Press Days: Antwerp – DETAILS

The past two weeks, I’ve been pretty busy with the Press Days.

For the ones who never heard of Press Days, it’s actually days during which the Press Agencies invits journalists and bloggers to discover the collection for the following season.

Today I will share with you shots, especially details from the Press Agencies I’ve seen in Antwerp last week.


Dorothée’s purse

Versa Versa

Alfonza Salamone creations

Vero Moda


Fabulous BESTSELLER offices

Tommy Hilfiger – Now in stores

Hudson jeans

Maasmechelen Village

Absolutely Mrs K.

Amazing fur hat

Oona’s Housewarming Party!

See you tomorrow for some preview of next winter’s trends with the Brussels Press Days


Suit it up

Hello guys!

Today I’ll share with you the oufit I wore yesterday, for the Press Days

It was a really long day but I had a lot of fun. I decided to go for an outfit that is very « suit » like, but make it more fun with printed top and some pop of fluo color.

I really like women that wear suits, I should find me one, but I don’t think that’s an easy find.

And as you can see I like wearing that with sneakers, because it’s not expected.

What do you think?

Wearing: ZARA top & pants – AMERICAN APPAREL sweatshirt – Nadia’s blazer (don’t hate me!) – Converse sneakers

OH, and you know WHAT? I ran into DIANE VON FURSTENBERG yesterday!

It was so exciting, I still can’t believe it! That women is true inspiration to me, I wish I could have talked to her.

Hello you, Flower friend

Hello guys!

Here is the outfit I wore yesterday. I took it right after leaving the SUMO PR Press Days, where I got met my new beautiful flower friend.

Since we were getting along so well, I thought we would do our outfit post together

I was wearing: AMERICAN COLLEGE jacket – GAP jumper – H&M jeans & purse – TOPSHOP boots – ESSIE nailpolish

Do you like my outfit? And how cool is my new friend?


New Lulu?

Hello guys,

Today a short post with the outfit Immi made for me yesterday at Smets. We actually spent the evening there, and were suppose to relook/advice the client with the trend of this spring/summer. At the end of the evening, I asked Immi to create a look for me, and here it is.

What do you think?

I really like it, but I would have never choose that look by myself, for myself! It’s always funny to let someone else restyle you, and discover new outfit possibilies.

I was wearing: EQUIPMENT shirt – ERDEM skirt – RUPPERT SANDERSON shoes – PROENZA SCHOULER bag (all from Smets Brussels)


Vif Weekend/Knack Weekend Fashion Awards

For the ones of you who haven’t heard, the « Vif Weekend/Knack Weekend » is organizing the first Blog awards in Belgium.

The nominees were announced last week, and I really wanted to share with you my favorites, and give you advice for who to vote. I have to say I was really pleased to see a few of my favorite blogs that I had entered, being selected.

As you might guess, there is a French and a Flamish selections of blogs. For the Flamish blogs, I may not be able to help you with every section, but will give you my favorites!

*you can vote until the 29th of April and the results will be out May 8th*

  • For the FRENCH selection, click HERE
  • For the FLAMISH selection, click HERE

Not only I really like the blog, but also the owner/writer behind it, Sophie. It’s not all about fashion, Sophie talks about pretty much everything she has around her, and everything a woman deals with in her everyday life. That doesn’t mean that the fashion aspect is forgotten, especially when she posts her outfits that are always cute, pretty but unexpected.
I really enjoy the fact that she takes the time to write more than 3 lines per posts, and her writing is always interesting, smart and with a point of view. What else should we ask to a (fashion) blogger?
For me, this was such an easy choice to do; Absolutely Mrs. K is definitly one of the best fashion blogs in Belgium (to me). Her style is so amazing! I know for most of the people is may be wierd, or way too exentric and I get it, but I find her very inspiring. For this blog, my choice is made exclusively on a fashion basis. Her style and her looks really speak to me. Besides that she seems to be a very funny person, which adds even more credits (I like people not taking themself – and a subject that can be superficial like fashion – too seriously), even thought I do not know Mrs. K on a personnal basis.

