A few days ago, thanks to THE Man Repeller (talking to you about her a little further), I discovered DANNIJO!

I love jewelry, but at the same time I don’t wear it very ofter… BESIDES some statement necklace. I love jewerly when it’s fun and a little bit over the top.

Well this is exactly what DANNIJO is ALL ABOUT! (love love love)

How cool and beautifull is it, right? Find more of their jewelry on their website

I’m planning to win the lottery anytime soon, so I can actually AFFORD that kind of stuff! (Because seriously I’m in LOVE)

Now let’s talk about The Man Repeller, or more exactly the person behind it, Leandra Medine. She’s like my new idol. (And how about the name of that blog uh? And I seriously DO understand that man repelling feeling I’ve been having for years!)

Leandra is SO funny, and I LOVE her style. You’ve got the check out her blog, and some videos of her if you can, she’s hilarious. I mean, check this out

I definitly want her to be my new bestfriend


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