What’s in the box?

Take a look at what I found at my office when I arrived this morning…

Wonder wha’ts in the box? ANOTHER BOX!!

I LOVE this packaging! Doesn’t it remind you of some drink?

COCA COLA LIGHT OF COURSE! Thanks to whom I recieved this awesome box. Take a look inside…

3 limited edition cans and Benefit products! How cool right?

Well the coolness of this box isn’t over because…. TWO OF MY AWESOME READERS WILL BE ABLE TO WIN SOME PRODUCTS AS WELL

Check this out guys

Great for you girls! Guys, haven’t found the perfect St Valentine’s present yet? HERE IT IS! Pink, cute, beauty products, I mean you have it all here!

Meet me here for a contest… well I don’t know when yet! By the end of this week or next week! Stay tuned 😉

Ps: Big thanks to the great Coca Cola Light Team!

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