Hello guys!

Here is a quick outfit post of what I’m wearing today.

Hope you like it!

Wearing: H&M pants & beanie – CAROLL jumper – FOREVER21 tee – NIKE FREE sneakers


Hello guys!

We all know how cool H&M Trend has become (or always been?), and as another proof, here is a preview of what they got for us next spring/summer

Always dreamed of wearing the perfect androgyne men’s suit… this one may be it!

I absolutely LOVE this suit!

This is, what I believe to be, one of the masterpiece of the season

One of my favorites!

Minimalistic, yet beautiful

What do you think of it?



Hello dudes!

It’s been a while, but hey guess what?? There is some outfit showing today!

This is basically what is hanging on myself as we speek. My big big burgundy jumper bought last winter but still very appropriate, and my (fake) leather skirt that practically goes with everything (read LIFE SAVER), and the new loves of my life: the Nike Free sneakers. I love how they actually « make » this outfit (with boots or ballerina it would have look boring… or classical, depends how you see it), they give an edge to it. Plus, it’s heaven on earth to walk around with all day long!

Wearing: ZARA jumper & denim shirt – FOREVER21 tee & skirt – SCOTCH&SODA necklace – FILLES A PAPA cap – NIKE FREE sneakers


Hey guys!

Today some inspirational pictures and looks spotted on fashion blogs and streetstyle blogs.

I’m sorry for not having much « personnal » post lately, such has outfits, my critics and points of views, but I’ve had very little time to myself lately. Still, I’m not forgetting you, and already writing down a post I hope you’ll like :)

For now, let’s get inspired!

Happy feet

Ola chikitas!

How was your weekend? Very good I hope!

Mine was hum…tiring. I worked a lot, which explains why I did not post on friday, sorry about that. Today I am more than exausted, close to collapse on my desk, see what I mean?

Let’s talk business now: lately I’ve had some shoes revelation. Indeed, I’ve never been really « into » shoes. You know how some girls can go crazy on a pair of shoes, and you’re just like « ugh?!? » ? And go, « why do you care, have you seen that kick ass dress back there? » well that’s me. Or at least, that WAS me. I would go much easier on clothes than on shoes. I use to rather have a big bunch of clothes and just a few pair that could match with everything…

But things are changing little by little… and shoes are becoming a bigger part of my closet.

When going on my press day « tour », I went a little crazy on the shoes! Because let me tell you, next summer’s collection has some eye candies for us! Check it out

I know you all secretly LOVE these! They’re awesome!

DYING for these!

Paul Smith rocking the androgynity

These rocking beauties are Geox, can you believe that?

So, which pair is your favorite?

And, are you more a shoes or clothes addict?


Let’s go for a run… not

I finally got the Nike free sneakers I told you about, and I had to wear them right away of course!

Here is the outfit I wore yesterday, I tried to mix sporty and chic. I really like the result but I don’t know if the pictures are the best the show you how it really looked. And how FREAKING cool are these pants?

Wearing: NIKE FREE sneakers – SEE YOU SOON pants – FOREVER21 top – ESSENTIEL jumper – H&MxADR necklace


Instagram: Week #16

Hey guys! It’s Instagram week again! What have I been up to?

Check it out!

Food overdose @Café de la Presse

American Spirit

Home made appel tart – deliciousness

Cooking class at No Concept Market

Personalized bottle with Cyrielle 

My clothes selection for the 3Suisses event

Call me, maybe?

Gigue pink fur, I’m in love!

Ma favorite part of a cosy weekend: manucure time!

Very much in love with this color from Yves Rocher! And it hasn’t moved AT ALL

Waking up to Pierre Hermé macarons, how more perfect a roomate can be, seriously? 

There is definitly some love showing for the USA today… Hugs and kisses to my friends and family, MISS YOU!

The perfect way to end a weekend if you ask me! 

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3 Suisses

Hello guys!

Last week I mentioned to you that I had attended a 3 suisses event, and I am finally telling you more about it.

A few weeks ago, 3Suisses.be asked us to check out their catalog/website, and create 3 outfits with our favourite items. It was very fun to do, and while I was going through the website, I was clearly amazed by two things: the range of clothing and of brands, and also the SUPER SMALL range of price. Anyway, I created my outfit trying to represent my style as much as possible.

Last monday, we (all the bloggers) met at 3Suisses’ PR agency and discovered our looks in real life. It was a lot of fun, let me show you a few pictures…

The clothes I picked out

Gang of fashion bloggers

And now, two of the looks I created (didn’t like as much how the last one came out)

The most important part of this all, is that a CONTEST is being organised by 3Suisses, with all the bloggers looks. You can pick your favorite, and maybe win a 500€ voucher on the eshop, how cool is that?

I selected the first look for the contest because I believe it is the one that represents me the most (and I’m in AWE for that adidas jacket!) what do you think?

Click HERE to enter the contest and vote for you favorite look!


Photos: (c) Eventattitude/A. Van DER BEKEN
Maquillage: Camille Albane

Fashionably on time…

…to finally be able to show you the entire outfit!

That’s what I wore last thursday for the press days: mainly white, as it is definitly not a color that’s in use only for summer, flat shoes which are a mandatory statement for press days, and my new AWESOME adidas sweatshirt from 3Suisses (which is probably my favorite piece of clothing at the moment).

Wearing: ZARA blazer and purse – ADIDAS sweatshirt – FOREVER21 tee, belt and socks – MANGO jeans – EXIT shoes – STRADIVARIUS necklace

Have a great start of the week everyone!


Fashionably Late

Hey dudes!

I’m so sorry, I’m not only posting very late, I’m also « half-posting »

I can only show you a preview of yesterday’s outfit because I’m SO LATE and don’t have the time to do an entire post…

Have an amazing friday!


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