Cinderella Story

Hey guys!

Recently, Pronuptia Bruxelles asked me if I wanted to come and check out their shop, and maybe try on a few dresses… As soon as I read that, I was SOLD! I mean, there is still a little girl deep down, who just dreams to be a princess, to wear crowns and gowns (the rest of the time, I enjoy better dressing in a boyish way)

I entered the Heaven place last thursday…

Let me tell you, it felt MAGICAL! As soon as I started to try on the dresses, I couldn’t hide the huge smile on my face

Many many thanks to Amélie, first for inviting me, but also for being really great at what she does. Even if I wasn’t a real “customer”, she really took the time to listen to what I like or did not like, my style, and what I wanted.

It was such a magical experience, I LOVED IT!

Pronuptia Bruxelles
Avenue Louise, 74 – 1050 Brussels


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