Delphine Manivet, Master Chief in the Art of open backs

Let’s put things this way, if I HAD to get married tomorrow, I wouldn’t have any problem choosing a dress. Have you ever heard of Delphine Manivet? Well if you haven’t, and planning on getting married some day, you can thank me RIGHT NOW!

I really love her creations, she has a lot of open back dresses, dresses that look more casual, sometimes a little minimal. Forget the ruffles and all that stuff.

But especially OPEN BACK dresses… did you know my LOVE for open backs? (tops, dresses, sweater, wathever it is with an open back…)

This is where I find my inspiration…

Looking amazing right?
Well now let’s take a look on what Delphine Manivet does.

DYING for this dress!

Well, guess what the BEST NEWS EVER is? Delphine Manivet is creating a small collection for la Redoute! Let me tell you that my heart stopped beating the second I heard about that collaboration!

I just got a few pictures of the different dresses, take a look!

This one is apparently with an open back, and suppose to come out also in black… just saying…

SO, are you in love as much as I am??

The collection for La Redoute is suppose to come out around March (first part) and May.

By the way, if you know any other brands that makes great open backs (for example Ba&sh is pretty good), LET ME KNOW!


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