New year, New Lulu

Hey guys!

I have posted a text on my Facebook page while I was in Bali, but I wanted to post it on the blog as well.

It should allow you to understand a few things about the year that has just past. It’s really important to me to share this with you.

Hey guys,
It is finaly time that I take some time to explain a few things to you. 
I dont really know where to start or really how to explain it buy I deeply feel that I owe you some explanations. 
I haven’t been much present on the blog for the past year or so. I went from posting 5 times a week to a quiet one time a week. 
I dont think it’s either fair to you, my readers, or to the number of collaborations in which I promised I would post about and never did. 
Now, why did things turn this way? Well, I got lost. Lost in the way my life turned around, lost in a world of parties, and nightlife. 
Last December (2013) I lost the job I had for 2 and half years. I was already working as a bartender but it became my full time job (by only working the weekends thought..)
As I’ve always been a party girl, it quickly took the best out of me and my life became a big party. It was fun, of course, but quickly pushed me away from what was really important to me: my family, my closest friends, my goals, my blog,… 
I did not recognize myself anymore but it was hard to admit. 
At some point though, I did realise this was definitly not how I wanted to spend my life and that I was losing some precious time. 
A few months ago I made some changes and things got a little better but I was still working at night pretty often and my goals were still going nowhere. 
I took the decision to completely stop my job as a bartender a few weeks ago. It wasn’t easy because a part of me still loves it, and I consider my colleagues almost as a family, which makes it hard to leave. Even though I know it’s for the better! 
To start fresh, and the new year on good bases I decided that I needed some time apart from my everyday life. And I chose Bali. 
I’ve been here five years ago and I had never seen such a peaceful, welcoming and loving place. 
After two weeks of being here I can tell I’ve made the right choice. I haven’t felt This good in a very long time. I have still 10 more days so my blog will still be on hold until then (I decided to leave without my laptop to be really disconnected) 
Once I’m back the blog should start again and with more updates. I’m also very excited to share my best tips from Bali with you, this island is just so magical! 
Until then I will keep on posting photos here and also on my instagram @lucievd

Love xxx


I’ll share a few of my photos from Bali now, but in the following days I’ll share with you my best tips and a good recap of my month spent there.

New year, New Lulu - LFC

New year, New Lulu - LFC

New year, New Lulu - LFC

New year, New Lulu - LFC

New year, New Lulu - LFC

New year, New Lulu - LFC

I’m there even when I’m not there

Hey guys!

I want to apologize for being so absent on the blog lately. I’ve actually had a lot of trouble with my apartment that I tried to fix, then realized I couldn’t. I then tried to make my landlord fix it. Then it all became just really complicated.

I’ve had really STRONG humidity in my apartment for the past two months. Which includes mold on my clothes, on my matress,… The smell in my apartment was awful and the situation just unbearable.

I recently found another place to sleep because it wasn’t healthy to stay in the apartment, but still haven’t completely moved out yet, and I still need to fix a few things with my landlord.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I spend my mornings packing/unpacking, at the town all, writing emails, my days at the shop (Lady Dandy), and my nights packing/unpacking again.


I’m really sorry but I’m not letting you down, and I’ll pick up the blog as soon as the situation gets better!


VMA’s 2014 Red Carpet

Hey guys!

I haven’t spoken about a red carpet on this blog since a long while. I did so because so many blogs around me started doing, I didn’t see the point of continuing. Seeing the same kind of articles everywhere usually annoys me.

But when I saw some of the picture from the lat VMA’s (that took place this past sunday), I couldn’t help it… I had to share some of them with you. And since I don’t like sharing the negative parts of things, I’m also sharing my favourites!


Jennifer Lopez in Charbel Zoe
We know Jlo love some bling, but this is a little bit too much for me… And can we talk about the very vulgar duckface? Doesn’t help, really doesn’t…


Beyonce in Nicolas Jebran Couture
Really nice! Such an impressive design. Love those lace details that almost look like a spider’s web. I would have worn different earrings though, smaller ones.


