Bobbi Brown Make up

Hello guys!

I wanted to start this week by introducing you to the make up I had done last week by Bobbi Brown.

We’ve already talked about make up around here, but for once I wanted to try something new. Something new that would still be me, and make me confortable wearing it.

I went to Smets on thursday to get my make up done but the Bobbi Brown make up artist, and I was blown away. She completely understood what I was looking for, what I wanted, and what my skin needed.

Bobbi Brown Make up | LFC

Bobbi Brown Make up | LFC

She did not only did my make up, but she taught me a few tricks on make up, and skin. I’m really gratefull, it was seriously needed (I have such a dry skin a didn’t know how to handle it).

So anyway, I told her I wanted something not too over the top, but not the make up (eye liner + mascara) that I usually do.

And here’s what she came up with!

Bobbi Brown Make up | LFC

And later on

Bobbi Brown Make up | LFC

It seems stupid but it was a big step to have such a different make up! What do you guys think about it?


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