Hello guys!

Don’t have much time lately to post on the blog (moving out from my appartement this weekend)

Today I will just share with you my tips and tricks for the summer sales 2012 (which are starting TOMORROW)

You will find my article HERE

Have a great weekend, and see you tonight at Apéros Urbains at Bois de la Cambre.


Summer Colors

Hello guys,

So in between my american posts, there is finally an outfit!

This is what I wore yesterday, when it was warm and sunny

I’m so bad at posing, that at some point, I just start making funny faces

Wearing: FOREVER21 tank & nailpolish – ZARA jeans – KURT GEIGER sandals – UNKNOWN BRAND necklase


USA Hotspot #4 & #5: Bagelsmith & Broken English

Today it’s all about food! Because nop, fashion bloggers don’t eat only macarons and cupcakes!

Today i’ll talk to you about a lunch place and a dinner/brunch place YOU HAVE to try out in Brooklyn.


Bagelsmith is located in Williamsburg – Brooklyn. It’s a really great area to spend the day, especially if it’s sunny out, perfect to walk around.

As you can guess, Bagelsmith is a bagel place, and who doesn’t LOVE bagels, right?

They have dozens of bagels recipies, but they also had  at least 10 different cream cheeses

Blueberry cream cheese, bacon cream cheese, scallions cream cheese, sun dried tomatoes cream cheese, strawberry,…

I had never seen that, and honestly I wanted to try it all!

All the different bagels

I chose to make my own bagel, nothing fancy, just a smoked salmon with scallions cream cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, capers and a few red onions

Doesn’t it look SO yummy?

189 Bedford Ave
(between 6th St & 7th St) 
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Broken English is a delicious Italian restaurant in Cobble Hill – Brooklyn.

The food was delicious, and the space is amazing! It’s a pretty big restaurant, with a huge window (that opens) with a view on the street.

The decoration is pretty cool, at least I really enjoyed it (I don’t know if you can see it, but all the chairs are different)

You also have an eye on the kitchen to see what’s going on, which I find always enjoyable.

(I know the restaurant is completely empty in the pictures, but we went to the restaurant to get dinner at 10PM, and usually, americans eat way earlier than that)

They also have a great brunch on sundays.

Ps: ask Naomi, BEST WAITRESS IN THE WORLD. Don’t forget to tip. Just saying.

Broken English
68 Bergen St
(between Smith St & Boerum Pl) 
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 488-3906 

Bon appétit!

Village Verve Shooting

Hello there! Did you have a good weekend?

I just realised it has been a year that the blog has been remodeled and changed its name (from to HOORAY to that.

Moving on, I will show you some pictures I did last week for the shop Village Verve?

Never heard of it? Well, that’s a shame! It’s a pretty awesome shop located in the hart of Brussels, where you can find really cool brands (Sass&Bide, Best Behavior, Heavy Machine,…) I’ll talk to you more about it very soon in a new hotspot.

The owner, Isabelle, contacted me asking if I would agree to make some outfit combinations for the sale season. Since the shop and their brands seemed so appealing, I couldn’t resist. Plus, Isabelle has lived in DC, how could we not get along, right?

DKNY top – CHEAP MONDAY skirt – DANNIJO necklace & bracelet

GESTUZ top – SIMONE skirt – NOIR JEWELRY necklace – HEAVY MACHINE shoes



You can find all of these items, from now on either on or at their shops:

- Rue Van Artevelde 46 – 1000 Brussels
- Rue du Marché au Charbon 64 – 1000 Brussels

from 30% up to 50% already!

Did you like the outfits?



From now on, the Hospots I’ll show you will be only places either in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

As you may know, I’m a HUGE fan of second hand/vintage stores. I love going through piles of clothes to find an AMAZING item and pay a few dollars for it.

I explained that to my friends who live in the city, and asked them where I should go, and here is where we went:


As you can see, there are tons of clothes to go through (happy lulu), and you can make some GREAT finds!

I went to the one in East Village and the one in Williamsburg, and in Williamsburg I found a Marni top for 21$, and a J.Crew shirt for 30$ (see below)

Wednesday outfit

Where can you find Buffalo Exchange? There are a lot of places

You can find HERE the NYC locations


I’ve always heard a lot of good things about it, so it was definitly on my to do list this time.

I have to admit that as an actual market, I found it a little disapointing. The stuff being sold wasn’t interesting or WAY too expensive. I did make a view shots of the good stuff

The amazing thing about this Market though, is the atmosphere and the people. It’s all really cool and relaxed.

The Market is by the water, so the view is amazing over Manhattan.

Just next to the Market, there are so many people chilling and enjoying the sun, either it was families, young adults, teenagers,… I felt that it gave a great atmosphere to that Market.

