Hey guys!

A quick outfit post with wednesday’s outfit. I really wanted to be confortable, and there are no better shoes for that than the Nike Free.

I thought I’d run with them, but since I saw people walking around with it in NYC, I though why not? I’ve been wearing them almost everyday, it feels like heaven on earth! Plus, the color is super cool, so it’s not too hard to match to my outfits

Wearing: NEW LOOK cardigan – FOREVER21 t shirt – CHEAP MONDAY jeans – NIKE FREE sneakers – Unknown Brand necklace


Bellerose F/W 2012-2013

Today I wanted to show you a glimpse of the new collection of Bellerose for this fall/winter.

Bellerose is such a beautiful belgian brand and sadly I don’t think enough of shopping there, even though the spirit of the clothes talk to me A LOT!

It’s always casual but chic, it has that boyish vibe that I love, it always has great material, and it also looks different from what we see elsewhere.

For several reasons, I have been to Bellerose shops these past two weeks quite a few times, and every time, I was really drawn to that new collection, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t mind own half of it!

Enough words, let’s have a look (at that AMAZING lookbook!)

I’m actually DYING for that jacket! We can’t see it on this picture, but it has super cool details on it

You can see more of the lookbook on my page HERE

 So, what do you think of this new collection? Don’t you find it really great?



Hey there!

Here is what I wore yesterday: simple&comfy yet perfect for a day at work.

I’m having a hard time dressing up in the morning these past few days, I don’t know if I should wear really warm jumper, warm jackets, lots of layers or not. Mornings can be really cold, and afternoon much warmer, but rainy…

This is the kind of combo I came up with that work pretty well with this shitty weather.

Wearing: ZARA denim shirt & jeans – FOREVER21 cardigan – MER DU NORD shoes – VINTAGE belt

How about you, what are you wearing lately?


Instagram: Week #13

Hellooo guys!

I decided it was time for a new Instagram post, because I believe the last one was a long time ago!

How cool is the present I got from my BFF for my housewarming party, uh?

Guacamole – I could DIE for this!

New colleague at the office

My outfit for the last Apéros Urbains of the season

First home made risotto! Find more food on


Patiotesse at Jeux d’Hiver

Ostende = super yummy mussels

I die


Can you tell how delicious this was?

This wasn’t my picture, I just stole it because it was too cool – sunday afternoon at Balmoral

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Cinderella Story

Hey guys!

Recently, Pronuptia Bruxelles asked me if I wanted to come and check out their shop, and maybe try on a few dresses… As soon as I read that, I was SOLD! I mean, there is still a little girl deep down, who just dreams to be a princess, to wear crowns and gowns (the rest of the time, I enjoy better dressing in a boyish way)

I entered the Heaven place last thursday…

Let me tell you, it felt MAGICAL! As soon as I started to try on the dresses, I couldn’t hide the huge smile on my face

Many many thanks to Amélie, first for inviting me, but also for being really great at what she does. Even if I wasn’t a real « customer », she really took the time to listen to what I like or did not like, my style, and what I wanted.

It was such a magical experience, I LOVED IT!

Pronuptia Bruxelles
Avenue Louise, 74 – 1050 Brussels

Louise Night 2012

Hello guys!

Here is the outfit I wore last night for the Louise Night 2012 featuring my awesome new (fake) leather pants from H&M.

I found it in the « Lana del Rey » section of H&M a few days ago, for only 29,95€! Pretty great price for a pretty great result I’d say. And let me tell you, the other pieces of the collection are kind of awesome too.

Wearing: ZARA blazer and pumps – COS t shirt – H&M pants – ESSIE Bordeau nailpolish – MAC Media lipstick

What do you think of the look? xx


To be completely honest, I never liked the brand.

It was too blend, too conventional, too basic for me. It was boring, or at least it was for me, the girl who always hated to look like everyone else.

Then, one day, I got distracted by an add, by Gisele Bundchen and by what looked like to be very good looking clothes… Am I reading this right? Is it ESPRIT?

I was in AWE staring at these adds, especially this last one. It seemed that Esprit made a drastic change, and to celebrate that took the most beautiful model on earth, which definitly made their clothes stand out even more. And it worked! I stepped in one of their store for the second time of my life (I had done it once, many years before and that’s it!). I was sooo curious and excited to see the clothes.

They continued to do an amazing job this summer, but I have to say, their strong point is the winter collection.

In doubt? Take a look at what they got for us this fall/winter

I adooore a suit for a woman! And the styling is great, it looks amazing paired with a denim shirt

Velvet, strong point of this winter. Also great accessories, look at that bag!

Super cute jumper, and I WANT that coat (even though I do feel you have to be super duper tall to wear it!)

This little blazer is, I think, my number one favorite piece of the entire collection. And this is probably my favorite look. Those little botties look pretty awesome

Not my style so much, but I love the jacket with the two different fabrics, I think it looks pretty cool.

Oh, and if you were wondering, NOP the collection does not ONLY fit super skinny, super tall girls like Gisele, it also looks great on you, and me. Take a look on what Dorothydancing tried on, it looks amazing!

So, I think I’m now convince by the brand, how about you?


Yesss, I AM BACK!

Sorry for not posting for the past two days, I was working in Ostende without my laptop.

Ok so today I’ll introduce to you a new hotspot in Brussels: PhoPho

I discovered it yesterday, and loved the concept as soon as I walked in; it’s a vietnamese fast food. Their main dish are the « Pho » (pronouced « feu ») which is a noodle soup with meat (chicken, beef) or ravioli. They also serve entrees like nems or dim sum (yummyy)

Wantan Pho (shrimp ravioli) and shrimp dim sum – SO good! I took the medium size for the soup, with costs 7€, and the dim sum were at 5€.

This is a more typical dish, the beef Pho and some chicken nems. Both of these were also at 12€.

Here is a pretty cool video that introduce PhoPho

It’s located in the trendy neighborhood of Saint Boniface in Brussels, you should definitly check it out!

27, Rue de la paix – 1050 Ixelles


Hey guys!

Last friday, I was invited to discover the (huge) shop Caméléon, and also its backstage. The backstage of Caméléon, but also their websites: Snapstore and Famousbox.

Here is what I spotted for you guys:

Essentiel coat

Virginie Casteway parka – AWESOME BRAND!

Calvin Klein underwear – my FAVORITE brand for underwear

B shirt


7 for All Mankind shorts (they have jeans too)

For the UGG lovers – that’s a good deal!

And I went home with this awesome t shirt by B Shirt!

Not enough choice for you? Alright, then you should check out Famousbox because they got some rocking new brands for this winter, I mean: Rue Blanche, Percy Stone, Veja, Athé by Vanessa Bruno, Diesel, Tony Mora, New Balance,…

Now, let me wish you a wonderful weekend, and share with you the beautiful and peaceful view of the top of Caméléon


Casual Chic

Hey guys!

Here is what I wore yesterday: the perfect mix between casual and chic. I really wanted to feel confortable so I wore converse, but it could probably look better with derbys (ot cleaner converse, I admit)

I LOVE how a simple jacket changes the entire look, which is only denim, and makes it a lot more dressed up.

Wearing: ZARA blazer & denim shirt – LEVIS jeans – CONVERSE sneakers


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