Spring – Summer 2012: THE TRENDS 3

Here is the final part of the Trends we will see coming for this Summer.

I thought it was a great way to give you advice on what to wear/buy in the following months. Is there a trend you liked a lot?

By the way, you don’t always need to buy new stuff, the trends are easily adaptable with our closet (we all have Pastels, White, bright/neon colors from last year and the colorblocking,…) You just needed the inspiration right? HERE WE GO:


Aquascutum * Lanvin * Chloé * T by Alexander Wang * Chanel * Sportmax

It must be one of the easiest (and cheapest) trend to wear. We all have white in our closet don’t we? I know it’s not easy to wear (and don’t eat bolognese!), but isn’t it SO lovely?

We might have to wait a little more, just to get a little tan…

HOW TO WEAR ALL WHITE: Well, it’s not very tricky, the goal of this trend is to wear a COMPLETELY white outfit. White shoes is the perfect touch, but you can also go for brown/camel shoes, or even black ones.

As you can see, it’s a trend for any style so, go for it!


Louis Vuitton * Carven * Paul&Joe * Rachel Zoe * Veronique Leroy

After the complete white outfit, the white shirt is a must. I guess buying a white shirt for this summer is a good investement, right?

HOW TO WEAR WHITE SHIRTS: Besides the fact that you « have » to buttoned it all the way up, the are no rules… With panties (!?) like Louis Vuitton, cool and silky like Paul&Joe or even a bit oversized and the sleeves rolled up at Veronique Leroy.

It’s a very easy piece to wear because you can add it to any outfit, and it always brings a pop of light to it (like Carven). Don’t hesitate to wear statement necklaces over it!


Dolce&Gabbana * Sportmax * Paul&Joe * Stella Mc Cartney * D&G

This must be one of the trend we’ve talked the most about, and for right reasons. PRINTS ARE EVERYWHERE! And any kind of prints.

I love the fact that it adds so much colors to our outfits. My personnal favorite is Sportmax.

The good thing is that prints are still very IN for next winter.

HOW TO WEAR PRINTS: You can wear it as a total look, either witht the same print of with different prints. When you wear different prints together, try to have a common factor in the different prints, a color or a theme (flowers, fruits,…)


Fendi * Stella Mc Cartney

I didn’t see much inspiration on the catwalks but it is anyway really present in the streets!

HOW TO WEAR THE PIJAMA STYLE: You can either wear it as a total look (Stella Mc Cartney) a pijama pants and a pijama blouse for example, or wear it with something else.

For example, a pijama blouse with a jeans, or a pijama pants with a nice jumper, just like Fendi.

I find it better looking as a total look, but it’s definitly harder to wear.


Here is the end of this long article in tree parts about the Trends for this Spring/Summer.

Did you like it? Does it help you figure out what to wear this summer?

And by the way, do you like this kind of article? Let me know!

Have a good weekend, see you next week back in Brussels xx

Spring – Summer 2012: THE TRENDS 2

The first part was yesterday, here are the following trends for today.


Nanette Lepore * Christian Siriano * Rag&Bone * Sass&Bide

Really popular trend for this Summer, I have to say I like it a lot, but it depends how to wear it.

HOW TO WEAR NEON: Like Nanette Lepore and Christian Siriano, the best (at least to my eyes) is to pair it with pastels, and beige must be the best tone. I really like that combination, the color pops even more.

You can also wear it with other bright colors/neon colors, but don’t mix too many of them.


Christian Siriano * Haider Ackermann * Prada * Sonia Rykiel * Lanvin

The pleated skirts were already really present last summer, but we love them too much to let them go, right?

Well last year it was black and long pleated skirts, this season they are colorfull and they can also be shorter.

HOW TO WEAR PLEATED SKIRT: For the pleated skirts you can really let you imagination go wild, or at least go any directions. I really like to combine it with a simple t shirt, just like Christian Siriano did. I would also wear it with a tank top, or a silk shirt.

Try to wear it not too low, like Prada or Christian Siriano.

(the « trend » is pleated skirt, but it can be a dress as well of course)


Acne * Nicole Farhi * Dries Van Noten * DVF * Sportmax

I LOOOVE bermuda shorts. I few years back (like five or six) it was very fashionable as well, and even at the time I use to love the trend, and wear bermuda shorts all the time. When I couldn’t find the bermuda shorts I wanted in the store, I use to cut trough my pants haha

HOW TO WEAR BERMUDA SHORTS: The best way to me is like DVF of Sportmax. Make it look chic, but you can still look confortable (Sportmax or Nicole Farhi). I would definitly recommend to wear heels because the lengt of the short shortened the legs.

I love the bright color of DVF’s bermuda shorts, it hads a fun touch to a pretty classic piece.

