What is that for an inspirational title you ask?

Well, it’s the only that came in mind, looking at today’s outfit. Because yes, lately I’ve been wearing a lot of black, which isn’t something that I usually do.

Maybe it’s the depressing weather that gets me in that mood? Also, lots of the pieces of my wardrobe that I enjoy wearing lately are black, but they could have been in other colors. Look at that coat for example, I just got it (at Zara for 40€ – let me mention that it is made 60% of wool) and I just wear it every single day. And it could have been pink, or red though. Anyway, it’s an easy piece, goes with really everything I own, it’s warm and it protects me from the rain. So in case you were wondering what I’ve been wearing these past days: it this and my new jacket from Superdry (coming up on the blog soon, promise)

Black outfit - LFC

Black outfit - LFC

Black outfit - LFC

Wearing: ZARA coat – FOREVER21 blazer – ASOS boyfriend shirt – CHEAP MONDAY jeans – SACHA boots – NEW LOOK beanie

Sorry for the bad picture quality, but at least I was able to take outfit photos inside!



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