Amber Rose
Wait. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Mouhahahahhahaha. Nothing to add

VMA-Victoria-Justice Alice + Olivia et une robe Lublu Kira Plastinina

Victoria Justice in Alice + Olivia top and Lublu Kira Plastinina dress
Cute, original, fun. What else can we ask to a young actress (or singer? I actually have no idea who she is… oops!)

VMA-Ariana-Grande in Moschino

Ariana Grande in Moschino
Don’t really know what to say here. This is so outdated, from head to toe. The dress looks cheap (sorry Moschino), the hair is a true catastrophy (why would you ever wear a high ponytail with really big and ugly highlights, to match this outfit?) Not like another pair of shoes would have really saved the outfit, but in this case, it’s just making it worse (when you couldn’t think it was possible…)

VMA-Taylor-Swift- Mary Katrantzou


Taylor Swift in Mary Katrantzou
I really like this. We do have to admit the print looks better from far away, but the design is so fun! So different from what we usually see on the red carpets, Taylor has some guts, but she pulls it off perfectly!


Charlie XCX
Happy Bday? Merry Xmas? Yes, this can’t be anything else than a present for me, if not, the person picking it for the VMA 2014 red carpet has definitely some mental issues.

VMA-Solange-Knowles in H&M Studio Collection

Solange Knowles in H&M Studio Collection
Bold move to wear H&M on a red carpet. But guess what? IT WORKS! I love a girl wearing a suit on the red carpet.


Katy Perry in Atelier Versace
To be completely honest, when I first saw the picture of Katy from the VMA, I though it was a picture from the 2000′s. Like early 2000! But no. And even though I do enjoy the 90′s a lot, even in the 90′s this would have been a mistake. Because the denim is already a lot to take, but with the sparkles too, I mean, seriously? WHY? And the belt? This is waaayyy too much….


VMA-Sarah-Hyland- Kofman Franco

Sarah Hyland in Kaufmanfranco
I have absolutely no idea who she is, but I really like the dress. It’s a little safe, but fits her perfectly. And look at that back!

VMA-Kelly-Rowland-Kaufman Franco

Kelly Rowland in Kaufmanfranco
How pretty! I don’t think it must be very easy to pull of a red carpet look while being pregnant. But she did, and she loks perfect!

VMA-Rita-Orta-Donna Karan

Rita Ora in Donna Karan
I have to say I’m just super surprised by the choice of dress Rita Ora made. Don’t get me wrong, I really like it, but it’s the kind of things we’re used to see her wearing. This very glamourous, but it’s lovely on her! That dress is beautiful!

VMA-Kendall-Jenner Alan Livne

Kendal Jenner in Adam Livne
Going minimalist for a Kardashian sister, especially on a red carpet is super surprising. But it looks sooo great, and she definitely has the body to pull it off.

VMA-Miley-Cyrus- Alexandre Vauthier

Miley Cyrus in Alexandre Vauthier
I love this! It represents her perfectly! It’s rock, but still chic, but not really expected on a red carpet. Because yeah, of course Miley has to stand out from the crowd!

VMA-Kim-K in Balmain

Kim Kardashian in Balmain
This is probably the look that chocked me the most. I’m not a huge fan of Kim K, and I don’t really like her style (even though I have to admit it got a lot better since Kanye got involved…) But here, I find her really amazing! The dress is great and fits her beautifully (and let’s be honest, she doesn’t have the easiest body to work with). But even her face and her hair are perfect and pretty, and glamourous and at the same time fashionable. Good job really!

Meet Mommy

Hey guys!

I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, something special for mother’s day.

I always fought with my mom, even though we obviously love each other. We just have a really hard time agreeing on the same things. It may feel like I’m often mad at her, but really, I admire her more than anything.

She’s strong, loving, smart, ambitious, funny,…and a lot more. I would celebrate her everyday if I could (ok, maybe not the days she bothers me), but mothers day was the perfect occasion.