Best way to wear it (to me): Bermuda shorts – don’t be afraid to choose a very colorfull bermuda OR printed one (even better!) + a shirt (it can be printed as well), maybe pijama like? go for a silky shirt/blouse + heels + blazer or fun jacket (don’t pick a short one, the lengt of DVF is perfect)


Oscar de la Renta * Just Cavalli * Jean Paul Gaultier * Nanette Lepore

We already saw that neon is a big trend this summer, but the lime green neon color is a must. I chose just a few of the lime green looks that were on the catwalks. I have to say I love it, but have to admit, it’s not an easy color to wear.

HOW TO WEAR LIME GREEN: Most of the time, wear the Lime Green color as an entire look. It can be any style, as you can see. You can even choose different tones of lime green for the look.

You can also wear it by little touch, a skirt or a shirt, just like Christian Siriano did (check the pleated skirt trend).

Do you have any new favorite trend? Is there any of these that you have already tried?

Let me know! And see you tomorrow for the third and final part of the Trends of this Spring/Summer

Spring – Summer 2012: THE TRENDS

Today, let’s talk about the trends for this summer!

Of course, this is my take on those trends, and these are the ones I spotted on the catwalks. Magazines counts more of them (that are just as right, but there are too many to put them all here)

I chose several looks from different designers to represent those trends, and I was thinking about applying those trends to my wardrobe and do outfit post inspire by them, what do you think?


Chloé * Prada * Givenchy * Just Cavalli

 I think my favorite is Givenchy (from the blazer to the shirt and those AMAZING shoes)

HOW TO WEAR PASTELS: you can choose one pastel color for the entire look (like Givenchy or Just Cavalli), or mix different tones of pastels like Prada.

As you can see, it can be any style (from any wardrobe) rock like Just Cavalli, edgy like Givenchy or romantic like Prada.


Isabel Marant * Alexander Wang * Barbara Bui * Rag&Bone * Gucci

Really love the Isabel Marant look, and the Alexander Wang one is one of my most favorite look from all the fashion week, but I admit, not very easy to wear…

HOW TO WEAR SPORTY: You can wear it as a top, just like Isabel Marant. Choose the kind of t shirt that reminds us of « American Colleges », the ones from Isabel Marant are amazing, but you can find similar ones in others brands (Zara, H&M, Forever21,…) It doesn’t have to be numbers, you can also go for letters, words,… You can wear those t shirts with pretty much anything, but always try to ad something « chic » to the look, so it doesn’t look like you just came back from the gym…

As a pants, choose a pants that has a chic look but with a line on the side (like Barbara Bui or Gucci), but pair it with a shirt, something chic because you don’t want to look too sporty. That’s why heels are mandatory, with some jewelry as well.


Band of Outsiders * Dolce&Gabbana * Prada * Pucci * Topshop Unique

As wierd as it can be, this trend has been seen on many runways, and worn with many different style.

HOW TO WEAR THE BANDEAU BRA: Let’s say it, it’s NOT easy at ALL! My favorite look must be the one from Band of Outsiders, and I would deffinitly go on that direction, kind of « Hippie » like.

Pucci‘s look is really fabulous, but you really have to have the body to be able to pull it off. But I find it beautiful, same for Dolce&Gabbana.

You can go sporty as well, like Topshop Unique, but it’s deffinitly not a personal favorite.


Isabel Marant * Band of Outsiders * Ann Demeulemeester

Really like this trend, especially as a pants (check the one from Isabel Marant from the « Sporty » trend).

I know Band of Outsiders and Ann Demeulemeester aren’t really TIE DYE but it got the same spirit.

HOW TO WEAR TIE DYE: As I said, like a pants with any kind of top it will look great! Or like Isabel Marant‘s jacket. Such a statement piece, but at the same time easy to wear with everything, and it will bright up any outfit.

If you’re more inspired by Band of Outsiders or Ann Demeulemeester, as you can see, it can be a top, dress, skirt or even pants. Anything actually. Try to keep the same color than Band of Outsiders, I think it looks better. I already saw similar versions at Zara.

Printed on a lace, I think it’s the best, but that’s up to you…

I will post tomorrow and friday more trends.

What do you think of these ones already? Convinced? And which one is you favorite?

Getting ready for summer

Like 99% of the girls, this summer I want to look HOT in my bikini’s, which means there’s a shit loads of sport hours and healthy food coming up in the following months.

Today I would like to introduce to you a great way to stay thin, but still by eating yummy food. Who else could have been behind this than the genius Danièle Zaif (yup, her again)?

She created a delicious meal that has no more than 300 calories!

What is it exactly?

(for the exact explenation of the meal I will do a short translation in english, I’m just not sure enough about the right terms…)

* Soupe au céleri rave – celery root soup

* Pain de poulet – chicken bread

* Coulis de poivrons jaunes au cumin – Yellow peppers sauce with cumin

* Quinoa sauvage bio – Wild organic quinoa

* Carpaccio de choux rouge au wasabi – Red cabbage carpaccio with wasabi

You can find this delicious dish every day (from monday to friday) during lunch time, at Pudding Rock, and for only 16€

Doesn’t it look so yummy?

What are your favorite light meals?

