Here are a few pics from the past days, hope you like it!

Steve Madden shoes: probably one of my best pruchase of 2011. Super duper confy and easy to wear with everything

Stretching before going out… YA KNO’

Hot Hot boyfriend

If you want to vote for this picture as best picture of the year press #1

Playing around like kids while drinking champagne. Contradictions you say?

Pudding Rock Burger. Sorry to bother you non stop with that restaurant… not my fault if it’s the best one around!

Sunday brunch at my dad’s

My “go to” kind of outfits: confy t shirt, confy (but well fitted) jeans, perfecto leather jacket, statement necklace and flat shoes


GUURLLLFRIENDSSS part 2 (and if you are wondering, yes on both pictures it’s the same person on the left HAHA)

Saturday Night. Happy Hour. Cocktails. Adios

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