Meet Mommy - LFC

Meet Mommy - LFC

Meet Mommy - LFC

I was also sent this video made by Diadermine for mother’s day and I thought it represented the love between a girl and a mom pretty well. This little film is just too cute. I really like how it shows the evolution of the love relation between a mom and her child.

And a few hours later after posting this article, I realise that I haven’t mentioned my American mom! She’s not my birth mother, but still, she holds a very very special place in my heart, and she’s the best host mom anybody could dream of. I’m super thankfull to count her (and the rest of my host family), well, has family.

Meet Mommy - LFC

Girls will be Girls

I’ve been wanting to write something about the show Girls for a while now.

Every episode I watch makes me think about myself, my life, my situation, my relationships, all and all, everything.

This is a show you can actually relate to. When most of the shows you watch makes you dream, or transport you in an imaginary world. With Girls though, it’s more of the everyday life we all live, we all the shitty parts.

They are or about to be 25, have no idea on which direction to go, completely lost. They’re also lost in their love stories. It’s just a big mess. And, at least on a personnal basis (and as sad as it seems to say) I so fucking relate to that. The only big advantage they have is New York City.

But honestly, who can relate to, I don’t know, Carrie Bradshaw? Blair Waldorf? Zoe Hart? Amanda Clarke?

I surely can’t!

So today I wanted to recap some Girls fun facts, some funny or really true quotes, and all in all, why I love Girls so much

For Anna’s outfits choices. Sometimes pretty cool, sometimes sooo horribly bad. Which makes it so GOOD

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

Definitely love how Hannah is confident in herself, and how she wears such pieces as this crop top, I would never dare to wear.

On wearing the most questionable outfit of all times while saying one of my new favourite quotes

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

(in case you haven’t noticed, she does not weat a bra underneath her top)

When Hannah walks around a small town, for almost an entire afternoon, only wearing her bikinis

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

For Shoshanna!!!

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

To watch the life of the weirdest fictional human being, Adam

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

For the kind of thing they say, that I tell myself everyday

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

To watch Jessa living on another planet

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

« Okay, so you look, like, totally gorgeous, as always. Umm. And, like, very current. I’m just wondering if it’s maybe, like, a little bit threatening… for babysitting.

It’s floor-length.

I can see your belly button. »

And at the end of the day, enjoying the story of a group of girlfriends who love each other, hate other, scream, laugh, dance, party, drink, get married, get crazy…. and you kinda feel like you’re a part of it

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

Girls HBO TV show - LFC

Girls HBO TV show - LFC


11 things… too many things

I did not know this kind of things still existed (I know it did, back in Skyblog era, when Mark Sukerberg was still in High School), but apparently it does. And it’s fun! I’ve been tagged (as they say) by my friend Nadia from Simple&Funky. It took some time to figure out what to say, but when I did, I actually had too much to say… typical me.

11 things

I don’t think starting this article with a picture of us as kids is part of the deal, but it’s way more fun I think.

So here we go, come and discover my dirty little secrets

11 things (or more like 12) you don’t know about me

  • I know they say fashion bloggers are all about cupcakes and macaroons, but here’s the news: I don’t really like cupcakes
  • I don’t like champagne that much. I’ll have a flute maybe. I’ll enjoy a piscine with ice cubes and violette syrup. On the other hand, I would die (okay, little exaggerating) for a good dark rhum & coke. And I don’t drink wine!
  • I’m actually not such a sweet kinda girl, I’m more on the salty side. I would love way more to eat a big amount of guacamole, than a big bag of candies.
  • I have a brother. He’s not particularly present on this blog, but he’s alive. He’s 23, pretty handsome (but in a relationship) and his name is Hermès.

