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Hello guys!

How was your weekend? Mine was really realaxing, I stayed home, chilling in my jogging, watching movies,… AND making some friendship bracelets! I had bought the material to make them a few weeks ago but never took the time to start and to learn. I’ll show them to you soon, or you can follow me on Instagram @lucievd I post pictures of them up there.

I haven’t done a beauty post in a long time, even though I planned on doing this one for a while. I just didn’t take the time and I finally did.

I will show you my “everyday” products.

You know me, I’m not so good with beauty stuff, or I just simply don’t spend to much time caring about it. Here are the products I use on an everyday* basis

1. ETAT PUR DEMAKE UP: I discovered the brand not so long ago and I LOVE it! That demake up lotion is sooo perfect! It takes my make up off in a second, isn’t greasy, so easy to use, really perfect!

2. ETAT PUR HYDRATING CREAM: I have a really dry skin and this cream is magical! It hydrates it perfectly (even when I don’t use it everyday…)

3. GARNIER BB CREAM: This one is perfect when:

– I feel like a vampire because of my really white skin (sun, I’m still waiting for you)

– I want to put make up on (which doesn’t happen everyday, far from that even…) it works like foundation, it hides every little spots or redness on the skin. I’ve heard there is a lot of other BB cream that happens to be better than this one, but for my small use of it, and my basic knowledge of make-up, it’s more than fine.

4. SAMPAR URBAN EXPRESS MOUSSE: Really great to wash my skin on an everyday basis, plus it smells like essentials oils, I love it!

5. SAMPAR EQUALIZING FOAM PEEL: Perfect peeling without pearls in it, so it’s really soft with the skin. It’s an oil that becomes a mousse with water. This one also is with essential oils, and you’ll have that smell on your skin for a few hours.

6. SAMPAR 3 DAYS WEEKEND: This is, by far, my favourite product. I often feel my skin to be too pale, and so far I have tried many solutions. UV but I hate it, self tanner products, but I always look orange, powder but it always looks fake,… until I tried this one. It acutally brings out the colors of you skin (melanin), and gives you a glow. There’s nothing fake about it, it just helps you bring out what’s already there. This one is for the face, but they have also one for the body.

*I wish it was everyday, it’s more like every other day

As you know, I don’t wear so much make up, but this is what I will wear if I have to put some on.

(Going from the far left all the way to the right)

1. MAC BLUSH: to give a little bit of colors to my cheekbones

2. BOBBI BROWN BRONZING POWDER: The only bronzing powder that doesn’t look too fake. In general, I find Bobbi Brown’s product to look very natural.

3. L’OREAL AGE REWING: This product is to hide dark circles, I love this one because I don’t like when it’s actual liquid that you have to apply directly on the skin.

4. CLINIQUE EYE LINER: I can work with pretty much every eye liner, either it’s brush or more like a pen. This one is like a still brush, really easy to apply.




As for the mascara’s, I haven’t found the perfect one so far, so I’ve been using these 3. The one from Yves Rocher especially at night, because it makes my lashes really big and long. The other 2 are really nice as well, but more for the day.

In my first beauty post, I have shown you my favorite hair products, but there’s a few more that have been added to my collection.

(Going from the far left all the way to the right)

1. BUMBLE&BUMBLE MASK: Special mask for curly hair

2. BUMBLE&BUMBLE FIXING SPRAY: I haven’t try this one yet but I can’t wait! You have to apply the product on wet hair, before doing anything (like a blowout or curls) and it will stay longer

3. BUMBLE&BUMBLE SHAMPOO: Apparently it’s the regular shampoo. Really perfect and makes my hair shine a lot.

4. BUMBLE&BUMBLE CONDITIONNER: Conditionner for dry and damaged hair, exactly what my hair needs lately!

5. SCHWARZKOPF DRY SHAMPOO: Often in need of it, and it works very well.

And you guys, what are your favorite beauty products?



  • Coucou Lucie,

    Où trouves-tu les marques Etat Pur et Sampar en Belgique ? ton article donner envie de les essayer !


    • Bonjour Marlène,

      Etat Pur ne se trouve qu’en ligne, mais du coup ça permet un prix des produits super bas. Tu trouveras toutes les infos sur leurs produits ici:
      Tu pourras même faire un test pour savoir quels produits te conviendras le mieux.
      Concernant Sampar, tu pourras les trouver dans toutes les parfumeries Planet Parfum.

      J’espère que tu trouveras ce que tu cherche, sinon n’hésite pas à revenir vers moi.

      A bientôt,


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