Can you dance? Because WECANDANCE!

Hey guys!

I’ve been wanting to share these photos with you since a few days… But I was still waiting for other pictures to come out. Which they still haven’t so I’m going to do it anyhow.

I went to WCD on saturday, but arrived late (sadly), enjoy the last two hours that where magnificent! Then went to the afterparty, got some sleep, and was back at the festival on sunday early afternoon.

WHAT A WEEKEND, let me tell ya!

I consider it as a very “girly” festival. Everything looks beautiful, from the decoration, to the food, the drinks or the people… Yes the people! There was a theme, “egyptian”, and so many of the attendees dress according to it, it looked amazing! (Even without that, I don’t know how that’s actually possible to have that many good looking people in one festival… anyway)

It was in the sand! No worries to get dirty! (happy me)
The food looked insane, sadly I didn’t think of getting any before sunday night, and sadly at the point they had closed everything up because of some security issues DUH! It was far from being the greasy things you usually find in festival. It looked refined, healthy and super yummy. Bummer!

Last but definitely not least, they had a Gin Bar! How fun right? Served in big classes and not in plastic cups. Super superficial right, but we love it!

Now, let’s just let the pictures speak for themselves


I really wanted to dress like an indian. Even though the theme was Egyptian… whatever!


Hey! Looks like there’s another indian around here


Of course it’s my friend! We do have to agree, his headpiece is a lot better than mine… Thanks to Cabinet de Transformation!



Just in case you’re wondering, I did get attacked by a lot of people who were jealous of my indian hat…

Meet me tomorrow on the blog for day 2!

Pictures taken by Lastnightparty, or friendly people with my disposable camera (aka the first pic)

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