11 things

I heard we look like each other… I can’t tell

  • I do like to speak about girly stuff on this blog, but I’m not that girly in my everyday life. I barely never wear make up on an everyday basis. Girly talks easily drive me crazy, don’t even mention a diet to me!
  • My bestfriend doesn’t really care about fashion even though she likes clothes. She often thinks that I’m crazy, and there’s nothing more refreshing than having her in my life.

11 things

  • I can look really eccentric, but deep down I’m a really shy person. It makes me look unfriendly and sometimes arrogant, but I swear to god I’m not. After a few drinks though, I’m a lot nicer and not shy at all anymore.
  • I love TV shows&series, and I’m addicted to the ones about food. I watch every season of Top Chef and Master Chef, French AND American version.
  • That might sound weird, but I barely don’t read blogs or magazines. I don’t like to get too inspired about what we’re « supposed » to wear, what’s « fashion » right now. I usually follow my guts, and it’s always been working pretty well.
  • I always secretly dreamed of designing my own clothes, but always been too scared of it.
  • I have an imaginary friend called Casper since many years, he’s pretty cool.

11 things

Here we are having a blast. And yes, he’s a fast drinker

The 11 questions from Nadia:

1. What do you do to relax ?

I hang around at home, in my onesie Hello Kitty pijama. I usually take place in my sofa, and not move for the rest of the day. Then it goes from watching stupid things on TV, to my favourite Series on my laptop and drink a few litters of Yogi Tea (Detox in general). It never gets better than this.

2. Is there something you eat/drink that everyone thinks is disgusting but you think it’s awesome ?

Most of my girlfriends don’t understand my love for rhum & coke. Besides that, I eat a lot of veggies, very healthy stuff, and don’t like fastfood, it seems weird to a lot of people.

3. What is your worst bad habit ?

I’m kind of messy, and I can’t help it. It’s just a part of me. Sometimes I try to make things better, but my bad habits always find their way back. It has always driven the people I’ve lived with completely crazy.

4. What do you do when you’re drunk ?

I keep drinking HAHA. And I dance. And take really weird poses, while making funny faces. I also talk to strangers who suddenly become my best friends.
If I’m allowed to, I dance on the bar. And I laugh a lot
Then I take pictures of all of those different steps

11 things

11 things

11 things

11 things

5. What do you do to save the planet ?

I recycle. And I don’t own a car (even if sometimes I wish I did)

6. Who’s the person you admire the most ?

There’s a few people. It might sound cheesy but both of my parents probably share the first place.

11 things

My dad has ambition, crazy ideas and did some amazing things with his life. He has more strengths than I’ve never seen with any other human being.

11 things

My mom is very inspirational, she helps me in every steps of my life, she motivates me. It sometimes feels like she’s about to conquer the world, all by herself, in her own way, and that’s impressive. She got where she is today all by herself (so did my dad), and that’s a big inspiration to me.

On a more general point of view, I admire a lot Diane Von Furstenberg, and Leandra Medine.
DVF because I’m impressed that this belgian lady was able to create such an amazing empire, become such a role model on the US ground. Plus, I love her energy, her designs,… She’s incredible!
I look up to Leandra Medine, aka the Man Repeller, because she was able to put her « weakness » as a strength. I kind of feel more confident in the way I actually want to dress since I’ve discovered her blog. It’s not always been easy to assume my own style, but I’m trying to make it a strength as well.

7. What do you cook for people when you want to impress them ?

I generally go for Gyozas… But it really depends on what the person likes and also what I’m into cooking at that very moment. Sometimes, I really like making desserts so I go for killing Apple Crumble or Apple Tarts. Right now I’m more into soups. I’m like a surprise pocket, you never know what you’re gonna get!

8. What do you think is your body’s best feature ?

I really like my hands… And my boobs. Sometimes I really like my legs as well.

9. Have you ever said something that you regretted ? What was it ?

Nothing comes to mind. But I know I can have my bitchy moments, and say things that will hurt other people, even though it wasn’t meant to hurt them.

