I take you to the candy shop

There you go, right here, right there you can see what my musical culture is made of! [kidding]

I’m not here to talk about 50cent though, I’m here to talk about candy. Who doesn’t like candies, right? Does that even exist? I mean, I don’t like chocolate, but candies are WAY more tasty than chocolate, don’t you think?

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was walking (in a hurry as always) in antwerp, and my eyes crossed some very exiting looking little shop. As I said, in a hurry means no time to stop by and look. Still, I kept thinking about it, and couldn’t wait to go back to antwerp to check it out. And it was as cool as I thought it would be.

Doctor Seven is not like any other random candy shop. They made it look a little bit like a pharmacy (all white, and the logo with the cross), the seller are even dressed like pharmacist, pretty funny.

On one side, you find a BILLION different flavors of Jelly Bellys (chocolate pudding, Apple pie a la Cold Stone, Coffee with milk, Margarita, Strawberry cake, Toasted marshmallow and much more) and on the right side, delicious candies (the usual ones).

The best thing has to be the packaging. It looks like medicines! You can either make your own, or choose one already made with a little description of what it “does” (ex: “white lie inspiration”)

If you have a chance, you should definitly go check it out.

Doctor Seven
18, Nationalestraat – 2000 Antwerp

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