Instagram: Week #10

Hello guys!

Here are some of my Instagram pictures from the past week!

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The loves of my life

Chilling at home day

Yummy recipe spotted on Brussels Kitchen

Loving my new hairdo! Thanks Jean-Charles!


Hair product collection. Hair freak you said?

Enjoying the first days of « real » summer


I guess it’s partayyy time all over again!


Maxi dress

Hello guys!

Quick outfit post of wednesday’s outfit. It was crazy hot, so I went for a maxi dress. I always find maxi dress to be the perfect item for a really hot day without looking « naked » (for the ones who have to go to work and look decent, ya know?)

Wearing: FOREVER21 dress (old) – ESSENTIEL sandals – Inspired PRADA sunglasses (found in the streets of NYC)

What do you wear when it’s really hot outside like today?

BY THE WAY, need a refreshment? Need to take your mind off work? Then go have a (few) drink(s) at the Apéros Urbains tonight. It takes places at Bruxelles les Bains, for a real summer feeling!


Happy Summer!

While you read this, I’ll probably be laying down, somewhere in France with my familly.

You hate me? Wait, don’t just yet! I wanted to give you some summer spirit….

Just in case you miss my awesome posing during these few days…

Hey, you guys have a great weather right now as well right? So just get some tan, party hard, and let’s meet next week to see the result ;)



Hello guys!

Are you enjoying the warm temperatures? Doesn’t it feel amazing?

I’m leaving tomorrow for France, so I’ll do my best to post as often as possible, but I can’t promise you anything…

Today I’ll share with you some streetstyle photos that inspire me

Hope you like these as much as I do!

Now this is goodbye, enjoy the summer time as much as you should! And see you next week, all tan ya knowww (by that I mean as tan as my skin gets, which is more gold than actual brown)

Love ya’ll xx

Friday flowers

Hello guys,

Here is the outfit I wore friday night for the Apéros Urbains. You can finally see my flower crown in action! Doesn’t it look AMAZING?

I guess you remember how good I am at posing right? Because here we have a few examples (sorry for the blurry pictures)

Now, let me introduce to you the beautiful flowers that I received from my awsome roomate. I thought they matched my flower crown to perfection, don’t they?

I got a little carried away I know. But you’re Lulu Del Rey all the way or you’re not, right?

Wearing: ZARA blouse – MANGO jeans – VINTAGE jacket – H&M flower crown – CONVERSE sneakers


Hair dresser Jean-Charles

Hello guys! How are you?

How was your weekend? Are you ecstatic looking at this bright blue sky and the sunlight? I AM!

For the ones following me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter you probably know that I wanted to do something different with my hair, make some changes. I had to be able to see the difference, but staying subtle because you can’t really have a « cut » with my crazy curls, and I’m really happy in blond (I’ve been through darker blond, dark brown, red head,…)

I received the offer to try out the hair salon « Jean-Charles », and even though I’m faithfull to my hair dresser since 10 years, I wanted to have a different point of view. He gave me his ideas and we finally agreed on a cut/color.

We met friday afternoon, and I stayed there for about 3 hours (really worth it though), take a look at the pictures I took.

Just arrived at the salon

Waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

Can’t wait to see the result…? 3-2-1… HERE WE GO

What did we do? More highlights, a color to make everything lighter, cuted about 2 or 3cm and TA-DA!

Like it? LOVE IT?

I am very glad, it’s exactly what I was looking for! Did I mention Jean-Charles is super duper adorable? Because he really is!

You can find the hair salon Jean-Charles in the Louise Gallery.

Hair dresser Jean-Charles
22, Galerie Louise 
1050 Ixelles

Village Verve

Hello guys!

Today, I’ll introduce you to a new Hotspot: Village Verve.

I discovered the store when I went there for a shooting a few weeks ago, remember? I had heard of it since a long time, but never had the time to check it out.

I finally did, and let me tell you, it’s worth it. They have really cool brands (such as JCDC, Best Behavior, Sass&Bide, DKNY, Cheap Monday, Heavy Machine, Dannijo (!!!), nOir jewelry,…)

They have clothes and brand you probably won’t find in any other places in the city, which makes it very unique and amazing.

They have two shops in the center of the city:

- Rue Van Artevelde 46 – 1000 Brussels
- Rue du Marché au Charbon 64 – 1000 Brussels

And they also sell online on (good alternative when we see the weather outsite!)

See you guys tonight at Apéros Urbains?

Break-up is good for your body

Alright, this is such a weird title but I couldn’t find another one givin the situation.

I lost weight since the break-up (no more hungry, only thirsty, you know what I mean?) and I can finally, after like a year, wear some of my jeans I could not fit into anymore.

HOW EXCITING IS THAT? Looks like I have even more wardrobe possibilities (you can wear the smaller size because they fit you, and you can wear the bigger size as boyfriend jeans/t-shirts/…) Yes, life can be beautiful.

One of the jeans I couldn’t fit into anymore (or at least not sit – and certainly not eat – with it), is this little grey Cheap Monday. I love it and so happy he’s back in my life!

So that’s what I wore yesterday, considering the beautiful weather, it was very summer appropriate. But guess what? Weather is awesome today, mini skirt out!

How about you?

Wearing: CHEAP MONDAY jeans – FOREVER21 tank top – MANGO jumper – CONVERSE sneakers

Instagram: Week #9


Here are some of my last Instagram pictures

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Playing James Bond Girl with Dorothydancing

Apero(l) time!

Partayyy time


Working on my posing #party

We love NYC

New keys for a new place, new start! HOORAY to that

Flower crown

Manucure time


The Perfect Blazer

Hello guys!

How are you? How was your weekend?

Mine was all about moving into my new appartement, which I did yesterday – SO exhausting! But it feels amazing to be finally at my own place. I still have a lot of work to do, but it’s very exciting.

Enough about real estaste, let’s talk serious business – I FOUND THE MOST PERFECT BLAZER!

I’ve never been good at buying blazers even though it’s the kind of thing that goes with everything… While shopping, it never crossed my mine to buy one.

But lately, I have felt the need of a white blazer. I’ve looked for one, but couldn’t find the perfect fit, the perfect design, the perfect color (I mean by that the perfect tone of white), the perfect price,… (and let me tell you, I looked EVERYWHERE; from Brussels to Washington DC and New York!)

I did find the one that Caroline Blomst wore for Zara People was kind of amazing

But never saw it in store… Until a few weeks ago. The only problem is that this little beauty costed around 80€. Even though I loved it, a blazer is such a random item for me that this price sounded crazy.

I forgot about it… and then the sales arrived. Last week I was looking at the white blazers at Zara (and at any other store to be honest), and there it was. My beautiful blazer, all by itself. In MY size, being reduced 50% off.

Do I need to tell you the end of the story?

Saturday night’s outfit: ZARA blazer, T shirt and purse – MANGO jeans – FOREVER21 necklace

Do you like it? Did you make any good deals during the sales?


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