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Before continuing my bali trip recap/travel guide, I wanted to introduce to you a product I discover a little before Bali and that was super useful to have during my stay there.

I got invited in december at a very nice little guest table (as they say), to have an afternoon tea (and lots of sweets!) and especially to discover Bio-Oil.

Bio-Oil by Bouzouk - LFC

Bio-Oil was presented to us by Bouzouk, make up artist extraordinaire. Which is also one of the reason that convinced me to come. I had always heard so many great things about him, I thought that this little Press presentation could only be good. And I was right. First of all because Bouzouk is not from the press or from Bio-Oil, so is point is not to sell us the product, but only to explain the product, and how best to use it, from his own experience. Second of all because I fell in love with Bio-Oil…

I’ll try not to go too far in the details that will not interest you, but still I want to give some basic info.

Bio-Oil is made with natural elements such as duck oil (as wierd as it sounds!), natural oils, vitamine A and E. This combination makes this product very unique (just by the sound of “duck oil”, it makes it unique to me!)

This oil enter the skin very deeply, which is why it’s often used for scars or stretch marks. But you can use it in a lot more different ways, less known by the public, which is the very reason Bouzouk was there.

Bouzouk really believes in the product, which is the reason why he’s there. He uses it for his work but also on himself. I remember him saying that he loves that fact that however you use it, it will heal you (your skin, your hair,…)
For example, during the crazyness of the fashion weeks, the models have a very damaged skin because of all the make ups they have to put on every day (especially when they change several times a day for the different runway shows). Bouzouk then create a micellar water with Bio-Oil (mix in a little spray bottle the same quantity of water (not tap water though) and Bio-Oil), which he will use to remove the previous make up from the face of the models, but that micellar mix will also heal their skin, and prepare it for more make up.

Bio-Oil by Bouzouk - LFC

You can use this micellar mixe for everything. Hydrate your skin, your hair, it’s magical. And it keeps longer since it’s mixed with water and used with a spray. If you want an even deeper hydratation, you can just put Bio-Oil without the water, but Bouzouk advises to always use it with a spray, so the right amount of oil comes out.

Bio-Oil by Bouzouk - LFC

My home made micellar water

Now I’m going to shout out some of the tips Bouzouk gave us:

– Good for chapped lips. Heals them directly because enters deeply
– If they’re a feeling of dry skin (because of AC or so) don’t hesitate to spray some Bio-Oil micellar water. The mix of oil and water is very good for dry skin
– Good scrub for dry skin when mixed with honey and sugar (never leaves an oily aspect afterwards)
– Scalp scrub to get rid of scurf (péliculles). Oil + sugar and scrub the scalp gently (on dry hair). It will get rid of you scurf and will heal your scalp at the same time. After just shampoo your hair and rince. And voilà! It does not leave your hair greasy so don’t worry
– In case of really dry/damaged hair (that’s one I’ve got to keep!) put the oil on the dry part of you hair. The best is to wrap it up and sleep with it. The important part the day after is to use baby shampoo! Use it directly on your hair without water. Mix it well, let it soak well, and then rince. Apparently the result is amazing!

Now from my experience, I truly love it. I made my own micellar water just like Bouzouk explained, and I took it with me to Bali. I used it everyday on my skin or my hair. Because of my white skin and the mean Bali sun, I ended up more than a few times with burned skin. But everytime Bio-Oil helped me cool it down, and heel my skin, and really hydrate it. What I also love about it is that it smells DELICIOUS! I can’t get tired of it!

Bio-Oil by Bouzouk - LFC

You can find Bio-Oil in pharmacy’s. The small bottle costs 11,99€. Yay!

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