Hello guys,

Today I’m going to share some videos. Some of them are videos featuring me, others are random videos that I like and want to share with you

I’m going to start with my video on Treetslook, explaining my looks, taste and much more. Treetslook is a website where you can find interviews of people from the fashion industry. I have to say I could spend hours watching them – besides mine-!
Yes I have to say I have a hard time seeing me on “film”, especially when I’ve had one too many Sumopolitan đŸ™‚

Click on the PICTURE above, it will bring you right away on the video, or click HERE.

Remember the all SUPERDRY shooting thing (by the way you can still VOTE for me HERE!) well, there is a making of!

Les coulisses de l’action ‘La Tenue d’Hiver’ from Sportsdhiver on Vimeo.

For now, it will just be videos I enjoy, like this one I shared yesterday on my Facebook Fan Page, that I find quite funny (and don’t hesitate to give me your opinion about the subject!)

And now the last one, that probably many of you have already seen. I thought about posting it today, because last night we talked about that video and I thought why not? I find it smart, interesting but most of all inspiring! Can’t wait to read the “Steve Jobs” book, which is actually best sale of the year on french Amazone! Hope you like it as much as I do

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