The other good thing is that the Market is located in Williamsburg, which happens to be the coolest neighborhood in Brooklyn. So whenever you’re done with the Market, you can just go back to Williamsburg and hang around, or continue shopping (in the USA, shops are open on sundays – dream come true, I KNOW)

Have a super great weekend guys!
See you tonight at the Apéros Urbains?


Ps: Did I mention to you that I found an appartement? That is super amazing? With a roomate that looks super duper cool? HOORAY TO THAT!

*Friday Night in the City*

Hello guys,

Here is my outfit for a partayy in Manhattan

Showing off the awesome bracelet I got from my BFF (Molly you’re the best!)

High School best friends and myself, hanging around at Hotel Chantale

Wearing: FOREVER21 tee – H&M TREND skirt – H&M earrings & clutch – NETAYA bracelet – ZARA shoes – UNKNOWN BRAND necklace

Like the outfit?


This post will be the first of a list with all my favorite places, either in Washington DC or New York City.
It’s either places I’ve known and loved since I lived there, or places I discovered during this trip.

I HAD to start with the shop Mustard Seed, which is my all time favorite place to shop in the United States! It’s the kind of place, I can not not go when I come to DC. Even if I’m in town for a day and that the store is at the opposite side of the city from my house!

Mustard Seed in a second hand shop AND vintage shop, because yes there is a difference. Second hand clothes are clothes that are maximum 5 years old, on the other hand, Vintage clothes are clothes from early decades like 20′s, 30′s until the 90′s.

They sell either designer brands and big chaines (H&M, Zara, F21,…) for ridiculous prices!

Let me show you a few items I scored in the past:

Seven for All Mankind jeans – Bootcut (the original cut and orginial wash). Never worn (or at least you can’t tell), and I paid 24$.

I found this vintage jacket 4 years ago, and it has been one of my favorite item in my wardrobe since then. I paid 10$

This is probably one of my greatest find, and sometimes I still can’t believe I found it, and got it before anyone would. It’s a TIBI dress, and I paid 40$

This year again, I went crazy in the shop, checking out every single item, and trying on a bunch

I went home with 4 things, including a pair of shoes.

Can you guess what I bought?

Want a tip? I’ve talked to you about one of them in a previous post ;)

I’ll show you the rest of it as soon as I have the time to make an article about my USA purchases!

Mustard Seed
 7349 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, MD 20814 – just accross Bethesda metro station
Tel: 301.907.4699
Open from Monday til Saturday (11h-19h) and Sunday (12h-18h) 

Instagram: Week #7

Ok so I was so excited to post some more pictures from the US. I actually worked on them last night until 1AM, and when I arrived at the office today, I realized I didn’t wait long enough for them to upload to my Dropbox. Grrrr so anoying!

So far, my only back up solution is to post some Instagram pictures taken during my trip

I LOVE THIS! (even though I hate Ketchup, this is great!)

Taking my new neon Aldo out for a drink

Target makes my life beautiful, and always does (2 bottles of Bumble&Bumble for the price of 1!)

Outfit to walk around DC

First NYC outfit – taking my MarnixH&M bathingsuit out for the first time!

Outfit detail – lovely Exit shoes

Having drinks at Union Pool – Brooklyn

New comers to the arm partayy!

Awesome necklace found in the streets of Manhattan (Bleecker Street to be precise)

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Life isn’t always a piece of cake…

Today is about personal stuff.

This blog is definitly not the place to do so, or at least I wouldn’t think so most of the time. But today it’s different.

My life is about to change a lot in the following weeks, and it’s not going to be easy. Having this blog has made me so happy and gratefull for the past months, and I know it will be one of the main thing to help me keep my head up. Sharing my passion, talk about it, and having your feedback and your support is priceless. There are no actual word to describe this connection or this relation with you, but it’s definitly there.

And it’s because of that, that I decided I would share this private part of my life.

For more than a year I have shared my life with one of the most wonderful person I have ever met. As from last week, this person isn’t a part of my life anymore, or at least not as it used to be. This means there is going to be so much change in my life, including moving to a new place, and create a new home for myself. Life will feel very different, but I guess change is good sometimes… and maybe for the best?

I will, and want this blog to keep on going, just like always, but there will be times when I won’t have time for it, or will have an hard time putting my mind into it. I also know that this blog, and you guys will help me face this period of time of my life that won’t be easy to go through.

Oh, and remember when I mentioned in my post How to make a successful blog? the fact that having a boyfriend that takes great pictures is definitly a plus? Well, I guess you won’t see as many great pics as you have seen in the past.

However, if you’re a great photographer, and want to take pictures of me jumping around in questionable outfit combination, call me (maybe?)


Wedding outfit


Here a FINALLY some pictures from my USA trip.

I HAD to start with the pictures from the wedding I attended on june 3rd.

If I get married some day, remind me I NEED a schoolbus as my ride!

Family picture, how cute! <3

Wearing: ZARA dress & shoes – H&M clutch – FOREVER21 earrings

Did you like my look?


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