What’s in the box?

Take a look at what I found at my office when I arrived this morning…

Wonder wha’ts in the box? ANOTHER BOX!!

I LOVE this packaging! Doesn’t it remind you of some drink?

COCA COLA LIGHT OF COURSE! Thanks to whom I recieved this awesome box. Take a look inside…

3 limited edition cans and Benefit products! How cool right?

Well the coolness of this box isn’t over because…. TWO OF MY AWESOME READERS WILL BE ABLE TO WIN SOME PRODUCTS AS WELL

Check this out guys

Great for you girls! Guys, haven’t found the perfect St Valentine’s present yet? HERE IT IS! Pink, cute, beauty products, I mean you have it all here!

Meet me here for a contest… well I don’t know when yet! By the end of this week or next week! Stay tuned ;)

Ps: Big thanks to the great Coca Cola Light Team!

Delphine Manivet, Master Chief in the Art of open backs

Let’s put things this way, if I HAD to get married tomorrow, I wouldn’t have any problem choosing a dress. Have you ever heard of Delphine Manivet? Well if you haven’t, and planning on getting married some day, you can thank me RIGHT NOW!

I really love her creations, she has a lot of open back dresses, dresses that look more casual, sometimes a little minimal. Forget the ruffles and all that stuff.

But especially OPEN BACK dresses… did you know my LOVE for open backs? (tops, dresses, sweater, wathever it is with an open back…)

This is where I find my inspiration…

Looking amazing right?
Well now let’s take a look on what Delphine Manivet does.

DYING for this dress!

Well, guess what the BEST NEWS EVER is? Delphine Manivet is creating a small collection for la Redoute! Let me tell you that my heart stopped beating the second I heard about that collaboration!

I just got a few pictures of the different dresses, take a look!

This one is apparently with an open back, and suppose to come out also in black… just saying…

SO, are you in love as much as I am??

The collection for La Redoute is suppose to come out around March (first part) and May.

By the way, if you know any other brands that makes great open backs (for example Ba&sh is pretty good), LET ME KNOW!

Saturday Night Fever

Today, I was SO excited to share with you outfits from my first blog created in 2008, and I just realised that all the pictures did not upload on my Dropbox this morning. And now I’m at the office, and most of the pictures are at home on my hard drive…bummer!

Anyway, I will share them with you in a few days, you’ll see it’s pretty funny. For today, I have in stock a few pictures from saturday night. I have to admit I don’t like the way I look on most of the picture (thanks to my very pale skin color), but hey this is about the outfit, so I hope you like it ;)

I don’t know why

Wearing: MAJE top – CHEAP MONDAY jeans – FOREVER21 belt and earing – ZARA pumps

Featuring in the photo’s: Sacha&Chloé. Sacha wearing a Zara outfit, and Chloé wears an AWESOME jacket from Sandro.

Instagram photo: Week1

Since I really like, and use pretty often Instagram, I decided to do a regular post on the blog with my Instagram photo’s of the week. Hope you like it!

Follow me on Instagram: @lucievd

1.My little sister’s manucure 2.My little sister and her cupcake 3.New ZARA pumps
4.Saturday Night 5.Thanks Glamour for your awesome questions 6.Details
7.New FOREVER21 necklace 8.Saturday Night II 9.My favorite apero drink!

Denim on denim


I wanted to go for a boyish kind of look, that’s why there is no jewelery included.

Did I mention this shirt is perfection? Sooo soft, and I really like the smaller collar. I just want to add that I took the shirt in a size L for it to be really loose, which is the result we want to have with that kind of shirt.

Wearing: My boyfriend’s cardigan from Hollister – Zara denim shirt – Seven for all Mankind jeans – Forever21 belt – Topshop boots

Those pictures were taken with the Nikon Coolpix S6200 (you can see it in the mirror) which I got to try for a few days, what do you think of the result? And do you like the outfit as well?

***NEW IN***

Say a little welcome to the new comers of my closet!

I scored them during sale season, wether they were on sale or not though…

ZARA blouse – ZARA purse
I was looking for that blouse for weeks, I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE, until I went to Zara chaussée d’Ixelles, where it was the last one, in my size, SCREAMING my name!

MAJE blouse – FOREVER21 necklace
Fell in love with that blouse at Maje, got it right before New Year’s Eve, thanks to the fact they were doing pre-sales at Maje! 

ZARA pumps – H&M clutch – FOREVER21 necklace
Finally found nice « go to » pumps, loved the idea of that clutch (especially since it was 3€), and the necklace I was looking for, for weeks 

FOREVER21 t-shirts – CHEAP MONDAY jeans
Never been a big fan of black, but I’ve been find it more and more usefull lately. And Forever21 basic t-shirts are pretty awesome! And that jeans is perfection, I’ve been wearing it pretty much everyday since I bought it!

