Let’s make a deal

Hey guys! How are you doing on this super freezing day?

So today it’s all about you and me, and the super duper cool deal we’re going to make, right here, right now.

I own an iPhone since nearly two years now, and since a few days, their’s a new Apple buddy at home: my brand new Ipad Mini!

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I’ve wanted it since weeks, but couldn’t get my hands on it during christmas season. So now that I have it, I am desperetely looking for cool Apps. And I’m also desperately looking for cool Apps for my iPhone ever since I got it.

Since this article is all about exchanging (wait for it), I thought I’d give you my favourite iPhone Apps:

- Diptic: pretty cool to use multiple pictures in one frame
- Dropbox: to have my important files on all of my devices
- TV Show Time: If you’re a tv show/series addict just like me, it’s a must have
- iBooks
- Echofon (for Twitter): I find it easier to use than the Twitter App
- myShopi: Really useful for grocery shopping (I know, that sounds kind of lame)

So what’s the great deal you ask? Well it’s easy breasy

Remember the shooting I did a few weeks back with S. Oliver? Well, it’s finaly time for the giveaway.

I chose the beanie as a giveaway gift for you because I’m obsessed with them this winter. And it couldn’t have been more appropriate with this super freezing weather.


To be able to enter the giveaway, I will simply ask you to write a comment with your favourite iPhone/iPad App and your email address. The winner will be picked randomly

Easy isn’t it?

The giveaway will end in one week, January 31st, at midnight. Sadly, it’s only open for Belgium this time.

Good luck to you all, and can’t wait to know about your Apps! :)


  • Audrey

    iPhone apps: fancy and Instagram!

    24 janvier 2013
  • My fav iPhone apps are:

    - Instagram and Foursquare
    - Résultats foot to do like I’m an footexpert to my boyfriend
    - Kinepolis to see the new released movies
    - Unblock BMW to play and play again
    -Talking Tom to create funny videos for my friends bdays
    - Serivore in order to be updated on my favourites shows.
    - Shazam to find all the musics I like.
    - Horoscope if like me you wanna believe you have a destiny!
    - Visit Brussels to know my city
    - Politiecontrole to drive more safely
    - Victoria secret : love their bikiniiis

    24 janvier 2013
  • Marie-Laure

    Airbnb to browse your next citytrip accommodation while working on your butt at the gym :p

    24 janvier 2013
  • What a cute beanie! Thanks for this giveaway.

    I have an iPad and an iPhone. Currently I’m playing a lot with the Simpson Tapped Out app, you have to recreate Springfield and it’s quite funny to place all the buildings where your want to, plant some trees, etc.

    To read blogs, I use Flipboard, really nice app, like a magazine. And of course, speaking of magazines, if you want to read them on your iPad you should definitely use Zinio.

    And if you want to see your Instagram feed, Pictacular is a nice app.

    Thanks again for the giveaway :) *fingers crossed*

    24 janvier 2013
  • Mathilde

    Since I’m going to spend the next couple of months in South America, I’d say that the currency converter’ app will be my new best friend ! :)

    24 janvier 2013
  • Eva

    What a cool and warm beanie! I’am in!

    My favorite apps are:
    - Nike running: but’s that more for Iphones, I guess
    - Ibooks: do I need to explain?
    - Facebook :-)

    25 janvier 2013
  • Rachel

    My favorite iPhone app is Instagram! I love following fashion blogs and makeup artists! I love love love the beanie!


    25 janvier 2013
  • I have tons of iphone apps but my favorites are:
    *Evernote (handy to keeps documents, make lists, etc.)
    *Hay day (my favorite game!)
    *Talking Tom (so funny!)

    26 janvier 2013
  • I am not an iPhone user, but the most android apps are the same. I am a huge fan of instagram, and I love checking twitter when I am sitting on the toilet, haha! I also use Pinterest a lot via their app. Oh, and I am a real fruit ninja, love that game! For practical reasons, these are the apps I use the most:
    - IMDB, to search up movies and actors
    - Soundhound, to know which song is on the radio.
    - Flashlight, when it’s dark, obviously ;-)
    - GPS!!!!

    Antwerp greetings!

    27 janvier 2013

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