10. Tell me about your most shameful moment !

(this is definitly the kind of things I forget, and that my bestfriend love to remind me. So I asked her what was my biggest shame. She first said the list was VERY long…)

I then decided choosing only one was being selfish, so here we go:

- A few years back, I was partying at my favourite club. At the end of the night, I clearly had a little too much to drink, and decided to go. When arrived the time of finding my ticket to get my jacket back, it seemed impossible to find. At some point, a bunch of ticket fell on the floor from my wallet. They were actually a bunch of ticket from Zara and H&M, but I really liked them (it seems) and wanted them all back. All my friends helped me get them from the floor, and I only benched down to pick up ONE of them.

- « back in the days », I used to spend all of my saturday night’s at Dirty Dancing. Upstairs, they used to have a big mattress in the middle of the floor, and I used to love dancing on it. One day, I was wearing heels (strange move from me), and decided to take them off, to avoid falling down from the mattress. I took off my shoes… and was stupid enough to fall down. In a moment of cleverness (really?) I decided to look at my foot because I know the floor was full of broken glasses. BINGO! I then headed to the bathroom which were two floors below. People were able to follow me thanks to the blood I was leaving behind.

- I once was invited to a party that was ALL about drinking shots. How stupid that sounds already, right? Anyway, after trying every flavor available, I did feel a little sick. I took a cab, to go back to my bestfriends home where I was sleeping that night (even though she wasn’t even there). I don’t remember what happened after, but apparently I made it back but lost my purse (it actually was my BFF’s Louis Vuitton purse) which contained my camera (with photos of another party I would of liked never to share). Apparently I also vomited in the bath, and part of it on my bestfriend’s mom jeans that were hanging there. I always thought I had an evil twin that night, because I never think I could of done that. Still, my friends really enjoy making fun of me since that day.

- Last but not least, many years ago, after a fun party, I randomnly hooked up with a guy in a club. It never happens to me (I’m just that shy), but he was charming, and from what he said, not living in Brussels, just in town for a few days. A few weeks later, I was having dinner at a restaurant downtown with friends. We had the first table in the restaurant and I was facing the entrance. Imagine my face when my stranger entered the restaurant. I think I went from red, to purple, and to blue, to end up practicly under the table. Great moment of glory.

11. If you could try a complete other job for a whole month, what would it be ?

I would love to be a cook in a restaurant. It sounds exciting, even though it seems really hard.

 11 things

Thanks Nadia for tagging me ;)

Now it’s MY turn héhé. I’m passing the chain to: Charlotte & Gaëlle (Blondie Market), Sarah & Chloé (Brussels Kitchen), Sophie (Alerte à Liège), Anouk (Anouk Meets Fashion), Luigi (Tellement Lui), Aphrodite (The Fashion Folio), Gregory de Vos (Monsieur de Vos), Emma (Au goût d’Emma), Marianne (Steve&Charlie), Dorothée (Dorothydancing – you’re not going to skip this!), Nathalie & Ruth (The Merrymakers)

Now, you guys have to tell me (us) 11 things we do not know about you, and answer my 11 questions (I was inspired, you’ll see)!

  1. What’s on top of you Christmas Wishlist?/ De quoi rêves-tu pour Noël?
  2. If you could have the life of ANYBODY, for the next week, who would it be?/ Si tu pouvais vivre la vie de n’importe qui pour une semaine, la vie de qui choisirais-tu?
  3. Tell me about your BEST drunk story / Raconte moi ta meilleure histoire de soirée alcoolisée
  4. What’s your favourite expression? / Quelle est ton expression préférée
  5. How will you name your children? / Quels noms donneras-tu à tes futurs enfants?
  6. Which movie do you secretly watch because you’re the only one that find it funny? / Quel film regarde tu secretement car tu es le seul à le trouver drole?
  7. What’s your killing entering sentence to pick up a guy/a girl in a bar or a club? / Quelle est ta meilleure phrase pour draguer un mec/une nana dans un bar ou une boite?
  8. Have you ever stolen something? If yes, what was it? / As-tu déjà volé quelque chose? Si oui, c’était quoi?
  9. Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears? / Miley Cyrus ou Britney Spears?
  10. What’s your ALL TIME favourite song? / Quelle est ta chanson préférée de tout les temps?
  11. Tomorrow, you somehow earn 1.000.000€, what is the first thing you do? / Demain, tu reçois la somme de 1.000.000€, quelle est la première chose que tu fais!?