FOREVER21 legging
Directly loved that fringed legging. I have to quickly post you photos of what it looks like worn, because it’s hard to have an idea just like that.


ZARA blouse/t-shirt
I had never seen that top at Zara before but loved the idea with part of the top in coton, and the other in silk.


NEW LOOK t-shirt
LOOK WHAT I FOUND! I was definitly looking for a t shirt like this one (remember my 2012 wishlist?) Finally found it on the group « Vide Dressing » on Facebook, how cool is that?

ZARA blouse
I don’t know if we can see really well, but the print is pretty cool!

ZARA denim shirt – H&M Trend pants
Two items that I had in my Christmas wishlist, and that I found in Antwerp. I’m soo glad! (even though for both item it was from the new collection, uh…)

So, what do you guys think of what I found? Did you find great stuff during your sales?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fashion and years

I know I don’t do outfit post so much, especially because I don’t take the time to take the pictures of my outfit. Or because no one can take them. Or too cold outside. And so on…. :)

So I decided to give you lots of outfits, from old pictures. From little girl, to young teenager, to student until now.

I hope you enjoy it, as much as I did doing this post!

I must of been 1, maybe 2 years old. But looks like I already wanted to play dressing up

Where are those sunglasses, seriously?

Yes this is me in the front with the red shoes

Layering you say?

Senior year… I was 17 and I use to LOVE that short

I still have that vintage top, and I still love it

You can never go wrong with a neon nail polish, even in 2007 – Yes my bracelet says salope

February 2008, I had just started college. And I had just discovered those fake glasses in the US. After that everyone started wearing them, boring. (I’m a big fan of fake glasses but you’ll see that on other photo’s)

Don’t ask

Can you recognize the other fashion blogger standing next to me? March 2008

July 2008

GOSH! Not one of my best outfit, but that skirt is still one of my favorite!!

20th birthday, october 2008

Cheeeeesyyyy (April 2009)

In the US, April 2009. At Forever21 (still have the outfit!)

Told you about the fake glasses…

I guess Carrie was an inspiration for all of us…

How cute is that purse my grandma gave me?

London November 2009 – you might have noticed by now I really like that jacket

Burrito for breakfast uh? August 2010

London 2010


Berlin, September 2010. Last picture of my outfit before the blog started!

Did you like the post? I hope you did, because I have more pictures to show you from… my first blog! Made in 2008, I have some outfit pictures left… ;)

Golden Globe Awards 2012 – Red Carpet

You know I love Do’s&Don’ts! Especially for the Red Carpet, and that’s why I selected for you the best and the worst seen last night.

Amanda Peet in Marc Jacobs
Clear DON’T for me. Way too much ruffles there!


Charlize Theron in Christian Dior
DO! Of course. This is amazing. I love the color, the deep (very deep) V neck, the detail on the hip, the shoes, the hairdo…

Emma Stone in Lanvin
Great choice of the dress, it’s a DO. I especially like the choice of the accessories, it very different from what we usually see at that kind of event. That’s what brings that dress to another level.

Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci
DOOOOOO. I love this. It is kind of different but still amazing. And she is sooo beautiful


Kate Winslet in Jenny Packham
I’m sorry, some of you will probably desagree but definit DON’T for me. I don’t really like black&white dresses for red carpets. This one looks a little too cheesy for me. And I know she can be much more glamourous than this!


Heidi Klum in Calvin Klein
FABULOUS! DO of course! I love this. By now you probably know my love for open backs, so I couldn’t resist. Plus the choice of color (that I could never pull off as good as she did) mixed with those beautiful jewelry. Probably my favorite of the evening.

Jessica Alba in Gucci
Safe but pretty. It’s a DO

Jessica Biel in ?
DO; I really like that dress. But seriously don’t like her hair that dark


Kate Backinsale in Roberto Cavalli
DO! WOW. She looks gorgeous. I want that body!

Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen
This wasn’t too hard to decide it was a DON’T. Please, explain my why on earth Kelly Osbourne wanted to look like and octopus on the Golden Globe red carpet?


Lea Michelle in Marchesa
Beautiful DO, that’s all.


Lorraine Ashbourne in ? (don’t want to know)
Seriously, WHY? From the awful hair, to the dress to the bad choice of jewerly. This is a CATASTROPHY! And it’s a DON’T


Michelle Williams in Jason Wu
Simple but pretty and chic, DO.

Natalie Portman in Lanvin
She’s so pretty she can pull off any outfit, but I’m sorry to say I really don’t like that dress. It’s the kind of dress I would see at a wedding here in Belgium (you know how it seems that’s the only kind of dress we’re able to find in here – depressing), but definitly not on a red carpet! DON’T

Piper Perabo in Theory
Seriously, HOW COOL IS THIS! Love. DO

Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen
Glamourous on the edge of cheesy. Doesn’t work for me so it’s a DON’T. But I really like the way she wore her hair, really natural.


