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Last Thursday I attended the Blog Works, a really great seminar organised by Marie Maitre and Stéphanie Duval

The point here isn’t to tell you in details what I learned that day, but I will tell you instead some talks that brought me to some reflexion, and some tips I got from inspiring speakers!

One of the first things that hitted me, when we started talking about all the bloggers there are today, and how many of them are teenager… Wait a second, when I look at those blogs I definitly don’t get it.
How those teenage girls can afford shopping that much? I mean I remember myself at their age, of course I was going shopping once in a while, and of course all my money was spent on clothes, but I could never afford what they buy, or how often they shop!
And I can not believe there is such a big amount of wealthy families around the globe… Anyway, that was one of the thought that wen trough my mind during the first talk.

The second thing that went trough my mind was the all “Indenpendency of Bloggers” thing. How to stay independend and stick to how we really are when we get so much stuff for free?
Should I post because I got a cupcake and a glass of Champagne? (Definitly inspired by Alex Loves‘ sentence: “Don’t just blog because someone gave you a cupcake“)
Should I wear this and write about it because someone gave it to me, even though I would normally never wear this?
Should I go to this store opening, even though I don’t like the brand, but who knows, we might get goody bags?

(Blogger Alex Loves – the most inspiring speaker to me!)

I think those questions went trough so many bloggers mind, but with time we learn how to act with brands and PR.  I try to select the events I want to go to: because I like the brand, the idea behind it or sometimes just because I like/respect the person who organised a big event.

But I remember, at the beginning of my blog I would just jump on every event I was invited to, and take a billion pictures,…
I would also write about stuff I got, even though it wasn’t my cup of tea…

But these are things we learn along the way, and it seems very magical at first, but the final point is to have a personnal point of view, stay true to how we are, because that was what our readers liked in the first place!

Another thing popped into my mind when they said “become close to your readers”. Well that’s a thought I liked, but I’m close to be the shyest person on earth! So if you ever see me, come and talk to me, because I LOVE meeting you guys! And I love hearing your thoughts and encouragement about the blog!

Just some questions to you, do you think I post often enough?
And what kind of post do you want to see more? (Outfits, Hotspots, Inspiration, Shopping Ideas,…)

And to finish this post, my outfit of that day!
(BIG YAYY because I know it doesn’t happen really often – working on it!-)

Shirt: ZINKA / Jeans: GAP / Top: FOREVER21 / Blazer: AMERICAN VINTAGE / Necklace: FOREVER21 / Boots: TOPSHOP


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