Instagram: Week #7

Ok so I was so excited to post some more pictures from the US. I actually worked on them last night until 1AM, and when I arrived at the office today, I realized I didn’t wait long enough for them to upload to my Dropbox. Grrrr so anoying!

So far, my only back up solution is to post some Instagram pictures taken during my trip

I LOVE THIS! (even though I hate Ketchup, this is great!)

Taking my new neon Aldo out for a drink

Target makes my life beautiful, and always does (2 bottles of Bumble&Bumble for the price of 1!)

Outfit to walk around DC

First NYC outfit – taking my MarnixH&M bathingsuit out for the first time!

Outfit detail – lovely Exit shoes

Having drinks at Union Pool – Brooklyn

New comers to the arm partayy!

Awesome necklace found in the streets of Manhattan (Bleecker Street to be precise)

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