Girls, girls, girls…

Girls, I don’t get you

I don’t mean to be rude; I’m a girl as well (or am I?). I love playing dressing up, and I love beauty stuff. Since I’m a girl, I believe I can talk more freely about this than if I was a man.

But honestly, there are a few things I don’t understand about girls:

–          Heels. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE heels. I find them pretty, I’ll even use the word attractive (for a few of them), yup, I’m just that crazy. BUT, those beauties hurt. A LOT. I’m a 24 years old, without a car, walking my way trough my city everyday. Sadly I’m not Carrie Bradshaw, and I cannot afford taking cabs every 2 minutes (and let’s be honest, cabs in Brussels are extremely more expensive than in Manhattan). I’m also a 24 old who likes to party. P-A-R-T-Y. Not just sip a glass of champagne with my girlfriends until midnight, when, just like Cinderella, I’ll go to sleep. No, I enjoy going to clubs and dance the night away (that means the end of the night, or, the beginning of the day, however you want to see it). HOW the hell are you suppose to survive in killer heels dancing all night long? Is that even possible? Do you have Martian feet?

Heels Man Repeller

My point is, heels are not an obligation for a party outfit. Flat shoes can be just as pretty, maybe not as sexy though.
I did try to find a picture of me in a party outfit wearing flat shoes. Sadly, I never took picture of it. Also, I’m cheating a little bit. I usually wear heels, until they hurt too much (17 minutes later), and always bring either flats or sneakers that match my outfit.

–          Also, after the heels, let me talk about short skirts (like really short), deep cleavages, and second skin dresses. Honestly girls, that’s certainly not the only way to be sexy. Of course it depends on what you’re looking for. If it’s a one night stand, you’re definitely in the right direction. Good point is, you won’t have to wear your killer heels for that long 😉 In the contrary, if you’re looking for something more serious, be sexy with your brain, I (on a personal basis) find that even more attractive. And a skirt that is too short or a cleavage that is too deep can both quickly become vulgar. Or at least, try to have some balance; with a mini skirt, wear a big shirt, something oversize and masculine. With big cleavage, please do not wear push up. Even with small boobs, it will look even better with no bra on. Don’t be scared, see how great that looks.


And if you’re comfortable with not wearing bra’s, wear open back! It’s sexy but subtle. I love it!

–          DROP THE CHAMPAGNE for god’s sake! I’m sorry, but I always find that so ridiculous that women should, or OBVIOULSY love champagne. Honestly, I don’t. I like it, once in a while, and usually because there’s nothing else. I barrely never enjoy it though, it gives me stomach ache, and my head is killing me the day after. I’m going to break some news to you, for the ones who haven’t notice yet, your breath smells AWEFULL! I feel like most girls who drink champagne want to look chic, and attractive while sipping their glass, but as soon as they open their mouth, it all fades away! When, next to them, men are drinking whiskey, vodka or rhum. It has already happened to me, in clubs, that boys come to me and offer me a glass of champagne, while they order some real drink. Then, I’m like, DUDE, I want a real drink too!

Drop the champagne

What you see in my left hand is a real drink. And yes, dancing on the bar is way more fun than on the dancefloor!

(I’m not even going to mention the ones who drink WINE in clubs. Wine, SERIOUSLY?)

–          Make-up. I love make-up, and I love playing with it… IN MY BATHROOM. I don’t understand people who wear make-up everyday, who cannot even go out of their house without it. I’ve heard thousands of excuses until this very day, but honestly, my point of view still hasn’t changed. I find a girl beautiful, even without tons of make-up. Especially during the day, be natural! You’re not walking down a runway here, you’re just going to the supermarket! Then they say “imagine I meet the boy of my dreams at the supermarket”!? Well, here’s some news: 1. If he likes you for your make-up (your “beauty”), you’re obviously going in the wrong direction, 2. He’ll have to see you without your make-up at some point, let’s get this over with right away! I only wear make up at night, or when I work. And that doesn’t include lipstick. Strong lipstick with a nude face is more  like an accessory than a touch of make up.


Wait, did I mention FAKE NAILS? Uhh, don’t even know what to say about those….

–          Diet. Can I start this chapter with diet coke? It looks cool with commercial featuring hot guys (very hot I admit) , or collaboration with the hottest designers out there. Is anyone bottered by the awefull taste, other than me? From my point of view, either drink REAL coke, or if you’re really trying to cut the sugar off, go for some water!

A diet, seriously? What for? Most of the girls I see go on a diet, are already REALLY skinny. I do find skinny pretty, but I’d rather see my friends eat whatever they want, and be healthy. We live only once, eat what makes you happy! Though, try to eat healthy. I have a few tips for you, because yes, it is possible to eat healthy AND yummy dishes! I have a few examples right here if you need ideas. Also, try not to eat in between meals. If it happens once in a while, that’s no big deal, let’s not be freak here. I can totally melt in front of an éclair au moka from Le Saint Aulaye. Drink LOTS of water, and try not to drink sugary drinks. Avoid to drink wine every night as well, it has lots of sugar and the addition of alcohol + anything greasy is never healthy. Please, please, please, STOP the stupid cabage soups, or eating only apples for a week. It’s ridiculous, seriously bad for your body, and you’ll gain all of your weight back a few weeks later!

On a personal basis, I don’t do sport, I sadly don’t have the time. On the other hand, as I said earlier, I don’t have a car, and I walk a lot on a regular basis. It seems stupid but it really helps.

But hey, that’s just my point of view. Be yourself, because at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing (AND BREAK THE RULES!).

Now, a few of you might be wondering “is she really a girl”? A few of the people I work with see me more as a dude than as a lady, but hey, that works for me!

Tomboy Filles à Papa

Tomboy Sweater from Filles à Papa



  • I agree with you for the greater part of this article … until the make-up part. I have quite a few acne scars on my face which I’m not comfortable or happy showing off in broad daylight without any make up on, that’s why I always cover up with some concealer or foundation. But that’s just me of course! I’m not lucky enough to have the skin of a 2 year old at 23 .. but i try to keep it light of course, I don’t need to look like kim kardashian while bying some fruit at the supermarket

    • I completely understand you! From my point of view it’s not the same. When I have a pimple or so, I put some make up on as well. I just don’t like the idea of hiding constantly behind a big layer of make up 🙂

  • I agree 100% when you are getting older, confort and health are more important than being trendy, so ok for some heels 5 cm max

  • I do love heels and can’t imagine partying without it. Maybe because I find myself on the little side. Point is you can party with heels all night without having martian feet. You just need to find comfortable ones. Which is not always easy, I admit.

    • I swear to god, I’ve tried many different heels but I can NEVER last during the whole night! By 3 or 4 AM I’m DYING!

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