**Good luck guys**

When Creativity meets Economy

I have discovered Isabel Marant many years ago, when she wasn’t « Isabel Marant » yet. She was a designer that made clothes that had an easy vibe, that could be sometimes very androgyne, or sometimes very feminine at the same time. It spoke to my little fashion heart right away.

Then, a few years later, she made her sneakers, and from then, everything went very fast, very big. I still loved her designs and her clothes, but they seemed less attractive when wanted by the entire planet. Still keeping her vibe in my mind, and in my way of dressing up. I wouldn’t rush and go buy the piece of clothing I would run into in the streets, but I would try to find old season’s pieces with that Isabel Marant touch, without being too obvious.

And then, H&M announced the big news: their next collaboration with Isabel Marant.

Isabel Marant for H&M - LFC

I’m not going to lie, it sounded very exciting, but at the same time, it was the opposite of what I always expected of IM. Even though she became very very big in the past years, she kinda always stayed that crazy parisian with a very specific point of view on how to dress women. Dressing in IM has become something cool because it’s trendy, even though it doesn’t always match with the personality wearing the clothes.

The thing that I was finding really exciting was finding out what she had created for H&M. She is such a creative person with crazy ideas, I expected her to go a little crazy, but always with her own touch. I wanted to see something NEW. I wanted to see what she was able to do when reaching such a large public, thanks to H&M.

Then, everything fell a little flat when we finally saw the collection. Most of the pieces are things that I’ve seen way too much on blogs, or in and around fashion weeks, and so on. I don’t get the point. Oh well, I kind of did when I saw a few minutes of one of Isabel’s interview. She said that she receives a lot of letters of « fans » saying they love what she does but can not afford it. She thought then that she would do some of her « master » pieces to be available to everyone*

Isabel Marant for H&M - LFC

It made a little more sense. But then again, I don’t understand why anyone would go through so much trouble, and pay a price that is of course definitly cheaper than the originial one (and so is the quality) – but still in some cases, a big amount of money –  to own something that so many girls and women around the world will have too!?

Isabel Marant for H&M - LFC

And my last concern about all of this is: the organisation. If you ever think, wherever you are, that you can show up early tomorrow morning at H&M, I honestly think you are dreaming. I remember waking up for Marni (one of the collection I was so impressed with: the creativity of the design, the quality of the products and the super cheap price!) and even by being there at 5AM, we were not the first ones… and it was MARNI. A brand that a few people have never even heard of. So Isabel Marant, and especially with all the communication around it? I’d get there tonight if I was you. Oh wait, that’s not it yet!

When going for Marni (you can read the recap of the morning HERE), there was a real organisation, the first fifteen in line were the first group, which had 15minutes to shop, the next fifteen were group 2 with the same amount of time to shop and so on. Even by only being fifteen, with 15 minutes and being Marni, it was already WAR in the Marni shopping zone of H&M!

For Isabel Marant though (and from what I heard), there is no such thing. It will be like releasing lions. They will open the doors, and first come, first serve, and that’s it.

To be honest: I’m expecting dead bodies.

I have to say, I’m tempted come, when the war is over, around 10AM, and see how it went, and the damages :)

And next time I want to buy some Isabel Marant, I will just go to my favourite shop Lady Dandy, and I’m sure I’ll find some great IM pieces, of real quality, and cheaper price, just like this top

Isabel Marant for H&M - LFC

I’m curious though, what DO YOU think of this collaboration?

