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Hey guys!

As some of you may know, this month it’s my bday (YAYYY), and I’m a bday kinda girl. If I can celebrate it for an entire week, believe me I will. And you know what? It’s also the bday of the blog! This saturday, the blog will be 2 years old already… you didn’t see that one coming, uh?

I decided to make a few wishlists, just in case my friends and family didn’t know what to offer me 😀

I’ll start with bags, since I really really want a new one. But I’m kind of difficult with bags; it needs to be something special, something different than what we see in the streets everyday. It also needs to be practical, and big enough to carry it around every day… as I said, I’m difficult!

Here is the selection I made, with my favorites so far

Coppola bag from Vuitton

Johan from Jerome Dreyfuss

Carlos from Jerome Dreyfuss

Billy from Jerome Dreyfuss

Yes, I do love red purses, and Jerome Dreyfuss as well.

By any chance, do you guys have any ideas for cool brands of bags? I’m still searching…



  • Même recherche que toi (c’est aussi mon anniversaire ce mois ici). Je pensais acheter un Balenciaga à Londres mais je suis tombée sur la pire vendeuse au monde! lol

    Sinon je trouve que les sacs Alexander Wang et Philip Lim sont très beaux/originaux aussi.

    • Balenciaga j’aime bien mais c’est bcp trop commun… Et Alexander Wang aussi je trouve… Si je met autant dans un sac, j’ai vraiment pas envie de le croiser sur d’autre nana, mais c’est mon point de vue 🙂
      Phillip Lim bonne idée je vais checker 😉

  • We have such a similar taste, my dream bags are the Coppola bag and the Carlos! You know what else is pretty nice? The 31 Hour Bag by 3.1 Philip Lim! Or a classic Delvaux!

    • I guess we do 🙂
      31 hour by Phillip Lim is very nice, and I do love the Delvaux ones, but they are maybe a bit too expensive for me 🙂


  • J’aime bien les sacs belges de Macha Harson. Je les ai découverts sur le blog d Emi. J aime bien l idee d avoir une marque belge, un sac pas encore vu partout et un prix raisonnable… Tiens nous au courant de tes envies et choix !

    • Ah merci pour le conseil je vais aller voir ça 🙂
      Je vous tiendrai d’office au courant du choix final, et vous le verrez surement sur le blog!


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