In 2012 I wish to wear…

Hello there!

A few weeks ago, I got an email from one of my fellow Belgian Blogger Emi, who had the idea to create a huge wishlist.

Here is the deal, me and some other belgian bloggers will post today their wishlist for 2012, and you’ll be able to find all the links of those wishlist on Emi’s blog.

I decided to be part of this, so here is my wishlist for 2012

1. Current Elliot printed skinny jeans
I really like the regular color (beige/brown) of these skinny jeans, but I have to admit I really love this color. To me it’s on the edge of too much (skinny, leopard print and blue), but that’s what clearly seduced me!

2. Topshop bag
It was love at first sight with this one. Of course I was stupid enough to wait a few days and now it’s out of stock! I HATE myself right now

3. A dress by Delphine Manivet for La Redoute
(Florence Foresti wearing Delphine Manivet for the Cesar Ceremony)
Forgot to mention, an OPEN BACK dress by Delphine Manivet for La Redoute. Love Delphine Manivet’s creations, love open back, don’t love La Redoute, but love the fact that it will be cheaper than her original creations. I guess it says it all

4. Louboutin Pigalle
It really wouldn’t hurt to have a decent pair of heels in my wardrobe, I mean, besides my credit card

5. Equipment shirt
Because this is kind of a dream wishlist (haven’t won the lottery just yet, but still trying out), I actually would want Equipment shirts in EVERY colors. No need to mention you can wear those with pratically anything, the outfit will be fabulous.

6. Hunter boots
Let me tell you, a good pair of rainy boots is always a must have for someone who lives in rainy Belgium. Even better when they’re as cool as these.

7. White clothes
(Chloé S/S 2012)
I’d love to have more white clothing so I could do a total white look, just like this one.


 8. Printed Numbers T-shirts
(Isabel Marant S/S 2012)
Let’s be serious for a sec, it doens’t have to be Isabel Marant t-shirts. Just random t-shirts with big numbers on them (letters work too), and IDEALLY white with colored sleeves. You know, the kind that H&M did for years for 5€, but now that we’re looking for them, they just disapeared…


9. Les Filles à Papa Jacket&Shorts
This is fierce. This is so hot. I want. Now.

10. Proenza Schouler PS2 bag
This is an eye candy to me. Not only the model but THAT COLOR, insanely beautiful if you ask me.

Ok so there was my 10 items wishlist, here are some that couldn’t fit in the list:
DANNIJO jewelry, decent sandals, good looking go to shoes for everyday, more blazers, hot bikini’s… 

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