Rock my case

I was dreaming about it for MONTHS, and finally, Caseable realized my dream: create my own iPhone case.

I was so excited about it, and I got it about a month ago, and I’m still crazy about it.

I did not want to put a picture on it, so I simply went for pink, and Lucie Fashion Coach written on it.



(seriously, how good am I at faking a call, right?)

You can create your own design online, either for iPhone cover, but also for iPad or laptop cases. It’s not too expensive and they deliver pretty quickly.

What else do ya need?

Well, how about 15% OFF the price with the code lucie15? Pretty awesome I know. AND it will last until February 10th at midnight.


Many thanks Caseable, and espacially Jitka!

Let’s make a deal

Hey guys! How are you doing on this super freezing day?

So today it’s all about you and me, and the super duper cool deal we’re going to make, right here, right now.

I own an iPhone since nearly two years now, and since a few days, their’s a new Apple buddy at home: my brand new Ipad Mini!

Photo 23-01-13 17 13 22

I’ve wanted it since weeks, but couldn’t get my hands on it during christmas season. So now that I have it, I am desperetely looking for cool Apps. And I’m also desperately looking for cool Apps for my iPhone ever since I got it.

Since this article is all about exchanging (wait for it), I thought I’d give you my favourite iPhone Apps:

- Diptic: pretty cool to use multiple pictures in one frame
- Dropbox: to have my important files on all of my devices
- TV Show Time: If you’re a tv show/series addict just like me, it’s a must have
- iBooks
- Echofon (for Twitter): I find it easier to use than the Twitter App
- myShopi: Really useful for grocery shopping (I know, that sounds kind of lame)

So what’s the great deal you ask? Well it’s easy breasy

Remember the shooting I did a few weeks back with S. Oliver? Well, it’s finaly time for the giveaway.

I chose the beanie as a giveaway gift for you because I’m obsessed with them this winter. And it couldn’t have been more appropriate with this super freezing weather.


To be able to enter the giveaway, I will simply ask you to write a comment with your favourite iPhone/iPad App and your email address. The winner will be picked randomly

Easy isn’t it?

The giveaway will end in one week, January 31st, at midnight. Sadly, it’s only open for Belgium this time.

Good luck to you all, and can’t wait to know about your Apps! :)

Introducing: Today’s outfit + a brand new category!

Hello there!
How is your non exciting spring time going?

Waking up and seeing this on the screen of my iPhone it’s like it was telling me « f*ck you and have a bad day week »  (and making you hope, as you just opened your eyes, for a big bright sun, even though it’s just a fake…)

So, today again, I went for Antumn/Winter colors, but a little more feminin than yesterday.

Wearing: GAP jumper – URBAN OUTFITTER dress – FOREVER21 socks – H&M boots – ESSIE Fiji nailpolish

As you can see, I stick to my boots as long as it rains (looks like I’m going to be wearing them way too many times this week, uh)

And now, let me introduce to you my new category: SuperGEEKette

Through this category I will share with you cool websites, Apps, pretty much anything Internet related. I don’t think it will be a regular post, but I’ll be able to share geeky stuff with you once in a while, which I would love to do.

Today, I’ll just tell you that I’m new on Pinterest, even though most of you must already be on it, and I’m pretty late on this one.
For the ones who don’t know, it allows you to create « moodboards », or boards as they call it, with prints and pictures you like and found either on the internet or on the website itself (thanks to other Pinterest users).

Want to follow me on Pinterest, click HERE

The second website I wanted to talk to you about is NowFashion, which is a plateform, like a social network but that shares lots of Fashion infos, or all the runway pictures during the Fashion Week seasons in REAL TIME! It also shares pictures of the first raws, the backstage… To me, looks like a website that will come in handy next september!

Hope you liked my outfit! What do you think of the new category?


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