My Undiz PJ’s

Hey guys!

I recently discovered the brand Undiz, I had mentioned it to you on the bikini post a few days ago. As I told you then, I was really seduced by the brand, they have really fun and colorful underwear. Their range spreads also to swimwear, homewear and pajamas of course.

Undiz PJs - LFC

While discovering the shop I came across a pair of PJs pants that made my heart melt right away. But as I am always kind of unconventional and need to do things differently, I know right away I wouldn’t wear it as a PJ pants but as a regular pants.

It was a bit of a challenge for the styling because it has to be really chic, unless I was afraid people could tell it was a PJ pants. Thankfully, it looks like I did a good job at it, no one noticed (or no one said anything…) and I even got a few compliments! GRACIAS

Undiz PJs - LFC

Undiz PJs - LFC

Wearing: UNDIZ PJ pants – H&M trend top – ZARA blazer – EXIT shoes – JEROME DREYFUSS bag

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