Winter Beauty Essentials

Hello guys!

How are you? I have been sick since 3 days now, and it drives me nuts! Which explains why I’ve been posting so late…

Today, I wanted to share with you my winter beauty essentials. I have a really (like REALLY REALLY) dry skin, so it’s really important that I hydrate it as much as I can. My hair get easily damaged with the cold, the blow dries, the curling iron,… So here are my favourite products!


Bumble&Bumble Let it Shine Shampoo and Creme de Coco Conditionner – Huile Prodigieuse de NuxeKiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak

As you probably know, I’m addicted to Bumble and Bumble, and almost all of my shampoo and conditionner come from that brand. The Let it Shine shampoo is amazing and really works. Since I have curly hair, they are often dry and it’s hard to have them shiny, but this one works perfectly (I also use the Let it Shine Conditionner, but the shampoo works by itself too). The Creme de Coco smells really yummy (even if I don’t usually like the Coco smell) and is really rich, which definitly helps with dry and damaged hair.

These two are really good for winter, but I never use the same shampoo/conditionner or at least the same combination twice in a row. I always have 4 or 5 shampoos and conditionner at a time, most of them from Bumble and Bumble.

The Kiehl’s mask is just a dream! I bought it in New York in june, and since then I’m obsessed with it (even though every time I’m affraid to use it because I don’t want to empty it, you know the feeling?). The Argan smell is just amazing, and stays on your hair at least until the next day, which I really really enjoy. I use it when my hair are really damaged or when they are really tangled. I leave it on from 3 to 10 minutes, and after, when I wash it off, the hair feel smooth and silky…

I use Huile de Nuxe not very often, just when my hair need a little boost or when they are really really dry. I have another bottle with a spray, whitch make it a lot easier to applicate on the hair. I concentrate especially on the ends. I then attach my hair in a bun and leave it on for 45min, or an hour it depends. After, I’ll just need a good shampoo and a conditionner to make sure the oil left, and I’m good to go!


L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream – Huile Prodigieuse de Nuxe – Rêve de Miel de Nuxe

Nothing better than L’Occitane body cream to hydrate my dry skin. I especially use it on my legs. It hydrates them perfectly, which is honestly really needed. When I don’t, they like snake skin!

You will soon enough understand that I use the Huile Prodigieuse for all the parts of my body. My legs, my hands, arms, legs, face, chest,… It hydrates and leaves a delicious smell. I’m close to obsessed with the smell of that oil.

Rêve the Miel is a hand cream, which I LOVE to use when I’m doing my manucure. I usually change my nailpolish every 3 or 4 days, so that’s how often I use it. It hydrates my hands and my nails, and it also has a delicious smell (really close to huile prodigieuse)


Actif Pur A30: Vitamine PP from Etat PurSampar Equalizing Foam Peel – Sampar So much to dew midnight mask – Sampar glamour shot eyes – Huile Prodigieuse de Nuxe Guinot Lip Balm

The Actif Pur A30 is for severe and constitutive skin dryness. I use it by little drops where my skin really needs it (my forehead,…) It’s magical!

I use the foam peel once in a while, what I love the most about it is its smell (essential oils), and that yummy smell stays on the skin.

I find the midnight mask perfect to use after long party weekends. It feels like it hydrates, and make my skin all better after lots of work, one too many cocktails and a few cigarettes. You just have to wash it off, and it feels like you have baby skin all over again.

The glamour shot eyes is only for the days when I may have too little to sleep the night before, and I have what looks like couching bags under my eyes.

L’huile Prodigieuse, is just as perfect for my face, as for the rest of my body!

The Guinot lip balm is for me the prefect lip balm! It’s greasy but not too much, and it ACTUALLY hydrates the lips, like really. Labello for example; when I use those, I feel like it will stay greasy on the surface on my lips, but will never hydrate it. With the Guinot lip bam, it’s almost like I was putting hydrating cream, when actually it’s a balm. Am I clear enough? Anyhow, you’ve got to try it!

You should now have a healthy skin for winter!



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