Happy 2013!

Dear followers, I want to wish you a wonderful New Year of 2013!

I know this is probably more Thanksgiving appropriate, but still I wanted to give a few thanks to some guys (and gals) out there.

2013 will mark the third year of « life » of Lulufashioncoach, and it could have never been so if:

  • I didn’t have amazing readers such as you guys. Always present, from Belgium, but also all parts of the world, and I’m frankly really thankfull for that. I enjoy sharing with you and also knowing your feedback and your points of view trough the comments here on the blog, on the facebook page or on instagram.
  • My fellow belgian bloggers, it is always so much fun to run into you, meet you for tea, lunch or dinner. Have fun with you at various events, Press Days, drinks, and all the other fun things we’re brought to do.
  • The PRESS ANGENCIES, and of course all the PR agent. You guys make such great work, make great opportunities for us, are always really nice and in such great moods when we know how stressfull your job can be. I find it always enjoyable to discuss with you, either it’s about fashion, or other stuff. Some of you guys are becoming more than « colleagues », close to friends, and that’s so much fun.
  • The Brands, for the amazing gifts, opportunities, collaborations and super cool events.
  • My friends, for accepting me running around like a mad lady when I have too much going on, taking my outfit pictures, for not being mad at me when I arrive late to a dinner party after an event, for sharing my articles when I don’t even ask them to, for being supportive no matter what. For being the best friends EVER
  • My roommate for being the best roommate on this planet
  • Fred, for helping me on all technical and geeky stuff about the blog. And for taking the most amazing outfit pictures of all times.
  • To my dad, who allows me sometimes to skip work, take longer lunches so I’m able to make it to some events
  • To my mom for being the best, and always supporting me (and for taking me to THAILAND!)

Thanks you all,

Love you!


Ps: see ya tomorrow for a recaps of the looks of 2012. What better way to start the new year, right?

*Inspiration Friday*

Hey there!

How are you holidays going? On my side there’s a lot of resting at home, cooking watching tons of movies and series…and work! A few weeks ago, while I was sick and stuck at home (and really into spending time in my new computer…) I started to use pinterest more than usual. I find it had even more advantages than the ones I knew before… Of course it’s a great way for inspirations, but also a place to keep your favorite recipes, cool DIY, and much more. And I have to admit, since then I have kept on using it on a very regular basis.

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite pins, which also really inspire me

These are of course all about fashion, but I also pin about food, home interiors, travels, beauty,… You can find all of my boards right here!

Have a great weekend! xx

Instagram: Week #18

Hello guys!

How did you Christmas go? Did you get the presents you were hoping for? Did you eat delicious food?

I guess it was time for a new Instagram week, with a sneak peek of the past two weeks.

Party updo’s in the making at Blow

My new love

 View of a freezing day from my appartement

My beauties

and the Teddy Bears

 My new rocking iPhone cover thanks to caseable (more on that later)

I’m not such a big fan of jewelry, unless its really big (like plastron necklaces), or really thin an minimal. This bracelet is really perfect! Thanks Zora

My party outfit from S. Oliver

Apple Crumble deliciousness

Christmas dinner starting with scallops! What better way to start it uh?

Christmas Ladies it is!

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Hey guys! Merry Christmas!

I really really hope you’ll enjoy your day, the christmas spirit (which I love, unless in the crazy crowded stores), and your presents!

I, on a personnal basis, picture christmas either as a family reunion, or chilling at home, under tons of blankets, with a good fire place, lots and lots of yummy food,… and so that’s how I pictured it for today’s outfit (if we can call it that way).

I’m wearing: FOREVER21 pj pants – S.OLIVER cardigan and beanie – SUPERDRY shirt

Best wishes, and merry Christmas to you lovely readers

Sparkling party

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting yesterday but I had to run a few errands. For myself that is, since I don’t really celebrate Christmas with my familly. Why is a good question, sadly I don’t have an answer for it besides that they’re just never really been into the Christmas spirit. I then usually spent it with friends.

