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Hey you guys!

How are you doing? How was your weekend?

I’ve realized I haven’t posted much lately and I’m SO sorry about it but it has become really hard either to find inspiration, or the time to post. I’m working like crazy and it has taken all my spare time.

I’m so sorry about it. Not to mention the crappy weather which doesn’t really inspire me to get dressed.

Anyway, yesterday was an awesome day, starting with an AMAZING brunch at workshop café, made by the amazing chef Daniele Zaif. It was so fabulous, words can not even describe it.

Afterwords, my friend Sacha (from the StylingPot) and I went to Puces Nautiques, and on our way, we stopped at Lady Guilmot.

I’ve never had the chance to talk to you about this new little boutique, located rue du Bailli, but it’s kind of amazing! They have a great selection of little Parisian brand, with super cute items.

Good point is, it’s not overpriced, yet you won’t see everyone with the same top while walking in the streets. The other good news is: they have new stuff coming in very often!

Lady Guilmot - LFC

Lady Guilmot - LFC

Photos ©StylingPot

And I found what will give a summer touch to my future outfits:

Lady Guilmot - LFC

This awesome printed jacket! We can’t really see it, but it has neon touches that really make up for the non existing sun.

Soon an outfit featuring it!


Ps: I’m really bitching on sunshine even though it’s shinning like a diamond today! Enjoy it while it’s here!

Lady Guilmot
Rue du Bailli 98 – 1050 Ixelles

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