The first days – Seminyak

Hey guys!

As I promised I’m going to talk you through my month in Bali.

I had really nothing planned ahead, I just knew I wanted to travel around, discover places, people, see the landscapes and the differents things the island had to offer.

I started with Seminyak since it was the only city I really knew, and not too far from the airport. I wanted to settle down for my first few days in a place I knew I could find my way around etc. I had booked my first 3 nights, knowing I wanted to go elsewhere after, but I ended up staying one more night, since I had met some fun people to hang out with.

First days in Bali - LFC

Just arrived in my little hotel located 10-15min walking distance from the center of Seminyak. It’s called Casa Dasa Legian. It wasn’t the greatest hotel, but had really good prices, and the room were kind of comfy (AC and TV). 

First days in Bali - LFC

My first dinner in Bali. I just went straight to the city center, and found a cute little restaurant where they served noodle soup, which is probably my favorite dish on the entire planet. It probably wasn’t the cheapest place to eat at, but compare to the prices in europe, it’s still a pretty good deal. (Less than 10€ for the dish and a strawberry fresh juice)

First days in Bali - LFC

Did I mention my hotel had a pool? Probably not the ideal pool to layout at (this was one morning right after breakfast), but it’s was nice to have. Especially after a really hot day (the temperature was constantly around 30° in Seminyak, and humid)

First days in Bali - LFC

While in Seminyak I went twice to the beach (even though the weather doesn’t look ideal, it’s very often cloudy in Bali).
First time I went to La Plancha, where I had lunch (I wouldn’t especially recommend it. You can find cheaper food, and probably better too. I’d advise it more for drinks or so), then I stayed there for the afternoon and the end of the day (when they layout those similar looking colorful fatboys)
My second time I went to the beach 66, but it didn’t have food or drinks. And no bathroom which is kind of annoying. Knowing that the mattress you rent for the day is the same price as La Plancha, I’d advise you to go to La Plancha instead.

First days in Bali - LFC

This was my first saturday night, which is the only night I partied in Bali. These are the two guys I met the second day I was there. These two live in Bali, but are originally from France and Belgium. I could not have been more thankful to have met them since they became a huge help for the rest of my trip, and also my friends. How funny that you have to travel to the other side of this planet to meet people you can relate so much to!?
We went to a bunch of places (including the most perfect spot to have a beer watching the sunset on the beach), and ended up at La Favela which is a club in the center of Seminyak. It’s pretty crowded, it’s fun and has some good commercial music. The decor is amazing though, and the place is pretty big.

First days in Bali - LFC

End of the night selfie on my little balcony at my hotel. I left the day after for Ubud, which is a more cultural city. But I’ll tell you more about it in my next post.


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