FIY: the collection of Isabel Marant for H&M launches tomorrow everywhere. It will be available at H&M rue Neuve (flagship store) and H&M chaussée d’Ixelles

*Everyone meaning people who can take a day off to wait in line. Meaning as well somebody who runs really fast, and can fight with that b*tch who wants the same top.


Hey guys!

Today we’re going to talk about something a little different than usual.


As you may know, October is the month of the Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA). Estée Lauder, who supports the Breast Cancer Foundation since 1992 (with its own campaign « Breast Cancer Awareness » and they also help the research against Breast Cancer), and keeps fighting since then, invited me for a day at La Rasante in Brussels to talk about Breast Cancer and their campaign.

I really wanted to participate and to be present because even though it’s not something I usually talk about, it felt important to me. I do think we all know someone who has, or has had breast cancer. If not, someone who’s had cancer. Cancer is a battle, a battle that we have to fight as a group, and that we should all try to prevent as early as possible.

We started our day with a gym class, something I hadn’t done in years, and I really think it’s sad that they were no videos taken, because it would definitly have been the funny part of this article! Starting the day with gym was the symbol that everybody should do sport, as it is something that definitly keeps your body in shape.

bca - LFC

Right after gym class, we had the Dr Pia Cox come and talk to us. She is specialized in breast cancer, so she gave us really important informations, as well as giving us great answer to our question.
Here are the main point of this discussion, the ones we should all keep in mind:

  • 1/3 of cancers can be prevented by an healthy way of living (for example: being overweight is really dangerous)
  • 3/4 of Breast Cancers are diagnosed to women over 50′s
  • alcohol is known to be an important factor in breast cancer
  • doing at least 30min of exercise per day, everyday. It can be simply walking.
  • 26 womens are diagnosed with breast cancer PER DAY in Belgium
  • Breast Cancer is the first cause of death for women in Belgium
  • 98% of early stage breast cancer are healed

She also gave me a great information: I had ALWAYS heard that deodorant could cause Breast Cancer, but the Dr Pia Cox told us it had NEVER been proved, in any researched aroud the world.

Though, taking the pill, and especially taking it since an early age could be a factor. As a matter of fact, I do think the pill does a lot of shitty stuff to your body, and if you can avoid it, I definitly think you should.

We then had a talk with people from the Development / Fundraising Expert at BIG asbl (Breast International Group asbl). It was really interesting but also very specific, and I’m not really sure of how important it would be to you, so I’m skipping this part.

We finally had a talk with Aline Ways, a nutritionist.

She was really interesting and inspiring. She gave us important element to bring into our everyday diet, things that would prevent, or at least help to prevent breast cancer.

Things like:

  • the cabage family (brocoli, cabage, brussels sprouts,…)
  • shiitake mushrooms
  • curcuma for the spices
  • and bring a lot of fibers into our dishes

Another big focus point is to eat good quality product, and KNOW what we eat. It is definitly better to cook our own dishes instead of buying something that is already done, since we can not control what was put into our food, and then into our bodies.

Here is a little recap of what Estée Lauder compagnies does to fight, and to prevent breast cancer

BCA Estée Lauder - LFC

Also, and this is from my own judgement, from what I have learned. All of these advices are good, and important. But I think that taking care of yourself, means also taking care of your head. I do think that we are now in a society that understands that if you go see a therapist, it’s not because you are crazy. It is something very important to make sure you stay in good shape because believe it or not, you head as a lot to do with your body, and its medical conditions.

Now I want to illustrate this article with a few picture from the SCAR Project (the first picture of this article is also from the same project).




I wanted to represent this article with beautiful photos, but it is hard to find photos that represent cancer and are still beautiful. Then I thought of the SCAR project I had heard of a while ago. I find those images to be so very touching, very true, but also very beautiful.

« The SCAR Project is a series of large-scale portraits of young breast cancer survivors shot by fashion photographer David Jay. Primarily an awareness raising campaign, The SCAR Project puts a raw, unflinching face on early onset breast cancer while paying tribute to the courage and spirit of so many brave young women. »


Turning 25 - LFC

Does quarter life crisis exist? Yes, I’m turning 25 soon, and even if maybe in a few decades I will want to go back to this very moment, right now I’m scared. I find 25 scary.

