Introducing… MAKISU

If you don’t like sushi, raise your hand!

Let’s just be clear, you’re not allowed not to like sushi on this blog… ok ok I’m kidding!

I haven’t done a new Hotspot in a while, but I couldn’t really find any new place that was worth it, or that Brussel’s Kitchen didn’t say it better than I ever could…

Anyway, last saturday, I finally took a step inside Makisu, a sushi restaurant I had heard about for a few weeks. But this is not exactly a sushi restaurant, it’s more a « Rolls » restaurand, because that’s all they do (but they do it well).

You can either choose a kind a Maki in the menu, or make your own from scratch, how cool is that?

Wanna know what’s even cooler? It’s DELICIOUS and cheap! And these two don’t come often together, let me tell you that.

To give you an idea, it’s about 5€ for 8 rolls, and as you can see, they aren’t small.

What’s left to say? See you there?

5, Rue du Bailli – 1050 Brussels

New In – USA ready!


Today I will show you some new items in my wardrobe.

I love them, plus they will be perfect to use in the US (I’m leaving friday).

Both shoes are flat and confortable, that’s all I need to walk around the streets of New York.

I spotted the little clutch on someone from H&M a few weeks ago, and I couln’t stop thinking about it, so the day it came out, I was waiting for it at the H&M store. It will be more than perfect for the wedding I’ll be attending sunday.

White shoes: EXIT

Clutch: H&M

Yellow sandals: Essentiel on Famousbox

What do you think of my new purchases?

Sunny Saturday Night

Don’t you love this sunny weather? I just can’t get enough of it!

I spent my weekend by the pool at my sport club, and at my dad’s house, and enjoying drinks on terrasses in Brussels with friends. Life is good!

Saturday night, I tried a new sushi place in the city which was DELICIOUS, but I’ll talk to you about it in a following Hotspot post.

Wearing: H&M TREND top – ZARA blazer – H&M jeans – FOREVER21 jewelry – VINTAGE GUCCI purse – CAMPER shoes – RAYBAN sunglasses

Not any other friday…

Hello guys!

How was your weekend so far? Sunny enough?

So today I will show you my friday’s outfit. I said « not any other friday », because friday I had the funeral of someone of my family, and as you can guess, it’s never a really funny path to go through.

On a personnal basis, I don’t like the fact to be wearing black for a day like this one, because I find it to be even more depressing, so I decided to add some touches of colors to brighten up a little bit.

Wearing: H&M top, skirt & necklace – PRIMARK cardigan – VINTAGE belt – FOREVER21 earrings & bracelet (the blue one) – ALDO bag – NEW LOOK sandals – RAYBAN sunnies – ZARA headband

I know this post isn’t as joyfull as my other post can be, but you know, I guess some people struggle as well on what to wear to a funeral, so I thought it could help a few maybe…


Instagram: Week #5

Hello guys

Today I’ll share with you some of my instagram photos, so you can have a look of what my daily life looked like for the past week.

Follow me @lucievd

Lovely detail in the sidewalk of Brussels (in Ixelles – if you find it, let me know!)

Nike Free Running event – I’ve been running (on and off let’s be honest) with Nike Free sneakers for years and they are the best!

Still very much in love with my new purchase – THE jeans

Discovering Cointreau Cuisine at Selecto


Working on the Friendship Bracelets

My favorite desert: Eclair Moka from Le Saint-Aulaye. SO yummyyy

New-York City, Pittsburgh and Washington DC: HERE I COME!

Shopping with my little sis

Enjoying a glass of Moët&Chandon Ice Imperial – the BEST summer drink!

USA D-7: Almost ready! You got any tips? Places I HAVE to go? Let me know ;)

Enjoy your long weekend guys!


« En communion avec la Nature »

Hello guys!

Here is the outfit I wore tuesday, at the press presentation of New Look F/W 2012.

Spring in FINALY here, so I couldn’t wait but wear a little dress full of colors!

I did feel like the leaves were matching my dress to perfection, so I thought we’d take a picture together, and guess what, we had a real connection

This dress is one of my all time favorite! I’ve had it since at least 4 years and I LOVE it! I found it, back in the days, at Urban Outfitters, in the sale section for just a few dollars, lucky me!