 I know the style of Absolutely Mrs. K may not speak to everyone since it’s so particular. In that case, I also really like Dogsanddresses. Elien is such a cute girl, as much as her style is. I really like how she mixes her pieces, the prints, etc… Plus, she’s really sweet.

FR – Too Belgista:
To select the beauty blogs, I had to go through them because I didn’t know any, or almost… As you may know, I’m not so great with beauty stuff, I usually go for basics. Sometimes I go a little crazy for my hair but that’s all.
Well, I was really seduced by the blog « Too Belgista ». It is nice, easy to read, it seems like you’re just talking you some of your girlfriends giving you tips. And most of all, they make videos with hair tutorials, AWESOME!
Even though it’s beauty related, this blog has practically nothing to do with « Too Belista ».
I really like the photos she uses, such a great inspiration, and so many different styles.
+1 for the fact that it is in english, I always enjoy the effort (even though I totally understand the fact that it’s so much easier to write in your own language)


FR – Pop it, Rock it, Art it:
I knew the blog before, since I know the owner, who is actually one of my reader!
She sent me her blog a few weeks ago, so I’ve been on it a few times. It’s not the kind of blog I will visit every day, but definitly when I’m in need of inspiration.
Plus, I really love Art, even though it’s not something I’m confronted with everyday, so it’s always nice to read about it once in a while. I think she chose her artist, pieces of art and pictures really well. Congrats!

FL – I love Belgium:
I have to admit, the owners of this blog are two people that I like a lot! Plus they are the cutiest couple on the planet. Plus I love their PR Agency. Plus they made me discover such amazing places, designing wise, through their blog (and much more!)
I hope you’ll make great discoveries as well, and that maybe you’ll get the chance to meet them some day


FR – Mon Bo petit Monde:
Because she’s super nice, because she’s really talented and her photos are more than great, and because she has two really great models, which are her kids, Themis and Ulysse.


FL – Made by Mamasha:
I love her picture, she makes great DIY
Sadly I can’t tell you much more, since it’s the “personnal category” and it’s all written in flamish. I can understand it, but not enough to be able to judge :)


FR – L’imperfection désirable:
Just because she’s really funny and her stories look crazy. Even if there is a lot of text, I’m not tired of reading it

FL – the.ego.tripper:
Love the presentation of the blog, different from the other. Really enjoyed the pictures and the fact that it’s in english


FR – Aime by em:
Lovely photos, really great shots from everything around us. The little things that we don’t see in our every day life but that look amazing through the eyes of the photographer…

FL – CoffeeKlatch:
Really love the fact that we meet someone, enter his universe thanks to the great pictures of the owner of the blog.
I think the concept is much more interesting than simply posting pictures on the blog (as pretty as they can be)


FR – Loftkitchen:
You may know now I much I love food (from my Instagram pictures, or simply with the different recipies I’ve shared with you), and I can tell you my friend Flo is a master in that category. I can not even tell you how excited I am that she got selected since I had subscribe her blog in the first place. This is just the blog of a food lover, who loves sharing her love for food with friends (by cooking them the best meals EVER) or with her readers through her blog.

FL – Princess Misia:
I already knew her blog because I follow her on Twitter since a while. I really love the fact that the pictures are beautiful. To me, that makes a lot for a blog. And even more for food. The « down » point of her blog, to me (and that is very personnal) there is too much about sweet dishes and desert. They are probably the prettier dishes to take in pictures, I admit… but I never bake, or make deserts. I like to find in a food blog dishes that I can/want to make.


FR – K-Web:
I liked the template of the blog, the design. It looked really professional.

FL – Defilmblog:
This blog doesn’t look « pretty », but looks very precise about each movie they talk about.
As you can see, I chose two blogs talking about movies and cinema, because they were the themes that interested me the most, but of course that is very personnal.