Ps: if you don’t care about healthy food, well just eat one of Daniel’s cupcake ;)

Big girls don’t cry

Hello guys!

Let’s start this week with last friday’s outfit. It was sooo sunny and warm, and I really wanted to enjoy that weather since this week I’m surrounded by SNOW (I’m spending a week skiing in France)

I wore my old topshop skirt that I love sooo much and wear not enough, and well I thought when you wear a skirt like that, you’ve got to dance, don’t you think? (even when waiting at the bus stop and everyone is staring at you)

Wearing: TOPSHOP skirt – FILLES A PAPA t shirt – MANGO jacket – STEVE MADDEN shoes – FOREVER21 necklace – RAYBAN sunglasses

Have a good week!

Welcome back, Spring!

Spring came back with a bunch of sunny days, and it couldn’t have been better.

First hot day of the week was yesterday, and I went for a white and colorfull look. With pants, because I wasn’t ready to show off my legs yet (but today I might…)

As you can see, I’m still not so great at posing for outfit picture…

Wearing: ZARA top and necklace – H&M jeans – TIANY KIRILOVE for VERO MODA clutch – TOPSHOP shoes

Alright, let’s go back to business! Today’s going to be hot in Brussels, what are you wearing?

I’m still hesitating: skirt, shorts, dress, or maybe should I just jump around in my new Marni at H&M bathing suit?


Ps1: and by the way, I’m leaving to go skiing on saturday, but don’t worry, I have post ready for you guys! You don’t think I was going to leave you alone for an entire week!?

Ps2: What about a ski outfit? sexy right? I’ll think about it…

Never tired of Streetstyle

Here is the second part of my favorite shots and favorite looks of the Fashion Weeks. These pictures were found on Sartorialist, Caroline Mode, Jak&Jill, FaceHunter, Style.com (Tommy Ton)

So, which one is your favorite?


Here are a few pics from the past days, hope you like it!

Steve Madden shoes: probably one of my best pruchase of 2011. Super duper confy and easy to wear with everything

Stretching before going out… YA KNO’

Hot Hot boyfriend

If you want to vote for this picture as best picture of the year press #1

Playing around like kids while drinking champagne. Contradictions you say?

Pudding Rock Burger. Sorry to bother you non stop with that restaurant… not my fault if it’s the best one around!

Sunday brunch at my dad’s

My « go to » kind of outfits: confy t shirt, confy (but well fitted) jeans, perfecto leather jacket, statement necklace and flat shoes


GUURLLLFRIENDSSS part 2 (and if you are wondering, yes on both pictures it’s the same person on the left HAHA)

Saturday Night. Happy Hour. Cocktails. Adios

Just like any other monday…

Here a very simple outfit, for any random monday at work :)

Wearing: FOREVER21 t shirt and cardigan – NEW LOOK pants – ALDO shoes

Hope you liked the look!


Food: Recette #2

Je commencerai cette semaine par partager avec vous une délicieuse recette testée il y a quelques semaines:

Aller-Retour de boeuf Thai

Pour 2 personnes
Préparation : 15 minutes
Cuisson : 2 minutes + 2 minutes

Ingrédients :

-          1 c. à café d’huile d’olive

-          400 g de bœuf haché nature

-          1 oignon rouge

-          1 bonne poignée de feuilles de coriandre, et menthe mélangée

-          1 bâton de citronnelle

-          1 morceau de gingembre (1cm)

-          1 c à soupe d’huile de sésame grillée

-          1 c à soupe de nvoc-nâm (sauce poisson)

-          1 petite gousse d’ail

-          1 petit piment rouge (ou pas…)

-          1 c à soupe de sauce rouleaux de printemps

-          ½ citron vert zestes et jus

-          1 c à c de graines de sésame

Préparation :

Hâcher finement l’oignon, les herbes, la citronnelle, le gingembre, presser l’ail, les graines de sésame, le zeste et jus de citron, les sauces, mélanger le tout.
Faire des palets de 200 g.
Cuire dans une poêle bien chaude avec une cuillère à café d’huile d’olive 2 minutes et puis retourner et 2 minutes encore.
Servir avec un riz nature et une salade au citron.

Truc : pour éplucher une branche de citronnelle, couper le pied et retirer la 1ère couche, si cela emble dur et sec, retirer la 2e aussi. Il vous sera beaucoup plus commode de la couper en petits morceaux après.

Cette recette a été créée par Danièle Zaif, chef et propriétaire du restaurant Pudding Rock, voici le plat original:

Et voici mon résultat:

Et voici quelques photos prise lors de la préparation:

Le mix d’épices pour donner toute la saveur asiatique aux pavés de boeufs

Les deux pavés de 200gr sont prêts à être cuit.

Je vous conseille vivement cette recette, qui entre nous, est un de mes plats préférés. J’ai un faible pour les plats avec des tendances asiatiques.

Ps: Danièle Zaif sort son premier livre de recette en Mai, je vous tiendrai au courant pour que vous puissiez découvrir son univers génial et toujours MIAM.

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