A Week with Abbie&Rose

This week is an exciting week!

Not only it’s Christmas, but it’s also the week that I’ll share with you the photos of my collab with Famousbox.

Instead of going typical collaboration (meaning creating an outfit with clothes picked on the website), we wanted to do something a little more different. We then had the idea of picking one item and wear it many different ways, and since I’ve always had many different style myself, it seemed really appropriate.

Choosing the item itself came up pretty easily, and don’t even remember why or how. While discussing with the Famousbox girls, we came up with the white men shirt. I loved the idea, it represents perfectly the kind of clothing I love wearing/playing with in my outfits.

You will then enjoy a full week of different outfits for every different occasions featuring the white men shirt. We chose the white shirt by Abbie&Rose. They represent the true, well cut and perfect quality of the men shirt.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my dear friend Alex Iberico. He was the great talent behind the pictures of my Sweet Sixteen (3years of the blog celebration), and here again, he did an excellent job. It’s quite funny to do a professional shooting, and being photoshoped đŸ™‚

We start the week with the monday outfit, which is simple and casual. I like being casual on mondays, I’m usually still tired from the weekend and want to feel comfortable.

Famousbox x Abbey and Rose outfit - LFC

Famousbox x Abbey and Rose outfit - LFC

Wearing: ABBIE&ROSE shirtCEEVEE bag – jeans,shoes and belt found at the studio

Follow every outfit and meet me next monday for a great contest to celebrate such a fun collaboration!
Thank you Famousbox!


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