And here you finaly see my kick ass Timberland boat shoes I had created a few months ago. Like them?

Wearing: URBAN OUTFITTERS dress – ZARA necklace – VINTAGE belt – TIMBERLAND shoes – RAYBAN sunglasses

What do you think of my summery outfit? Like it? LOVE IT?


How to make a successful blog?

I have to say, I feel like there is more and more bloggers that start a blog for the advantages of  it. Those people want their blog to be “famous” right away. Let me tell you, that’s not how it works. Unless you are really lucky it takes I’d say around 2 years to “earn” back the time you spend doing it. I say “earn” because I think about the ones who are doing it only for that reason. For other people (bloggers) like me, we don’t wait to earn anything back, because just the fact to share and talk about what thrilled us, have feedbacks from our readers, and just meet interesting people during events, it’s all we want. Even though, of course, it’s really pleasant to receive a little something, it’s not the reason why we do it. When we started, there were no such things as there is today! Blogger events, collaborations, etc…

Recently, I have received emails from newcomers asking me how to do to make their blog popular and to help them out. For example, A few months ago, I have received an email, from one of them, complimenting me about my blog (quite nice, I admit) : [...] Je dois avouer que j’adore ce que tu fais! :-) ))) C’est vraiment inspirant[...] (ENGI have to admit I love what you do! It’s really inspiring!)

Then it was all about helping her out: [...]Je viens de lancer mon propre blog et je me demandais si tu accepterais de me référencer dans tes favorites. Je ferais pareil bien évidemment.[...] Je me sentais bien seule & snobbée par les françaises T_T. Je serais plus qu’honorée si acceptais de me donner ce petit coup de pouce[...] (ENGI just started my own blog and I was wondering if you would put me in your favorites. I would do the same of course – I felt really lonely and rejected by the french bloggers. I would be more than honored if you accepted to help me out a little.)

When I got the email, it took me some days to see what I would write back. Not that I don’t want to help people, but I don’t like people asking for it. For example, as you may know, I really LOVE the blog Brussel’s Kitchen. They do a great job, great writing, beautiful photos and they make me discover great places in my own city. A few weeks after they started, it was just something so obvious for me to help them out, share their blog, put them in my favorites, because I think the blog is so great. And even if I know the girls behind it, they never asked me anything!

But the thing was, with that email, she was being really nice, apparently a reader of my blog who really enjoyed what I do. As I said, it took me a while to write her back. Then during those days, I received an email from another blogger, a friend of mine, telling me she’s had received the same email sent to her, 3 times, saying « Bonjour Lucie » (Hello Lucie). Ok, HUGE FAIL here! The email wasn’t even sincere since it seemed that it was copy paste to any fashion blogger that girl could find.

At that very moment, she lost ALL credibility for me. But she’s not the only one. There are plenty of girls, just like her, out there. Just waiting for us to tell them exactly what to do.

Just thinking about that idea, it pissed me off a few times. To me, if you want to have a blog, to be able to handle it from start to finish, to write articles, to give your point of view, to collaborate with brands (if you’re lucky), you better be able to do this on your own. But you know what, I will give you my tips and tricks anyway. Here is what I know, and what I’ve learned so far. Let me just add that it’s mostly things I’ve learned by myself, it’s all pretty logical

Before starting with the advices, I want to clear out a few facts:

- be strong, and be sure about what you’re putting out there. Be confident, because don’t forget that when you have a blog, you expose yourself, in a way, to everyone. That means that you leave the door open for criticism, stupid comments,… and you have to be able to take them, as they come.

- blogging is about sharing what you love (either it’s food, fashion, beauty, travels,…) to others. Others who are as passionate as you are, other bloggers, or just random people that enjoy your writing and your ideas.

- blogging is all about having fun. It takes a shit loads of time, you might as well enjoy it.

-  never blog to expect something back. Either it’s visitors, invitations, goody bags, presents. Of course, it’s always nice to receive a little something, but it can definitely NOT be the reason WHY you created the blog.