I always felt like at 25 you’re suppose to know where you are, and where you’re headed. You’re suppose to be established. Starting a career, having a stable relationship, an apartment… Alright it gets boring I admit.

It scares me because sometimes I feel like I’m nowhere. Especially professionally speaking. I used to picture me at 25, so confident in my working abilities and career decisions. Well, I feel confident about my working abilities, but not so sure about those career decisions.

Let me tell you a secret: I have NO IDEA what I want to do. I find it hard today to find something specific you want to do with your life. There are so many options, opportunities, new jobs created everyday. Oh, and so far, blogging is not my job, just to make things clear :) even though that sounds like a really fun job.

Right now I’m working part time as an assistant producer in cinema, but to be honest, this is going nowhere. Cinema’s fun, but that’s not my thing. Fashion’s MA thing, YA KNO. Fashion is so extended though, so diverse. There’s like a 100 different jobs, and all of them are so interesting. Where to go, what to do?

I’m just so lost. Do you know the feeling? When the world surrounding you at this very moment doesn’t feel right?

So what’s the solution here? Start all over again? Somewhere new? Somewhere exciting? Or keep things the way they are and wait until things turn around your way?

Turning 25 brings out so many questions, and life changing decisions. That’s the scary part.

On the other hand, because this was ALL a little too negative. I find 25 very exciting. Because if I want to start all over again, I can. I have the time, the energy and the opportunity. 25 means a bunch of friends that you can enjoy without too many babies so far (even though the ones who are here already are just too cute). 25 means parties! You do know how much I love a good party!

Even I may be a little hard on myself from time to time, just because I had pictured that I’d know exactly where I wanted to be this far in life, I’m proud of myself too. For what I have accomplished until now. And this blog is a big part of it. It brought me confidence, joy, experience, discoveries, and much more. And it brought me you dear readers. I wouldn’t be here without you.

In only a few feeks, the blog is also having his birthday, 3 years already, can you believe it? And let me tell you, we’re going to celebrate (I’ll tell you more about it later).

So guys, how DO YOU feel about 25 uh? Been there, done that? Expecting it? Scared of it? Tell me all about it, I want to know!

Photo by Mireille Roobaert

Girls Band

I barely never mention or talk about the main reason why I created this blog, which was, as the name says it, to be a Fashion Coach. Not a personal shopper. My goal is to coach on how to dress on an every day basis, without « having » to buy new clothes.

It’s to re-interpret your wardrobe, the way you see your clothes, the way you see yourself, and how to remodel all of that.

Today, I wanted to introduce to you a new concept I’ve been thinking about since a few months. I mentioned it already in the « Concept » page, but I thought it would be interesting to share it here with you, and eventually get your feedback.

I would like to do help you and your girlfriends before a night out. Either it’s for a birthday party, a bachelorette party, forgetting an ex and looking fabulous party, whatever works for you.

girl friends - LFC

How does it work?

I’ll meet you at the place you have chosen (someone’s home is definitly more confortable). Every one of the girls needs to bring 5 to 10 items from their wardrobe (including accessories and shoes) and a little bit of make up.

I gatter all of the clothes together

Which will allow me to create a look for everyone. Of course I take in consideration what everyone likes or dislikes, but I definitely add my touch and try to make you wear something you would never thought off.

When everyone is dressed, I’ll help and advise you with your hair and makeup.

When everyone is ready, I’ll leave you to enjoy your crazy night!

party girls - LFC

It usually takes from 1 to 2 hours, depending on how many you are.

To good thing is, you can divide the cost with all of you, which makes it pretty cheap!

So, what do you think? Should we plan a party anytime soon?


Ps: If you have any questions, or if you’re interested, contact me right this way ;)

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