Recipe #6: Home made Gyozas

Hey guys!

Earlier this week, I made gyozas for the first time, and it was very yummy! Lots of you asked me to post the recipe so, here it is!

I do want to add that I found the recipe on Brussels Kitchen (for a change, I know!)

You need (for 25 gyozas – which is the amount of gyozas dough in one pack):

- one pack of gyozas dough
- 200gr of meat (I used pork/beef) they say 300gr on BK, bust I took 200gr, and almost had too much
-  ginger
- cilantro
- soy sauce (2 tablespoon)
- 2 garlic cloves (3 if you go for 300gr)

- 2 table spoon of soy sauce

- 2 table spoon of rice vinegar

- 1 tea spoon of sesame oil

- 1 tea spoon of sugar (which I did not have)

- chili flakes

You will be able to find the gyozas dough – in Brussels – at the chinese supermarket downtown. The gyozas dough are in the fridge. Here what the pack looks like

Mix all the ingredients for the gyozas stuffing: the meat, garlic, cilantro, ginger and soy sauce (important: if you picked already seasoned meat, pay attention to how much soy sauce you add, because it could make it too salty)

With a spoon, make some little balls and place them on the gyozas dough

 Fold the sheets in 2, humidify the borders (inside) to help them stick together, then press the edges with your fingers and leave the prints. Keep on going for all of them.

Cooking the gyozas might seem a bit difficult, but actually it went pretty well.

First you need to « color » the gyozas, by putting them in a pan with a bit of sesame oil, but only on one side. After a few minutes (2-3), add water in your pan, it should cover half of the gyozas.

Wait for the gyozas to absorb all the water. Once they did, add some more sesame oil, and fry them again, both sides.

And you’re done! Yummyyyy

Sorry for the bad quality of pictures, but I thought it would be hard to make, and since it was my first, I did think it was going to be a mess, and pictures were then not included.

Let me know if you try to make it, easy and delicious!

Have a super great weekend guys! xx

Instagram: Week #12

Hey guys!

Here some Instagram pics from the past weeks.

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yummy and healthy lunch

Pukkelpop 2012

Pukkelpop 2012

What to choose? #whitenight

The usual saturday night, ya know

Yummy lunch @ Pudding Rock

My beloved Zara cowboy boots

friendship, that’s what this is

5AM croque monsieur, one of the most delicious dish on this planet!

Nop, you are not dreaming. These are home made gyozas! Soon the recipe on the blog



Hey guys!

Today a new outfit post with what I wore on monday, which is the kind of look that I truly love.

It’s all about being boyish but still feminin, with some items from my wardrobe that truly help, like the boyfriend blazer found a while ago, in the last sale section at Zara (miracle) and the super cute little derbys from Mer du Nord, from last spring. I thought my old (by that I mean VERY OLD) American Vintage blouse matched perfectly, and has the right amount of feminity (thanks to that cleavage – which I can pull off since part of my boobs were gone with the extra kilos)

Wearing: ZARA blazer – AMERICAN VINTAGE blouse – MANGO jeans – MER DU NORD shoes – SWATCH watch

So, what do you guys think about this kind of outfit?

Food: Thaï Noodle Salad

Hello guys!

Here we go with a new summer salad. It was my first time make it, but it was a success. So yummy and fresh.

As you might have noticed, I really love asian cuisine. I think it’s delicious, lots of flavors, and light.

I found this recipe on a food blog, but sadly I haven’t wrote down the address of it, sorry.

For this salad, you need:

- rice noodles (even better when they are thiner than the one I used)
- shrimps
- soybeans
- cilantro
- mint
- carrots
- fresh onions
- peppers
- cucumber

- ginger
- soy sauce
- sesame oil
- lime juice
- fish sauce

The first thing to do is to let the noodle rest in a bowl of hot water.

While it cooks, slice the carrots, the pepper and the cucumber in very thin stripes.

 Once the noodles are cooked, let them cool off in a bowl.

Make the dressing with the ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, lime juice, fish sauce and sweet&sour sauce. The sweet&sour sauce wasn’t part of the original recipe, but I thought it made it better.

 Mix everything together: the sliced vegetables, the noodles, the dressing and the shrimps. Add the cilantro and the mint and TA-DA!

Enjoy ;)

Cowboy boots

Hellooooo guys!

As you could imagine, I totally fell for the little cowboy boots from Zara I told you about last week.

I couln’t wait to wear the little beauties, so when saturday night came up, I just could not resist. I got a little carried away, and did a different hairstyle, which came out pretty great, don’t you think?

