On a boat!

Hey guys!

So sorry for the lack of posting, I still don’t have internet in my new apartment! grrr

Anyway, last week I went to an event thrown by Prima Donna, on a boat! It was fun and felt different than the events I usually go to. It’s just a bit more dangerous, since we (dorothydancing and I) almost missed the departure of the boat, which would have been anoying since we had made all the way from Brussels to Antwerp (which isn’t too far, I agree, but with traffic, can take up to two hours!)

Thankfully we made it! I enjoyed the fashion show, and the fact that Prima Donna thinks about other woman than the ones with a size zero (and no boobies). My only problem is, to be completely honest, when looking for a bikini, I’m looking for the smallest coverage possible since I HATE tanning marks. And with Prima Donna, well, it covers a lot, even though it helps making a real woman’s body at her advantage, with all of her beautiful shapes. I’ll show you that as soon as I have some good pictures of the fashion show though.

For my outfit, it was pretty basic, but that’s what I’m going for this winter. Either eclectic and crazy, really nineties, hip hop-girlsband, or really simple and minimalistic.

Here I’m showing off my brand new jumper I got at COS in Amsterdam. It’s 100% wool and I just can’t stop wearing it since it’s so warm and comfy. Same goes for my new booties, on sale at Zara for 30€. They look great, and I can last hours with them, which is kind of a miracle since I’m just so bad when it comes to wearing heels.

Minimalistic outfit - LFC

Minimalistic outfit - LFC

Minimalistic outfit - LFC

Minimalistic outfit - LFC

Wearing: COS jumper – FOREVER21 skirt – ZARA shoes – FRANCESCO BIASIA bag – and OBVIOUSLY NO MAKE UP haha


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