M like Maryland

Why Maryland you say? Well, because it’s where I lived when I was in the Usa, and I used to go to a few sport events at the University of Maryland, so I thought it would be appropriate.

When looking more closely at the pictures and seeing my facial expression, I could have said “M like Mean”, but it doesn’t really represent me, does it?

Let’s go straight to the point now: MY OUTFIT. I’ve been dreaming of finding the perfect sport jersey, either it was basketball jersey or football jersey. When I saw this one at H&M I just couldn’t believe my eyes, and at the same time I was just very excited.

Since I brought it back home with me, I want to wear it every single day. No Kidding.

I wore it with my converse sneakers but I really want to wear it with heels as well

Football jersey tee - LFC

Football jersey tee - LFC

Football jersey tee - LFC

Football jersey tee - LFC

Wearing: H&M DIVIDED GOLD jersey tee/dress – VINTAGE denim jacket- ZARA bag – CONVERSE sneakers

PS: We can’t really tell but the sun was shinning directly into my eyes, which is why I made such a face!


    • Merci! 🙂
      Y avait un autre sweatshirt mega inspirĂ© (je trouve) de celui “Tomboy” des filles Ă  papa. Ici, Ă  par le code couleur identique, je trouve pas spĂ©cialement que ce soit inspirĂ©. elles n’ont pas fait de modèles “maillot de foot” je pense…

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