Bathroom party!

Hey guys! Long time no see, what’s up?

Alright, today it’s all about saturday night and my outfit. In a men’s bathroom.

I partied and danced the night away at Bar Dolores with friends, which is probably one of the coolest bar of Brussels. ANYWAYS. I was really inspired by the 90’s, and decided to wear my recently purchased cropped top. And even though I grew up in the 90’s, sartorialy inspired by Britney Spears (btw they play Britney at Bar Dolores, HOW COOL) and the Spice Girls, I never wore a cropped top before. It was just never flatering to my figure. But then I thought, why not wear it with something high waisted? And here comes my new skirt. To that, add a beanie or a cap, platform shoes, bling bling jewelry, and there you go, back in the days when the Hansons were the hottest brothers on the planet.

Photo 9-02-13 22 53 02

Photo 10-02-13 02 14 10

Photo 10-02-13 02 14 26

Photo 10-02-13 02 14 31

Still working on my dance moves

Wearing: NEW LOOK top & skirt – FOREVER21 necklace – ASOS beanie – FOREVER21 shoes (also here)

Next time, let’s go together dance on Britney at Dolores! What will the next sartorial challenge be? Denim overalls? Kinda easy… Ideas?


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