Captur me, Again

Hey there fellas! How you doinnnn??

I wanted to share one of the trick that helped me pull off the party the way I did, a CAR! Yes, it definitly helps when having to bring stuff like furnitures, or the sound system, or the DRINKS!

I was able to do so thanks to the amazing Renault Captur wich was big enough to fit:

– 150 mini bottles of Aperol Spritz + all accessories

– The entire sound system

– Drinks for over 100 people (that takes A LOT of space)

– Decoration (vases, table cloth, candies, candles, ….)

– 16 balloons

Not all at the same time of course it wouldn’t be possible.

Here’s the recap of a week with this beautiful baby I’m so sad to give back

Renault Captur - LFC

Waiting for me on the Delhaize parking lot

Renault Captur - LFC

Fitting like a THOUSAND Aperol Spritz bottles

Renault Captur - LFC

You actually have a DRAWER to put your stuff. And it’s so big my bag fits, how handy!?

Renault Captur - LFC

Some more things to move around

Renault Captur - LFC

Renault Captur - LFC

With my pink balloons

Bye bye new friend

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