My advices:

  • Be yourself, everyone one else is already taken. I couldn’t say it better! Having a blog is exposing YOURSELF. Don’t try to be someone else, they’ll always be better than you at being themself. Be different. Be creative.
  • You must have an opinion, a point of view. If you only explain what’s going on in fashion, let’s say giving the trends, you won’t bring something new. Your readers will 1: be able to see those trends everywhere (when talking about obvious subject like a trend, you’ll never be the only one to talk about it.) 2: the readers will want to see YOU in your articles. If you want to talk about the trends, do, but give your favorites, the ones that fits your style the best. OR, give them tips on how to wear them.
  • Sorry for the ones who are not confortable with this, but you have to put a few outfit post. It’s the best way to show how your are, your style. It is clearly what your readers will like the most. You always wonder how someone will mix up the pieces of her closet. It gives inspiration, plus it’s easier to relate to a blogger than to that beautiful model on the fashion magazines.
  • Let’s face it, it is way easier when: 1 – you are pretty. As stupid as it can be, we can clearly see that the big fashion blogs are by girls who are good looking OR really well put together. 2 – skinny is definitely a plus, again same that for point 1, OR if you’re a plus size, give good advices. But don’t dress as a size 2 when you’re a size 6 or 8 (by that I mean forget cropped tops). 3 – have great pictures, which means, you better have a great boyfriends that makes great photos and owns a great camera (ok, I’m kidding…kind of). 4 – have an interesting closet, OR, be really creative. (Here I’m just analyzing facts, which doesn’t mean that I agree with it…)
  • Exposing a part of your life is clearly not suppose to be part of a fashion blog, but it definitely works. Let’s take Chiara Ferragni for example. She started her blog not so long ago (compare to other big blogs that exist out there) but made it to the top right away. Of course, she is beautiful, has the perfect body, dresses well and has an incredible closet. But that’s not it, she also shares her personal life on her blog. Sharing pictures of her apartment, family times, her vacations, and some sort of stolen moments with her boyfriend. And it works! It’s almost like a TV show that her readers (fans) read every day.
  • There are some great tools out there to help you promote your blog, USE THEM! Of course you have Facebook, on which you can create a page that can become later a community. It’s always good to post your new articles up there since it will pop up it your fans feeds. Do the same with Twitter, where there is already a big community of bloggers. It’s fun, everybody talks to each other, there are a lot of good infos going on,… If you ask me, I think it’s a must do! Besides these two, there is the huge Bloglovin’ that helps too. I know there is much more than these 3 but honestly I can’t keep up with them, they are way too numberous, and it would take me way too much time.
  • You have to be consistent in your post, by that I mean post often. If you can, everyday. Why? Simply because when your readers come up to your blog, they expect (or at least they wish) to find something new everytime. I guess, by reading blogs you already felt the frustration of finding nothing new? Well, just apply that rule for yourself. It takes time, I know, but it’s worth it!
  • Choose a good plateform, my favorite is definitely

I think that’s all.

 Don’ forget, there are so many bloggers out there, that you better be creative to make yourself stand out.


Work on it! ;)


Famousbox Shooting

Hello guys!

So today, it’s all about the new belgian website :

Last monday, I did a shooting with Axelle, Immi and Tiany in collaboration with
I will first show you the pictures, then also give you the opportunity to win a voucher worth 1000€ on!

Completely blinded by the sun!

Ok, so I’ve been better at posing, but I clearly had an issue with the sun… Anyway, what do you think of my outfit? I love the combination of the sporty jacket with the more romantic top and pants.

I was wearing: FRANKLIN&MARSHAL jacket – PAUL&JOE SISTER top & clutch – SUD EXPRESS pants


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Fill in the correct answer on the contest page of HERE

Good luck guys!!

My Beauty Essentials

Hello guys!

How was your weekend? Mine was really realaxing, I stayed home, chilling in my jogging, watching movies,… AND making some friendship bracelets! I had bought the material to make them a few weeks ago but never took the time to start and to learn. I’ll show them to you soon, or you can follow me on Instagram @lucievd I post pictures of them up there.

I haven’t done a beauty post in a long time, even though I planned on doing this one for a while. I just didn’t take the time and I finally did.

I will show you my « everyday » products.

