Multi fonction

Hey guys!

I’m currently reorganising my closet, and by the way, making a little selection on what to keep and what to throw away (and I’m planning on doing a little closet sale during august – keeping you posted).

So anyway, there are some clothing that you still like but don’t know how to wear anymore. Part of my job is to show you how to re invent them, or how to wear it in other ways.

I have this skirt I bought at Forever 21, with a “midi” lenght, but a very cool print. Here is how I wore it last year (june 2012)

Multi fonction - LFC

I’m not so into midi lenght anymore. But still love the print and the shape.

So here is my new interpretation of that skirt, and probably how I’ll wear it this summer

Multi fonction - LFC

With that, I wish you a wonderful sunny weekend!


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