Hello there!

What’s up with youuu? Had a good weekend?

Last wednesday I was invited by Levi’s to try their CURVE ID jeans. I really wanted to go because it was a challenge for me. I have known Levi’s jeans since sooo many years, but was NEVER able to find a great pair that fitted my body. It just never happened, whatever the model, the size, etc…

When I arrived to the shop in Antwerp (Kammenstraat 39), I got mesured, and they told me I was a slight curve.

From there, I tried many different models and cuts of jeans, always in the slight curve ones, to make sure it was the good one for my body type.

Working on those curve, ya know?

I finally went home with a straight leg denim, kind of a basic for me. This is how I wore it this weekend

Wearing: MANGO jumper – FOREVER21 tank top – LEVI’S jeans – CONVERSE sneakers

I really love to dress very simple and comfy sometimes, just like that. Having the right pair of jeans is very important, and in that case I found it.

It fits perfectly, sooo confortable, and will be very easy to wear in many different styles.

Thank you Levi’s!

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