You know me, I’m not so good with beauty stuff, or I just simply don’t spend to much time caring about it. Here are the products I use on an everyday* basis

1. ETAT PUR DEMAKE UP: I discovered the brand not so long ago and I LOVE it! That demake up lotion is sooo perfect! It takes my make up off in a second, isn’t greasy, so easy to use, really perfect!

2. ETAT PUR HYDRATING CREAM: I have a really dry skin and this cream is magical! It hydrates it perfectly (even when I don’t use it everyday…)

3. GARNIER BB CREAM: This one is perfect when:

- I feel like a vampire because of my really white skin (sun, I’m still waiting for you)

- I want to put make up on (which doesn’t happen everyday, far from that even…) it works like foundation, it hides every little spots or redness on the skin. I’ve heard there is a lot of other BB cream that happens to be better than this one, but for my small use of it, and my basic knowledge of make-up, it’s more than fine.

4. SAMPAR URBAN EXPRESS MOUSSE: Really great to wash my skin on an everyday basis, plus it smells like essentials oils, I love it!

5. SAMPAR EQUALIZING FOAM PEEL: Perfect peeling without pearls in it, so it’s really soft with the skin. It’s an oil that becomes a mousse with water. This one also is with essential oils, and you’ll have that smell on your skin for a few hours.

6. SAMPAR 3 DAYS WEEKEND: This is, by far, my favourite product. I often feel my skin to be too pale, and so far I have tried many solutions. UV but I hate it, self tanner products, but I always look orange, powder but it always looks fake,… until I tried this one. It acutally brings out the colors of you skin (melanin), and gives you a glow. There’s nothing fake about it, it just helps you bring out what’s already there. This one is for the face, but they have also one for the body.

*I wish it was everyday, it’s more like every other day

As you know, I don’t wear so much make up, but this is what I will wear if I have to put some on.

(Going from the far left all the way to the right)

1. MAC BLUSH: to give a little bit of colors to my cheekbones

2. BOBBI BROWN BRONZING POWDER: The only bronzing powder that doesn’t look too fake. In general, I find Bobbi Brown’s product to look very natural.

3. L’OREAL AGE REWING: This product is to hide dark circles, I love this one because I don’t like when it’s actual liquid that you have to apply directly on the skin.

4. CLINIQUE EYE LINER: I can work with pretty much every eye liner, either it’s brush or more like a pen. This one is like a still brush, really easy to apply.




As for the mascara’s, I haven’t found the perfect one so far, so I’ve been using these 3. The one from Yves Rocher especially at night, because it makes my lashes really big and long. The other 2 are really nice as well, but more for the day.

In my first beauty post, I have shown you my favorite hair products, but there’s a few more that have been added to my collection.

(Going from the far left all the way to the right)

1. BUMBLE&BUMBLE MASK: Special mask for curly hair

2. BUMBLE&BUMBLE FIXING SPRAY: I haven’t try this one yet but I can’t wait! You have to apply the product on wet hair, before doing anything (like a blowout or curls) and it will stay longer

3. BUMBLE&BUMBLE SHAMPOO: Apparently it’s the regular shampoo. Really perfect and makes my hair shine a lot.

4. BUMBLE&BUMBLE CONDITIONNER: Conditionner for dry and damaged hair, exactly what my hair needs lately!

5. SCHWARZKOPF DRY SHAMPOO: Often in need of it, and it works very well.

And you guys, what are your favorite beauty products?


God, save the 90′s!

Hello guys!

In Belgium, thursday was a day off, so wednesday night there were a LOT of parties around Brussels.

One of them was the « God Save the 90′s », how COOL is that theme, right?

Only music from that era (Spice Girls, Britney, Destiny’s Child, Boys bands, Larusso,…), and everyone is dressed up.

Sadly, I thought there were way too many people there, so I didn’t stay for long, but I clearly love the concept!

Here’s my 90′s look

Even if I fitted very well there, I left the 90′s party for another one at the Mirano. Missing my party moves already?
There you go…

Wearing: H&M necklace and earrings – VINTAGE jacket – AMERICAN APPAREL sweatshirt – AMERICAN VINTAGE tank top – COS bra – DIY H&M jeans – CONVERSE sneakers – TIANY KIRILOVE FOR VERO MODA clutch

Do you like it? and how about my hairdo?

Don’t you want to jump back in the 90′s sometimes?


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