 FR – Brussel’s Kitchen:
One of my favorite blogs! I’ve talked about it on my page, shared it a few times because this is definitly a blog that is worth knowing/reading. The owners are two young girls (one use to be my bestfriend when we were teenagers), that walk around the city of Brussels (but not only), find amazing cute little places that you’ve never heard about (at least I didn’t), and when you read their articles and look at their photo’s, you’re just dying to go to the places they talk about. As I said, it’s not only Brussels because they also share good tips about other cities (only cool cities of course), like Berlin. As if it wasn’t enough, they also share great ideas of recipies, with videos that makes you want to jump into your screen. Ass kicking job girls, you SO deserve this award! (Plus they started the blog just a few weeks ago, and to me they’re already on TOP!)

I just want to add that if I could, I would have also voted for Bxlblog, just because Yelyam is such a great writer.

FL – Antwerpen Streetstyle:
A blog about Fashion? Especially STREETSTYLE? Well, I’m sorry for the other blogs, but there was no competition here!


FR – Carogribouillis:
Her drawings are pretty great, and I find her pretty funny.

FL - Very Emily:
You know how I love doing my nails, manucures etc… Well that blog is SO awesome if you love manucure! She does amazing nail art, and post pictures of her wearing like a thousands different nailpolish colors. The photos are pretty good too. I just discovered it thanks to the Awards, but I can already tell you, I might spend a few hours going through that blog…

This is it guys, I went through all the categories! It was long indeed, but very fun to make great discoveries, or to discover that blogs I love were selected. To choose all these different blogs, I took in consideration: the design of the blog itself, easy to read or not, pretty or not, the quality of the writing, the pictures, the content. The fact that I knew people behind some blogs didn’t really change my point of vue, but of course the ones who are my friends are my friends for good reasons I guess, and we have the same kind of expectations about blogs. The blogs that I chose were my clear favorites, but that doesn’t mean that other ones were not as good.

Besides all of that, I’m just going to add, the blogs that I would of like to see as well…

  • Dorothydancing:
    Because she has a really great sense of style, always colorful. She manages to look always really put together even if she has funky touches! And because she’s so sweet and funny – AND BECAUSE ME MAKE THE BEST DUO haha
  •  Simple&Funky:
    Because her style is different from what we see everyday in the streets of brussels. She’s really inspired by minimalist style, the kind of style we see much in Norway or Sweden. When she writes on her blog, it’s always good and pretty funny (always a good point to be funny on a fashion blog)
  •  Monsieur de Vos:
    He’s probably too lasy, so he doesn’t post that often, but when he does, it’s SO good! Not only his drawings, that are kick ass good, but his writing is so great and so funny. Definitly a must
  • Styleplayground:
    Stylewise, I think she has one of the best blog in the french part of Belgium. She often manage to have great pieces, or great accessories. And gosh her hair! It always looks like she just spent hours in a hairsalon
  •  Fashionata:
    She is the sweetest girl, and always looks so cute. Always really well put together, without never going overboard. I also like the fact that she often gives either beauty tips, but also good ideas for recipies etc…

On giving all white a chance

Hello guys!

How was your weekend?

I left you friday with the promise of an unexpected spring/summer inspired outfit.. well let’s take a look at it.

As you can guess by the title, I wanted to try to do an all white look, definitly inspired by this summer’s trend (little reminder HERE). I had selected 12 clear trends for this summer, and my plan is to adapt every one of these, to me and to my wardrobe.

Here is the first try. Sadly the weather wasn’t kind enough to let me go « jacket-free », and since I do not own a white jacket, I thought this one looked pretty well.

Playing with neon seemed perfect paired with the white, what do you think?

I was wearing my brand new Chantalle by Camper (thanks to UPR) which had the perfect tone to wear with white. I didn’t own shoes in that kind of color in my shoe closet so far, and now I’m wondering how I did without it!

I really love these two pictures of me and Dorothée (Dorothydancing). We were leaving the beautiful offices of Bestseller, during the Press Days in Antwerp last week.

I was wearing: VINTAGE jacket – NEW LOOK jumper – ZARA shirt – H&M bag & jeans – VINTAGE socks – CAMPER shoes – FOREVER21 necklace – CHINA GLAZE nailpolish

What did you think of that all white look? Can’t weat to try it again with maybe a white jacket (or without any jacket) and without the neon touches… maybe with my new white nailpolish?