Sarah Michelle Gellar in Monique Lhuillier
WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON HERE!! The print PLUS the shape, I mean DON’T please! I want to add that the print could look good on something more clean, on dress more basic for example (but the shape of that dress wouldn’t work with any print or any color!)


Shailene Woodley in Marchesa
DO. Really cute, dressy but not over the top. I really like it.


Tilda Swinton in Haider Hackermann
I love it! And I love her hair! She looks amazing and I like the fact that is different from what we usually expect on red carpet. DO


Viola Davis in Emilio Pucci
She looks SO GOOD. I really love the shape of that dress, and the color as well. That’s a beautiful DO.


Zooey Deschanel in Prada
That woman is crazy but I love her. Have you ever seen her series « New Girl », it’s hilarious. Anyway, the choice of the outfit is fun and I like it. Her hair is funny with that 60′s style. But what really decided me to put this as a DO, is her NAILS! Check this out

HOW FREAKING COOL IS THIS? I want the same manucure now!

What did you think of that red carpet. Agree with the do’s and don’ts? Share you thoughts!

Fashion Coaching with S.

For the one following me on Twitter, you probably know I have a Fashion Coaching going on this week.

S. received the « Shopping Coach 2″ formula as a gift (learn more here). Here is what « Shopping Coach 2″ is:
An entire day of coaching which includes: analyse of the style, analyse of the closet (create new outfit combinations for example), and go shopping together.

I asked some question to S. to know what was her style in general, and what was the new style she wanted to have (with her inspirations, etc…)

What is your look in general (streetwear/chic/trendy/…) ?

My look is not searched, it’s comfortable. I like wearing jeans, shirts or turtlenecks. I sometimes like to wear dresses with boots. 

What look would you want to have ?

Something more trendy, maybe some stuff wider than my skinny skretch turtlenecks. Learn to play with accessories. And I like the style from the 60′s, with colors, laces, transparent,… Even though I don’t wear anything like that. And something a little more corporate for the office. 

I did my best to see where S. wanted to go, including where she’s coming from in her style. We figured wide pants with blouse was a go to look for her. It fits her the best, and that’s something she loves to wear. Here some picture of what we came up with.

ZARA blouse and blazer, NOTIFY jeans

MASSIMO DUTI sweater and shirt, H&M blazer, NOTIFY jeans

H&M shirt and belt, SEVEN FOR ALL MANKIND jeans

ZARA blouse, NOTIFY jeans

Happy S. wearing her new coat from ZARA

How should I wear…

Hello there!

I talked about my project on my Facebook page already, but I wanted to share it here.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you must know I do what we call « personnal shopping » (learn more about it in the Concept page)
I personally don’t like to call it « personnal shopping » because it seems that it’s all about shopping, and that’s not what I’m about.

And that’s why I call it Fashion Coaching. To me it all starts in the CLOSET! You can rediscover your closet and the way you wear your clothes with someone else’s point of vue. And this is what I LOVE to do.

So here is what I thought about:
If there is a piece of clothing you have but you have no idea how to wear it OR you’ve been wearing it the same way for too long -> take a picture of it and send it to me: luciefashioncoach@gmail.com

I would do a post, once a week with ideas to wear the particular item someone sent me. It could become a regular post on the blog. For example every wednesday I would give advices on « How to wear… » this or that?

I hope you like the idea, and I’m waiting for your mails! :)

J’ai déjà parlé du projet sur ma Fanpage Facebook, mais je voulais aussi vous en parler ici au cas ou vous n’auriez pas eu l’info.

Si vous suivez ce blog depuis un petit temps, vous devez savoir que je fais ce qu’on appelle du « personnal shopping » (vous pouvez en savoir plus sur la page Concept)
Personnellement, je n’aime pas appeler ça du « personnal shopping » car ça ne représente que le côté shopping, qui n’est pas le principal à mes yeux.

Et c’est pour ça que j’appelle ça Fashion Coaching. Pour moi, tout commence dans la GARDE ROBE! Vous pouvez redécouvrir votre dressing et la manière dont vous portez vos vêtements avec le point de vue de quelqu’un d’autre. Et c’est ce que J’ADORE faire.

Donc voici à quoi j’ai pensé:
S’il y a une pièce que vous avez dans votre dressing mais vous n’avez aucune idée de comment la porter OU vous l’avez portée de la même manière pendant bien trop longtemps  -> prenez là en photo et envoyez la moi: luciefashioncoach@gmail.com 

Je ferais un post, une fois par semaine avec des idées pour porter la pièce que quelqu’un m’aura envoyé. Cela pourrait devenir un post récurrent sur le blog. Par exemple, tout les mercredi je donnerais des conseils pour « Comment porter… » ceci ou cela?

J’espère que vous aimez l’idée, et j’attend vos mails avec impatience! :)

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