Anyway, that means I can spend all my money on presents FOR MYSELF. Which I did, and let me tell you it was really enjoyable :)

For the last outfit, it basically is a black dress with a few sparkling studs on the shoulder. Since it was a little bit too classic for me, I added as much accessories as I could. I actually shows that you can go any direction with a little black dress

Wearing: H&M dress and belt (currently in stores) – ZARA purse – H&M tights – FOREVER21 necklace and bracelet – STEVE MADDEN shoes

I hope this week of party outfits gave you lots of inspiration, and that you’ll spend a great Christmas who ever you’ll spend it with! And if your familly is too boring (ya know, the grandma passed out in the couch, kids sleeping on their plates of food) come and party at Jeux d’Hiver!


Classy party

Hey guys,

Here we go with the third outfit of the week. This one is more chic, and definitly more appropriate for family celebrations.

The jumper is really comfy and warm, which makes this look even better. And I have to admit, I just LOVE those sparkly tights.

Wearing: H&M jumper and tights (currently in stores) – ZARA shirt – FOREVER21 skirt and shoes – H&M clutch (old) – STRADIVARIUS necklace

See you tomorrow for the last outfit of the week!

Party in a Beanie

This is my favourite party outfit, probably because I feel like it represents me the best.

Part of it, because of the open back dress, and you know I really enjoy open backs. I felt like the beanie gave a cool vibe to it, more edgy. Later on, I also wore the dress with my new black Nike Free sneakers, which looks pretty awesome too. But besides the Nike, I wouldn’t wear it with flats. I also recommend pumps with a minimal design, I believe it fits the dress better.

I would probably wear this outfit for New Year’s eve, a big party, going to a club,…

How good am I at faking a call? HAHA

Wearing: H&M TREND dress & H&M clutch (currently in stores) – ASOS beanie – ZARA pumps – nOir JEWELRY necklace

What do you think of this outfit?

Photos by F. Monet


What’s up guys?

Today is up for a new H&M party outfit… which is more casual actually. But it’s a look you could still rock (right choice of word, I know) for a small christmas party between friends.

Wearing: H&M jumper, bag and necklace (currently in stores) – FOREVER21 leggings – VINTAGE fur – STEVE MADDEN shoes – ELVIS POMPILIO hat

See you tomorrow for more party outfit!

Photos by F. Monet

Party Week!

Hey guys! How did your weekend go?

This week will be very exciting, outfit wise. I made a little collaboration with H&M on party outfit ideas.

Each outfit is made partly with my clothes, and partly with clothes currently in stores, and I tried to make very different styles.

I’ll start today with something very sweet, and definitly something to don’t see me often wearing. I usually like to add something more edgy to my outfit, but still, it’s fun to try something different

Wearing: H&M jacket (currently in stores) – ZARA shirt and jeans – NEW LOOK shoes – GIGUE fur collar

Isn’t it nice to have some good pictures for once, uh!? :)

Photos by F. Monet


Hello guys!

I had been a while since I hadn’t done a wishlist, and since Christmas is approaching pretty fast, I figured it wasn’t a bad timing.

It’s a wishlist that mixes up winter and summer pieces, since I am leaving for Thailand in just a few weeks, I’m really into bikini’s lately (SO approriate when it’s -4° in my own country, I KNOW)

Jil Sander beanie – I know it’s obvious, but I love it!

TOPSHOP – it’s out of stock, but I can’t seem to stick it out of my head. If you see it somewhere, don’t mind letting me know

ASOS men style stripped shirt

ASOS bikini

MUKS from Shoesonthecake.com (seriously in love with these since a while!)


Burberry from NAP – I love how these pants are really chic but very casual at the same time, and it will look just as good with a pair of pumps, as it will with sneakers. A must have

TOPSHOP sequined pants

Thakoon short – I can definitly picture me wearing these while walking the beaches of Ko Samui, don’t you?

TOPSHOP – Reminds me also of Paul Smiths women’s shoe collection for next summer which is pretty cool

J.Crew on NAP – Cashmere boyfriend jumper, A MUST HAVE. WANT WANT WANT!!!

TOPSHOP necklace

Burberry Jacket on NAP

You can find more of my wishlist, on my Wishlist board on Pintered 

What about you, what’s on your christmas wishlist?


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