Pukkelpop – My outfit

Hello guys!

Remember I told you I was going to Pukkelpop on friday, and showed you what I was planning to wear?

Well, here are the pictures of my outfit in action!

Wearing: ZARA dress and purse – CONVERSE sneakers

In between my dance moves, I could snap this pic, which I love very much.

Like my outfit?



  • I swear I’ve spotted you amongst the thousands of people at Pukkelpop! Couldn’t come over and say hi because I’d lose my friends in the crowd – it was supercrowded, wasn’t it? But i hope you had a great time, you sure did look the part 😉 xo

    • Hey! Noooo way!! I did not see you! But I totally understand what you mean, there was SOOOOOO many people! I did have a good time, hope you did too 🙂

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