Tomboy from the 90’s

I don’t think I have to add more info, the title says it all.

I can add a big thanks to New Look which most of the outfit is made of.

New Look ask me to try their denim collection, and even though I have already a very big amount of jeans, I didn’t have a light/boyfriend/ripped one yet. It’s definitely not the most classy but I really like it. I also had a voucher for the website, and I picked a few printed tees. Here one of the them. I really like the combination of the tee and the jeans.

By the way, the delivery from the New Look website is like, SUPER DUPER fast!

Tomboy from the 90s - LFC

Tomboy from the 90s - LFC

Tomboy from the 90s - LFC

Wearing: NEW LOOK denim & tee – ZARA perfecto – CONVERSE sneakers


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