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Hello guys!

What’s up with you? Sorry for the very late post BUT I had a very pleasant morning. Indeed, I had a cooking class at No Concept Market and it was SO cool and SO interesting!  Which explains why I couldn’t post earlier.

Today is not about fashion, or at least not completely… I wanted to share with you my favourite TV Shows. The weather is getting colder and crappier, and we definitly want to stay in bed and watch TV for days hours.

These Series are for me the BEST ONES at the moment. They are very different, but all so fun in many different ways. The part related to fashion is that sometimes I get inspired by the looks in some of the shows…


Discovered this Summer, the series is really really good. It’s funny, girly but feels very “today”. Some people say it’s the new version of Sex&the City. I don’t know that. It’s less about fashion (see above for yourself) it’s more about real life, girl’s problems, and of course, their sex life, which are more than funny.

It wouldn’t be the same without the great actress, and producer (and writer of the show if I’m not mistaken), Lena Dunham

Watch the trailer HERE

 Hart of Dixie

The series started last year, and it’s pretty fun. Not very smart, I agree, but distracting. It’s all about the rumors and the little stories happening in a small american town.

I watch it because Rachel Bilson is cute, funny AND very fashionable! Her looks in the show are always really good looking and inspiring.

Watch the trailer HERE


 Homeland tells the story of an American soldier that was held prisonner in Bagdad comes back to home, in the US. The Nation and everyone thinks he’s a hero of the war, when Carrie Mathison, CIA agent, thinks he may be a terrorist. The show is awesome, the intrigue was very well made, and the actors are more than great. I really enjoy the fact that each episode last almost 1 hour. The season two has just started, the series started in september 2011.

Watch the trailer HERE

 New Girl

 New Girl is an HILARIOUS tv show, thanks to Zooey Deschannel especially. Her humour, and her character in this series makes me laugh every time. It’s basically the story of Jess, the new roomate of Schmidt, Nick and Winston, and their life in their appartemment. They each have a very strong character, very funny, every time in a different way. Every episodes last around 20min, just enough.

Watch the trailer HERE

Pretty Little Liars

Ok, so this show may be a little more stupid and childish than the other ones. It’s just like going back to high school for a little. But it’s fun, and I find the story and the intrigue well made, and I have to admit, every time, I can’t wait to see the next episode. The show is currently showing its season 3 in the USA.

Oh, and I have to admit… You may want to watch it, only for Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding)

Watch the trailer HERE


I just started to watch it, and I have to agree… I’m close than opsessed with it! The story is so well made, the actors are great, and as soon as you end an episode you can’t wait to watch the next one to see what happens. I really really love it. I have just finished season one, and I’m SO ready to start season two!

It all happens in the Hamptons, Emily (previously Amanda) returns to revenge her father, and let me tell you, she’s amazing at it! You may also enjoy to looks on Ashley, Emily’s friend in the show, but also fashion blogger in real life.


Watch trailer HERE


One of the great discoveries I made this summer, the series Suits. It all happens in the lawyer offices of Pearson Hardman, where the great and powerfull Harvey Specter hires Mike Ross as his associates. They will make a great team, resolves, in a brilliant way their cases, and still be funny while doing it. The show was really well put together, and the actors are super good, just like Louis, who you want to slap in the face every single time you see him on screen, but I guess that’s what make a great character sometimes.

But really, we enjoy watching it a lot, especially for Harvey… right?

Watch the trailer HERE

Now, I can wish you some great TV hours, under tons of blankets, while it’s cold and rainy outside….


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