schaerbeek

The fitting rooms!

Very Carrie Bradshaw like!

Santa, you see this purse…?? :)

And when we’re done shopping, what else that sipping a delicious Strawberry Daiquiri at the beautiful bar?



Hello guys,

Today I’m going to share some videos. Some of them are videos featuring me, others are random videos that I like and want to share with you

I’m going to start with my video on Treetslook, explaining my looks, taste and much more. Treetslook is a website where you can find interviews of people from the fashion industry. I have to say I could spend hours watching them – besides mine-!
Yes I have to say I have a hard time seeing me on « film », especially when I’ve had one too many Sumopolitan :)

Click on the PICTURE above, it will bring you right away on the video, or click HERE.

Remember the all SUPERDRY shooting thing (by the way you can still VOTE for me HERE!) well, there is a making of!

Les coulisses de l’action ‘La Tenue d’Hiver’ from Sportsdhiver on Vimeo.

For now, it will just be videos I enjoy, like this one I shared yesterday on my Facebook Fan Page, that I find quite funny (and don’t hesitate to give me your opinion about the subject!)

And now the last one, that probably many of you have already seen. I thought about posting it today, because last night we talked about that video and I thought why not? I find it smart, interesting but most of all inspiring! Can’t wait to read the « Steve Jobs » book, which is actually best sale of the year on french Amazone! Hope you like it as much as I do

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