Fashion and years

I know I don’t do outfit post so much, especially because I don’t take the time to take the pictures of my outfit. Or because no one can take them. Or too cold outside. And so on…. 🙂

So I decided to give you lots of outfits, from old pictures. From little girl, to young teenager, to student until now.

I hope you enjoy it, as much as I did doing this post!

I must of been 1, maybe 2 years old. But looks like I already wanted to play dressing up

Where are those sunglasses, seriously?

Yes this is me in the front with the red shoes

Layering you say?

Senior year… I was 17 and I use to LOVE that short

I still have that vintage top, and I still love it

You can never go wrong with a neon nail polish, even in 2007 – Yes my bracelet says salope

February 2008, I had just started college. And I had just discovered those fake glasses in the US. After that everyone started wearing them, boring. (I’m a big fan of fake glasses but you’ll see that on other photo’s)

Don’t ask

Can you recognize the other fashion blogger standing next to me? March 2008

July 2008

GOSH! Not one of my best outfit, but that skirt is still one of my favorite!!

20th birthday, october 2008

Cheeeeesyyyy (April 2009)

In the US, April 2009. At Forever21 (still have the outfit!)

Told you about the fake glasses…

I guess Carrie was an inspiration for all of us…

How cute is that purse my grandma gave me?

London November 2009 – you might have noticed by now I really like that jacket

Burrito for breakfast uh? August 2010

London 2010


Berlin, September 2010. Last picture of my outfit before the blog started!

Did you like the post? I hope you did, because I have more pictures to show you from… my first blog! Made in 2008, I have some outfit pictures left… 😉

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