Instagram: Week #4

Some shots from the past weeks

Another saturday night fever

Starbucks. Berlin. Sisters

cutest monsters

easter brunch


more parties…

super cool arm party on my friend Sacha

fixing the manucure on the road for Antwerp – press days

Enjoy your weekend – party hard – see you next week for some (unexpected) spring outfit post!

Introducing: Today’s outfit + a brand new category!

Hello there!
How is your non exciting spring time going?

Waking up and seeing this on the screen of my iPhone it’s like it was telling me « f*ck you and have a bad day week »  (and making you hope, as you just opened your eyes, for a big bright sun, even though it’s just a fake…)

So, today again, I went for Antumn/Winter colors, but a little more feminin than yesterday.

Wearing: GAP jumper – URBAN OUTFITTER dress – FOREVER21 socks – H&M boots – ESSIE Fiji nailpolish

As you can see, I stick to my boots as long as it rains (looks like I’m going to be wearing them way too many times this week, uh)

And now, let me introduce to you my new category: SuperGEEKette

Through this category I will share with you cool websites, Apps, pretty much anything Internet related. I don’t think it will be a regular post, but I’ll be able to share geeky stuff with you once in a while, which I would love to do.

Today, I’ll just tell you that I’m new on Pinterest, even though most of you must already be on it, and I’m pretty late on this one.
For the ones who don’t know, it allows you to create « moodboards », or boards as they call it, with prints and pictures you like and found either on the internet or on the website itself (thanks to other Pinterest users).

Want to follow me on Pinterest, click HERE

The second website I wanted to talk to you about is NowFashion, which is a plateform, like a social network but that shares lots of Fashion infos, or all the runway pictures during the Fashion Week seasons in REAL TIME! It also shares pictures of the first raws, the backstage… To me, looks like a website that will come in handy next september!

Hope you liked my outfit! What do you think of the new category?


Depressing Spring

For my followers living in Belgium, you must know how depressing is the weather lately.

It is cold, mostly gray and rainy. Serioulsy so depressing after a long and very cold winter, we just want sun and warmer temperatures.

Between us, I have to say I’m tired of winter clothing but it seems that we’ll have to see/wear them for a few more days. On an everyday/work basis, I can’t bring myself to wear summery tones.

Here’s a quick look at what I’m wearing today, which I will admit is far from being an exciting look!

Kind of boring, but I can’t bring myself to wear anything else (to work) than this kind of comfy/keeping me warm outfits.

Wearing: VINTAGE plaid shirt – ZARA denim shirt – FOREVER21 t shirt & necklace – CHEAP MONDAY jeans – H&M boots

(and over all of this I was wear a big cardigan from my boyfriends, a parka and some fur jacket over it!)

Thumbs up H&M!

Lately H&M has really impressed me, and made me want to buy the entire store.

Their usual collection is usefull, fun, easy to wear and to combine with anything, and always sooo money friendly! I spotted number t shirts, floral pants,…

Then they have the Trend collection that we sadly don’t have anymore in Brussels… but let me tell you as soon as I travel, I check out if there is any H&M with the Trend collection where I’m going.

Well, they had it in Berlin, where I went last week, and I went totally crazy in the H&M! The collection was sooo amazing, I really can’t wait to show you what I found.

Here are some print of the actual Trend collection:



Then there is the Conscious Collection that came out last week, and I really fell in love with that collection; for the prints, the shapes and colors they used.






THEN, it was all about the Fashion Against Aids collection, which I have to say, is really impressive this year. The collection will come out April 26th, and seriously, I can’t wait!

Take a look at my favorite pieces… (there are a lot of them, I admit…)











So, don’t you think the Swedish brand is rockin’ it lately?

Plus, I heard they will launch a new kind of store, more luxurious, and apparently in the same spirit of the Trend collection… well I guess that’s all I needed to know to be freaking excited to see the result!

What do you think? And will you run to H&M for the Fashion Against Aids collection on the 26th?

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