Bday Wishlist part 2

Hey, here are a few more ideas for Bday presents… BECAUSE IT’S ALREADY IN TWO DAYS!


Brown low boots, these ones are from Zara

The Kooples mini skirt

Printed tees

Those super cool silver loafers from Essentiel

A delicate silk/lace white blouse (all these are from Zara)

I always dreamed about owning a beautiful and well fitted suit, just like the one Sabrina from AfterDRK wears right here (from Isabel Marant Etoile)

The stutted leather brogues by Church’s… A must for someone like me who loves to wear flat shoes!

The ENTIRE spring/summer collection (2013) from Dries Van Noten 

The bag spotted at the Marc by Marc Jacobs opening in Brussels

And more randomly, this pretty awesome cooking book

Now, got to go figure out what to wear on D-DAY! ahhhhh

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