Wearing: BA&SH top – UNKNOWN BRAND skirt – ZARA boots – FOREVER21 earring – MAC Media Lipstick

Like the look?


Dream outfit

This is EXACTLY what I want to wear right now.

I’m like DREAMING about denim boyfriend shorts, but summer is over and I have NO freaking idea where to find a pair.

AND a peplum top. I can’t bring myself to buy one so far, but I do find that very pretty.

H&M TREND peplum top

BASH shorts

MANGO jacket


SHOUROUK earrings

ZARA shoes

What DO YOU want to wear lately?


Denim + Denim

Hey guys!

Today an outfit post with yesterday’s outfit. Very simple, but cool and easy. Perfect outfit to go from work and then for drinks.

What’s your go to outfit in the morning?

Wearing: DIESEL shorts – VINTAGE denim shirt – FOREVER21 tank top – KURT GEIGER sandals – JUTKA&RISKA necklace


Shopping the winter trends: the SHOES

Hello guys!

I thought about giving you advices on the trends for this winter, for a fresh new start after this summer. September is coming forward pretty quickly, and we want to be ready. This post will be slightly different from the others, because today I focused on Zara.

Indeed, this winter Zara did a really great job on adapting the trends seen on the runways (I have to admit that the spring/summer collection was already really impressive). This time, I believe Zara did a amazing job, especially on the shoes.

Let’s start with the inspired Chloé Susanna boots (that we’ve seen last season already)

The Chloé’s are worth 905€ on NET-A-PORTER and the ZARA at 119€

Let’s continue with the Givenchy inspired boots. It’s not exactly the same ones (I do like the fact that on the Givenchy’s the leather covers the shoes entirely), but they look a lot alike.

The Givenchy are on NET- A-PORTER at 1,395€ and the ZARA are at 119€

And now, let’s finish with the inspired Isabel Marant. Zara got inspired by two different models of boots from Isabel Marant. First of all, the ones that we’ve seen now for a few years, the Dicker suede boots. Easy to wear, very simple yet stylish, and copied by a lot of brands.

The original design

Being sold on NET-A-PORTER for 335€

And the ones from ZARA (TRF)

Being sold at 69.95€
The copy isn’t amazing, but the idea of the shoes is there, and I’m sure it will look just as cute.

Now, let’s get to the serious part of this article… the western boots.

Isabel Marant created these boots for this coming fall/winter. I have to admit I wasn’t seduced at all at first. Then, when thinking about it, and seen how it was styled on the runway, I kind of started thinking it was pretty cool. I mean, check this out

After seeing those looks, you CAN NOT ignore their amazing potential, right? And especially this model

And now you’re thinking « damn I would die for these beauties » – and I’m like « I know the feeling honey« 

The sad part is that I would probably have to sell more than a kidney to be able to afford these. Then the miracle Zara happend

I know, they’re not as pretty, but they’re pretty hot, don’t you think? I mean, for 119€

You like the western spirit, but not the bling bling? Don’t worry, Zara hasn’t forget you!

Pretty damn cool right? And these only cost 89.95€!

If you’re still not convinced, I found the little western flats to be really cute


So, what do you think of these trends? Ready to rock the cowboy/western boots?


Cargo pants

I have a big crush on cargo pants, and always did.

I do think it’s a must have in the wardrobe, since it’s so confortable and so easy to wear. Still, you have to be carefull, you have to dress it up, and make it feminin.

Wear heels, jewelry, cute little blouses, denim shirts,… Or you could always go the opposite way (rock/grunge) with big boots, loose thank tops, military jacket,… (I would add some jewelry though, like little chains)

This is how I wore mine today

Wearing: ZARA TRF cargo pants – ZARA blouse – H&M necklace (old) – FOREVER21 belt – KURT GEIGER sandals

I found my cargo pants over a year ago in the sales at Zara. It’s not always an easy item to find, but I’d say Zara is always a go to when looking for one. I did some research, and here is what I found

The three of them are from ZARA TRF at 39.95€

On a personal basis I like the first one better because it’s more fitted, but that’s up to you.

How about you guys? Do you like cargo pants? Do you own a pair? How do you wear it?


Pukkelpop – My outfit

Hello guys!

Remember I told you I was going to Pukkelpop on friday, and showed you what I was planning to wear?

Well, here are the pictures of my outfit in action!

Wearing: ZARA dress and purse – CONVERSE sneakers

In between my dance moves, I could snap this pic, which I love very much.

Like my outfit?


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