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Hey guys! What’s up? How did 2013 treat you so far?

On my side, it has been pretty good since I’m in Thailand, enjoying the weather, the food, the culture, the food, and of course the time off (and the FOOD). The last weeks of 2012 were more full of work than full of sleep. But still, I’ll try to post as often as possible while I’m away.

Let’s go back to business and to the topic of this article which is my party outfit created at S. Oliver. As you will probably think, it’s not really approriate anymore since Christmas and New Years have gone by for a while now. Still, I wasn’t able to post it before, and I do believe that my outfit could work for any kind of party (all year long for that matter).

I went to Antwerp few days before Christmas with Dorothée so we could each create our own party outfits. Here are the pictures of the evening

I didn’t want something too girly, so I then went for a boyish look. With that in mind, I created different looks…

I ended up with something boyish, classy but with fun accessories like a bowtie and a beanie

So, what do you think of it? I like the fact that it’s unexpected for a party outfit, and you know me, I barely never go for the expected 🙂

Do you know what’s even cooler than this outfit? The beanie! How’s that you ask? Well because you’ll be able to win the same one! I’ll make the contest once I’m back! HOORAY to that! (the contest, not the fact of coming back in the cold and rainy, snowy Belgium)

Many thanks again to Marie-France and to Katrijn!


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