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Hey guys!

You know me, I’m not so much into beauty, mainly because I like simplicity and because it takes time. I do prefer sleeping later in the morning than put make up on my face. I might look like crap all day long, but honestly I don’t really care.

Obviously, this is only for my days at the office. The other days, or at night, I like to put some make up on, but always staying very natural.

I always enjoy finding inspiration, and I have just found my new make up muse, Cara Delevigne. She is so natural, and she has really strong brows, which I do too. I’ve been brought to believe that’s it’s part of the make up, and can really change a face when you pay attention to it.

Cara Delevigne

I have realized that on photoshoot, they often accentuate her brows and her lips, and I find it so beautiful. It’s not over the top, yet we can see there is some make up going on

Cara Delevigne make up

Cara Delevigne Make up

Cara Delevigne Make up

I’m honestly no so good with make up on my eyes. I’ve tried it many times, even with make up artist, but it just never works for me.

Working on my brows is something I’ve been wanting to do for long, but they’re not easy: big, long air, so really hard to make a shape out of it. Add color to it wouldn’t change anything. So a brow gel was the only option. I bought mine at Sephora in NYC. I believe the brand is Anastatia.

brow gel

(btw I’m looking for a new one, if you have any idea where to find one in Brussels…)

After, I’m working on my lips.

I’m always looking for some new lipstick, really colorfull ones, and these are the one I use lately

lipstick color make up

Revlon Raspberry Pie – Biguine Deep Red – Unknown brand bought in London (old) Cherry Pop

I recently bought the Revlon and the Biguine and I really love their color. The really red one I’ve had for a few years and it’s so perfect. Long lasting and such a pretty color. Do you guys have any colors/lipstick to recommend? I always find it so hard to find pretty lipsticks

With that I usually add some eyeliner, mascara and some blush. AND TADAAA

Lulu's make up routine

If I can add one last tips, if there are any other super dry face skin just like me, I have a magical product to share with you

actif pur etat pur

ETAT PUR Actif Pur A30.

I apply one of two drops on my face, where it’s really dry every other day. A few hours later, the dryness is GONE! It’s so amazing. And let me tell you, with a freezing weather like this one, I’m so glad I have it!

What about you guys? What is your beauty routine?


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